5k Open Water Swim

Okay it’s my last week in VA and what better way to spend it then by swimming a 5k at the beach.  No seriously.  When they decided to have it and I qualified for the race and whatnot it all sounded like a good idea at the time.  When that time was not the time I was actually swimming it.

Just kidding-it was really fun

Currently the east coast of VA and NC and random other spots are experiencing this. 

Smoke being blown upwards from the Dismal Swamp Fires.  We are at code orange!  Which apparently means old people and young people can’t go outside for very long.

So excited to swim in the smoke.

So imagine waking up to this and saying oh so now I have to hold my breath while swimming in salty water and breathing salt and smoke.  Oh goodie!  Seriously-mad props to you if you do athletics and smoke because I thought I was going to die and no I’m not advocating smoking.  In fact, if you know me I constantly say smokers are jokers.

So anywho back to the race.  When I got there I found out it was a run in start.  (I could have looked online but I got sidetracked) Well I can’t run so I entered the water in nearly the clear back.  I think some 90 year old ladies passed me into the water too.  If you don’t know-it’s great for the ego. 

Some people warm up...but not me.

There was a checkpoint half way (so 1.55 miles) and within that 1.55 miles, I passed at least half of the crowd.  I just felt strong like a powerhouse.  I don’t even know how to explain it but everything was going well and I found my swimming jive.  The current was terrible though and I got smashed by plenty of waves and rip currents.  I was begging the photography gods weren’t at the checkpoint to capture all the sand and crap that was probably on my face.  Swimming race photos are always ten times worse.

This was presand face.

I walked out to the checkpoint and two people ran and passed me but they weren’t  worth injuring my leg more.  Then I grabbed some water and they said numba 16 your split is 38:01 and you are in 23rd place.  I literally said oh kewl beans, is there sand on my face? Then hobbled back into the water.   (and fyi the camera men were all at the end of the race so I had time to brush my face off).

I continued to pass people and the current was going with us coming back so I was flying.  I literally told myself damn girl you are like Micheal Phelpsing this shizz.  (I wish you could hear my thought process during swimming…it would probably amuse you.  I love swimming with the current-it is like ultimate lazy river style.  I did the second half of the race in 33 minutes which is about a 20 minute mile.  Which is awesome because my lazy ass has not been swimming as much as I should!

I finished strong at the end and by strong I mean I got my injured race walk down to finish up the beach.  I ended up finishing 3rd overall for ladies and first in my age group!  Wahooo.

Love me some open water swimming.

After laying on the beach for a while, the daddykins and I walked back the 3.1 miles because we somehow missed the bus.  Oh well and it was an enjoyable walk and we stopped for pancakes on the boardwalk.  For those of you who want to come to VA Beach, there are plenty of pancake places and I will take to you every single one of them!

Yes they are twice the size of my hand because that is how I roll.

Questions for you:

1.       Do you like being in the ocean?  Leisurely, floating or actual swimming?

2.       Do you take good race photos?