What I did the 46 hours this weekend I was not racing

I saw this facebook group the other day about texting and it’s kind of like the story of my life.  Minus 99% of the time I fell asleep and you will get a text back…just at 6:00am when I wake up.  It don’t even remember what it said now but it reminded me that I need to become young again and be a big texter.  I text a few people back often but it’s something I am striving to work on (becoming more communicable…is that the right word?) I’m not really a big texter a lot of time-it’s not that I don’t want to talk it’s just that I’m always on the run.  My texts are normally hours in between but if you are okay with that than role with me.

Even though I said I wouldn’t mention race things that was a dirty lie (mostly).

Katelyn ran Flower City half marathon with meeee!!!!  Bestie run!  Incase you wondered I ran a 1:38 and there was a huge hill in the middle which I’ll complain about next post.  Katelyn also did so well and powered through that final home stretch outkicking multiple peeps.

Yes we are looking good with a new balance shoe.


This post is a collection of misc. things and to let you know I haven’t starved here are my eats from the previous days.  Of course, I had to carb load via giant pancakes.  Why would you even ask such a silly question?

French toast Bagel at Wegmans. Buy now.
Salad numero 1
Giant turkey basil sandwich from Panera nomtastic.
Recovery food of choice giant froyo. As in extra large.


Another notable experience (shoutout to Jer if you’re reading today) is letting a slightly intoxicated swimming bff pick me up at our swimming banquet while wearing my scandalous dress.  Oh yes-I do wear runners spandex under all my dresses.  Judge if you want…but I will always wear that.  When I get married I will be wearing spandex under that too but you never know when you will wish you were.

I look so confortable...

Question for you:

  1. Are you a big texter?
  2. What is your prerace dinner?


  1. Loooove your heels in the last picture and I hardly ever love shoes! 😉 I text about 2-3 people a lot every day but besides that I’m not a huge texter. Sometimes it looks like it though because in awkward social situations where I have nobody to talk to/nothing to do I pull my phone out and pretend to check it. Im trying to break that habit.

  2. Mmm bagel. I’m such a sucker for bagels, I can’t turn down a good cinnamon raisin bagel down 😉 And I am a big time texter. Who needs to make a phone call anymore? haha

  3. I don’t think I’m a big texter — I’m a big emailer though. I generally just text family members and a few friends — although usually we’ll just call each other. It is easier since I’m not a fast texter.

    Pre race dinner is usually pizza or a plate of pasta — nothing too exciting, just lots of calories.

  4. Congrats on your half! I’m not a huge texter, but my mom texts me all the time haha. My high school sister’s the big texter of the family and had over 10,000 texts one month!

  5. Congrats on the half Hollie! That’s pretty sweet! And anything Wegmans is awesome-sauce-em’. Even better when they have Waffle Crisp cereal or Oreo O’s cereal… what’s your fav cereal? I’m digging this granola I found in Cali right now!

  6. What a great race, Hollie! Great time!

    I am not a big texter right now because I needed to leave my phone in Canada and get an ugly one in England. I am normally on my crackberry quite a bit. 🙂

  7. You are AMAAAAZING!! And lol I don’t even know where my phone IS half the time!! I’m a Twitter girl (er…mainly cos it’s free…*cough CHEAPO cough*) and pre-race dinner= HUGE bowl of pasta!! Love me some carby goodness! 😀

  8. Good job with the race! I haven’t seen french toast bagels at wegmans, but I love their bagels so as soon as I do I will be buying one! I wear running spandex under shorts that might reveal something, as well as dresses. I will probably be wearing them at prom.

  9. I’m horrible with communication:
    texting (hours in between texts just like you….otherwise I just plain forget and never respond. Great way to keep friends….)

    calls (I screen all of my calls and only answer if it is my fiance or mom)

    emails (texting is probably your best bet to get a hold of me because let’s face it…days and weeks go by before I respond to emails)

    Pre-race dinner = spaghetti and toast!

  10. I’m the worst texter ever. I leave my phone in my room and I’m never in my room except when I’m sleeping. I’d much rather be called and catch up with a person that way.
    Awesome race girl!!

  11. I actually recently started texting more but I still don’t think I am a ‘big texter’. My prerace dinner varies, I don’t pig out of anything though but I usually make sure there are enough carbs. Who am I kidding I am always always eating enough carbs:)

  12. I hate text conversations, but I like texting quick things like “I’ll meet you at 5” or something like that, just because it’s quick. But for a full conversation, I’d rather pick up the phone to chat! 🙂

  13. I guess you could say I’m a pretty big texter. Used shock the people at the phone stores with my texting numbers but I’ve slowed down from those days 😉

  14. Congrats on your race! I’m not a big texter, but I probably text my husband the most. It’s just easier than calling. Especially when I need to ask him to pick up the kids, etc.

  15. I’m kinda a texter it depends on who it is and the conversation.

    YAY for spandex under dresses!!! I just feel SO much more comfortable when I have them and and I don’t have to worry about things being seen that shouldn’t be… I guess learning to sit properly might help too… haha

  16. I’m a texter. I actually hate talking on the phone, so texting is my saving grace. Except with my mom, she doesn’t text. And loves to phone chat. Haha.

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