Miss Portland Diner (Portland, ME)

Miss Portland Diner (Portland, ME)

On the drive to Maine, we decided to stop in Portland for lunch. A google search yielded the Miss Portland Diner in Portland.

Miss portland diner portland maine

Atmosphere: A
When we arrived for lunch, it was packed!  Packed means, good right?  It was about a 15-minute wait which wasn’t a big deal.

Miss portland diner portland maineThe diner itself is everything you picture a neologistic diner to be.  It’s in a shiny train car, with several booths, and tables.  There is also outdoor seating which we were lucky enough to get.

Miss portland diner portland maine

Coffee: A
The coffee was brewed hot and fresh.  I could have used a few more refills, but they were busy. The diner mug itself was cute.  It was a bright yellow, logo mug.  It was so cute, I ended up buying one.

Miss portland diner portland maine

Food: A
The Miss Portland Diner is open for breakfast and lunch, so they serve breakfast and lunch.  There aren’t any dinner specialties but there are the typical breakfast options in a diner.  I decided to order French toast and eggs.  I guess I’ve been in a French toast mood lately.

Miss portland diner portland maine

The French toast was some of the best I’ve had.  It was thick but still soft.  Maybe it was the Northeast maple syrup adding bonus flavor.  Anyway, it was great, and I have no complaints.

Service: B
The waitress was friendly and nice.  She took our orders and came back when she could.  It was obvious the place was packed, and she was moving from table to table.  Something interesting that I’ve never seen is the servers telling people there was a 10 minute backup in the kitchen to take orders!  Not that that is a big deal, I’ve just never seen it before.

Cost: $
For my French toast, coffee, and a coffee mug, the cost was $21.  The coffee mug itself was only $10.

Overall Thoughts/Summary:
I liked Miss Portland Diner, and if I’m in the area again, I would definitely go back!

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: A
Food: A
Service: B
Cost: $8-14
Overall: A

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Questions for you:
Have you ever bought restaurant merchandise?
What is the longest you’ve waited for food?


Empress Diner (Lyndhurst)

Empress Diner (Lyndhurst)

While driving up to Maine, I wanted to stop at a new diner.  Early in the summer, I went to more, and it’s since slowed down.  I’ve wanted to get to the Empress Diner for a few years, and it seemed to work out the best this trip.

Empress Diner Lyndhurst nj

The Empress Diner itself is located in downtown Fairlawn, NJ.

The outside is a well-kept building.  It isn’t a metallic, or shiny building but it’s well kept which matters.  There are only a handful of parking spots, and we had to circle around and park on the street since there was no parking available.

Empress Diner Lyndhurst nj

The inside is a lot bigger and can fit more people.  There is a full-length bar, plenty of booths, and plenty of tables.

Coffee: B
The coffee was good, but nothing too exciting. I could have used more refills, but since I was getting on the road, it was probably a better idea not to have too much.

Empress Diner lyndhurst

Food: B
I had no idea what I wanted to order.  The Empress Diner has everything you would want in a diner.  There are plenty of breakfast, lunch, and specialty items.  There are several salads as well.

I decided to order the French toast on challah bread with a side of “Taylor ham.”  If you don’t know the state of New Jersey, how you say Taylor Ham (or Pork Roll) is a big deal.  The North says Taylor Ham, and the South says, Pork Roll.  As someone who didn’t grow up in New Jersey, I don’t have a “side,” but it seems like everyone in NJ does…ha!

Empress Diner lyndhurst

The French toast was good, and the challah bread was thick.  The Taylor Ham was delicious, and I have no complaints.

Service: B
The service was decent, but I definitely felt as though I could use more refills on my beverage.  Luckily the food came out quick.  The server and hostess were friendly as well.

Cost: $10
For my French toast, ham, and coffee it was $10.

Overall Thoughts/Summary:
I was happy with the Empress Diner and I have no complaints.  I would definitely go back, and they have an extensive menu, so you always have plenty of options.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: B
Food: A
Service: B
Cost: $8-20
Overall: A

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Questions for you:
What is something unique about where you live?
Do you like French toast?

Pat’s Original Diner (Trenton)

Pat’s Original Diner (Trenton)

Recently, I rounded out Mercer County by going to my last diner (as of now) in the County.  Even though Mercer County is one of the smaller counties, it is the first county I’ve completed.

I arrived on a Sunday around brunch time, and it wasn’t overly crowded.  I was hungry and happy to quickly get a table.

