Weekend Fun

I hear that it is like snowing in Northern New York.

On the way to the gym.

Reasons why I love not going to a school in the same state as I go to school.  

I digress.

I suppose you might want to know about my weekend?  Or if you don’t, well I’ll still ramble away because I’m highly fascinating.

Let’s see here as I mentioned in my last blog, Justin came down to visit and run a 50k.  So we drove (by we, I mean me) drove Lorraine down from college to home (a 12 hour drive).

Along the way we got some salmon that was cooked in guiness!  Yeah…we stopped at an Irish Pub while lost in Pennsylvania.  It was like I was destined to get lost there (if you know me I like one and one beer only…take a guess ;))

I swear I'll stop taking photos with my phone...well uh no I don't.

We stopped along the beach and went for a lovely run (I guess there isn’t those in Upstate New York).  In easy runs sometimes we stop and take photos.  Duh.  Justin wore his garmin and we trucked along at roughly at 8:30 pace.  Not too shabby for stopping and taking photos and wondering a beach.

Wild hair...I don't care. After 11 miles of joy.

Like I said yesterday, Just did really well for his ultra debut.  4:07 in a 50k which is fantastic.  This was a real kick off to his new training so he is super happy.


After a year long nap (um..I was more tired from my 18 miles than Justin was from his 31), we went to go look at Christmas lights along VA Beach boardwalk.  You drive along the beach boardwalk with festive lights.  Please enjoy my terrible photos.  True story.

The neverending lights.
antitan camera flash.

Question for you:

  1. 1.       What did you do this weekend?
  2. 2.       Have you ever had friends come visit you from school? 


  1. That sounds awesome!! I usually am the one who does the visiting unfortunately because I live the furthest away! I have had a few friends come home with me for weekends and such though.

  2. That’s an awesome time!! Well… it’s awesome that anyone could run 31 miles in general, but to do it that fast on the first try is pretty damn amazing. Congrats Justin!!

    I love driving around and stalking the houses with the coolest christmas lights. Like the people who pay people to put them up for them. I haven’t checked ’em out this year, but I’m looking forward to it!

  3. I had a Christmasy weekend full of food, parties, and seeing Christmas lights at the zoo. Yikes on that snow, we’ve been lucky here so far (knock on wood).

  4. Congrats to him on his ultra, that is just amazing :). And still congrats to you on your 18. I can’t even imagine running more than 2-3 miles right now but hopefully I bounce back soon! I went home for a barbeque this weekend and also cleaned a lot.

  5. Congrats to Justin in his ultra… AWESOME! Good job on your 18 miler as well Hollie 🙂

    The lights look like fun, I love festive things like that!

  6. Dude what an awesome weekend, nothin beats good food and friends. And kudos to Justin, what a beast! 😀
    Hope the rest of your week will be as great as your weekend!

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