Why Running is Not My Number 1 Form of Excercise

Because I can’t scream over  a microphone.

Because I can’t teach 50 year old ladies how to pop, lock and drop it.

I digress. 

One of the reasons I started this blog was to ramble away about aerobics classes.  It dawned on me that a lot of my newer subscribers (or not locals) don’t know that I teach aerobics over the summer and breaks.   Step aerobics and weight lifting with step to be exact.  It is actually MY FAVORITE (yes it tops running…bite me) form of exercise.  I mean who doesn’t want to jam out to grimy rap music while lifting weights and me yelling.  To give you an overall tone of the class, I normally greet the ladies with what up bitches.  I pretend like they like it.

I digress.  I used to be very much into weight lifting.  I loved these classes, but sadly my stress fracture prevented more than just running, it prevented teaching these classes (due to basically dancing with 10lb weights) so that was another upsetting consequence.

But back to aerobics.  I teach two different classes.  The first is step aerobics.  Since I can’t put a video tape of me stepping and talking and yelling and screaming vulgarities into a microphone, I’ll leave you with this photo.

Words cannot even discibe how happy I was google brought me to this image bahaha.

The second class I teach, is actually a step class with weights.  I begged them to get this class because I wanted to show woman that you can lift and be toned and not scary.  I love lifting.  Anyways.

I have compiled some of my favorite lifting weights exercises which I find more beneficial to me and the class in general.  Since we are pretty mobile, dumbbells work the best for this situation so I’m kinda a dumbbell master.

Here I am lifting by myself since I couldn't with class. Lame stress fracture.

I could lie to you, but working ticeps and biceps are my absolute favorite.  I don’t know why but a lot of the class is focused on upper body.  (Well that was per request).  I hate working legs but since this class is advertised as Upper body, we can somewhat negate the legs and do such things as lunges and squats and call it a day.

In a 55 minute class (+5 for stretching) we pretty much cover 1-2 sets of all of these.  (set in my case=8-10 reps).


Bicep curls

Hammer curls

Alternate curls


Tricep Extensions (one arm and two arm)

Tricep Kickbacks (The easiest to incorporate into any step move)

Tate Press


Dumbbell Row (one arm and two arm)

Arnold Press (my least favorite)

One and Two Arm Press

Shoulder Press

Dumbbell Raise

Side Lateral Raise


Dumbell Flys


Now this class is specially tailored to the people that come.  A lot of whom this is their only strength training weekly or whatnot.  A lot of whom, (shout outs to you guys) are middle aged.  Although I do love my outlier youngins or males that come to class too.  I can see a difference in arm toning for every single one of the ladies that stick with me over the summers.  You may be asking if this is too much and because we aren’t maxing out (for instance-when lifting by myself I do 3 sets of 25lbs for dumbbell curls…here I do one set of 10 lbs) this isn’t hurting any of my ladies.   Got more questions ask on my formspring or send me an email at lolzthatswim@gmail.com

So there is my commercial-go join a workout class.  Preferably mine.

Question for you:

  1. 1.       Do ever take classes?  Do you like them?
  2. 2.       Favorite song ever to work out too? 

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  1. Haha, I actually did Zumba this morning. I almost never do, but it was an instructor who I really liked, and I figured with having that wisdom tooth out and still having to take it easy this week, plus running yesterday, I needed to take a break from running this morning and do something else- and Zumba was the only class that really fit into my busy day! It was a lot of fun though, I wouldn’t do it normally. We do have step at my gym but I’m horrible at it and it’s all cardio too, so I don’t like it (I normally don’t do cardio classes- mostly things like yoga). A lot of the people in the classes at my gym are older too but generally nice people :).

  2. Lolz I want to come to your workout class 🙂

    I take classes.. Mostly spinning and a little yoga !

  3. I WISH I had you to teach some classes at my gym. And Holy Hell, you lift heavy for someone so lithe and petite!

    I love the sound of dancing with 10lb weights. Sign me up, stat.


  4. I wish you lived close so I could take your class. (even though Im not a middle aged women yet- it would be a blast! haha)
    I love taking classes, but hate when the trainers are wimpy about it. Im the kinda gal that wants to feel it the next day!

  5. Yeah I didn’t know you teach classes! That’s awesome. I love the people that teach classes, they’re always yelling such random stuff and have cool personalities.
    I do BodyPump mostly at the moment, but I used to do attack & combat a lot. I love spin but can never get motivated to do it… Bodybalance is also one I try to get to when I can… I’ve actually tried all the classes except the pool aerobics.
    And sorry to do this to you… but I HATE step!! I am way too uncoordinated for that ;P

  6. I had no idea you taught classes! I think I’d enjoy a job like that… my only experience with step aerobics is, sadly, that on Wii Fit. I shall go hang my head in shame now…

    Anyway, I’d love to take a class like this. It sounds so much fun. 😀

  7. It is officially my dream to teach aerobics. My other dream is to attend one of your aerobics classes. It sounds awesome. I’m all about showing people that lifting weights is good for ’em!
    I’ve taken a spin class and yoga class before, but that’s pretty much it. I loved spin! I wish I had more time for it!

  8. That’s awesome!!! I love aerobics as well. I’d love to take your class=it would be tough(i hate easy classes that feel like I didn’t work) and fun I bet!!! 🙂

  9. I’ve taken a few workout classes and have loved them. The only thing I dislike about them is they are only offered at certain times. I love that when I can run whenever I want to run and I don’t have to work around someone else’s schedule. I do want to try and work them more into my schedule next semester though!

  10. Hahha I love that sweaty dumbell pic!! Not gonna lie, I really enjoyed this one kickboxing class. All I remember is the teacher, LaToya, and how uncoordinated I was. Still fun, though!

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