Fisher Cats!

It’s Wednesday and I honestly have no idea what to talk about, so I wrote a variety of sentences.  Luckily for me, my neighborhood has been invaded by fisher cats.

The sentences don’t flow and are numbered, then for good measure added some photos.  If you know me in real life then you know that’s how my mind works.

Most of you know it’s lent.  I gave up gas station coffee for lent.  I’m not going into religion on my blog-I’m just informing you, this will probably be moderately difficult for me.  I will probably not mention it again, but if you want to check up on me, feel free to email.  🙂

I’m also going to throw out that my biggest pet peeve is people who use lent for a diet that isn’t even religious.

From lent to fisher cats, this post has it all.

*Okay really I’m done.

  1. I lifted weights yesterday for the first time.  Lower resistance than when I could before my arm, but boy did it feel goooood.
  2. My running is coming along nicely this week.  I’m still sticking to easy runs, and we all know I could write a small novel on how UNTIMED easy runs have benefited me.   I’m starting to get back into the grove which means I don’t have an excuse to not work my core either.  So there coach.  😉
  3. Potsdam weather has been warmer.  It’s been 30 or so degrees but warm.
  4. Finally to actually hit why I titled my blog my housemate and I discovered a family of fishers “cats” in an abandon foundation near my house.  (by near I mean it’s across the road).  Fisher cats are somewhat scary and disgusting.  We’ve been tracking the fisher cats and notice they come out more at night time.  I guess that is to scare off our drunk neighbors.  I wouldn’t want to be anywhere remotely close to the fisher cats when they do come out. I don’t really know what fisher cats eat and if the fisher cats are male fisher cats or female fisher cats. Stay tuned to this quest (but sorry, not putting my life in danger for a fisher cat).
This is what google provided me when learning more about fisher cats.

Question for you: Tell me a fun fact about anything you please.   Have you ever seen a fisher cat? I’ll leave you with this glorious ecard and continue not writing my papers.