Pats original diner trenton

Atmosphere: C
The diner looks like a local favorite.  The outside is plenty of windows.  It’s reasonably big with plenty of booths, tables, and a full-length bar.  The booths are cramped, and I felt like I was sharing my meal with everyone.  The inside could use an update and several of the booths had rips and tears in them.

Coffee: A
The coffee took a while to get to us but once it did; it was one of the better coffees I’ve had.  The whipped cream was also homemade which made a huge difference.

pat's original diner trenton

Food: B
Pat’s Original Diner has many different options for breakfast, to lunch, and dinner.  They don’t have a lot of healthy choices so if you’re looking for that, this might not be your stop.

pat's original diner trenton

I have been twice now, and the second time I decided to order the French toast and Taylor ham.  The French toast had cinnamon baked in which I definitely appreciated.  It was light and fluffy.  The scrambled eggs and Taylor ham were both good.

pat's original diner trenton

Service: C
The waitress was nice, but she didn’t come around much.  I could have used a lot more water and refills.

Cost: $
For the coffee, French toast, eggs, and Taylor ham the cost was $10.

In all, Pats Original Diner started off rough, but it did get better.  The homemade whipped cream in the coffee definitely boosted it up.

Atmosphere: C
Coffee: A
Food: B
Service: C
Cost: $8-12
Overall: B

Questions for you:
Do you like French toast?
What is your favorite brunch item?

Fall Favourites (Aka pumpkin things)

A lot of people have been writing fall favourites.  I was wicked confused why until I realized the dreaded fact.  I could lie to you and say that my fall favourites are original, unique and different.

But they aren’t.

And I’m a tad obsessed with pumpkin.

Remember last year when I hoarded 15 cans from Hannafords?  Yeah me too.

Just a few of these cans...

Happy Fall as of the 23rd.

My fall favorites is rather simple.

Canned pumpkin

Pumpkin beer

Pumpkin pancakes

Other random pumpkiny things

Pumpkin Halloween Costume…which reminds me…what to be this year…

I have a somewhat new recipe for you.  Or to open your eyes to (whatever you want to call it).  A fall favorite that you didn’t think could be improved upon…

French Toast Pumpkin Waffle

1 egg
½ cup flour
1/2 cup pumpkin
(1 scoop protein powder)
2 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp pumpkin spice
Water to consistency
Cook waffle in waffle iron


Then dip waffle into mixture of 2 eggs, ¼ cup milk, 2 tsp pumpkin spice, 1 tablespoon vanilla)

You will not be disappointed.  The pumpkin makes the waffle so absorbing to the French toast mixture.

Okay-I know I said I didn’t pick favorites…but the pumpkin makes the waffle so moist and then it absorbs the milk/egg so well and it is like I am eating a pumpkin pie waffle.

I also have lots of pumpkin recipes on my recipe page, not limited to breakfast.

Question for you:

Favorite Fall Food?

Spider Monkey Style

Hello blogging Besties.

Happy Saturday Ya’ll.  It has been a boat ride of the last couple of days.  Yesterday, I was in a car for about 3 or so hours and went for a run…all before 10 am.  Now that I think about it…I should have just stayed there for the day.  Oh well, next time.

Anyways sorry for the lack of Fashion Friday last week, but only one person sent me a photo!  #wahh.

So please.  Stop reading my blog now and send me a photo of you in your real girl (or boy) outfits now.

Anyways yesterday, somehow became incredibly busy.  From my driving, to group projects to going shopping to being ided three times to have a stupid pumpkin beer.

Really?  I understand my license is out of state and I understand that I look angry and it doesn’t look like me.  But my military id does.  My student id does.  My credits cards all have my same date of birth.

And I was buying 1 damn pumpkin beer…not a keg.

Enough booze talk.


Let’s talk food.  Pictures mostly from my phone will help me remember the week.  Somewhat.

Monday I made a pancake bigger than my hand.

Taco Shell Tuesday.  But really-any salad in a taco shell is a good salad to me.

Although any salad with duck is also a good salad.

I also coupled it with a beer.  I might become a drunk at this rate…2 beers in one week.

I believe Wednesday was the day I decided to make red velvet pancakes.  (My ultimate comfort food)

And Thursday I made a French toast waffle (my other ultimate comfort food).

Oh and I was a real girl Thursday too (but only because I woke up and my hair actually looked decent). 

Friday I went to an Asian buffet.  I ate so many long yans (an Asian fruit similar to pears)

And sushi.

And imitation crab. Which I forgot to photograph.  I’m over it.

Afterwards on Friday, Jenna, my house and myself went shopping at the closest mall…45 minutes away.  I thought I had found the cutest long sleeve crop top but when I lifted my arms, there was like a whole layer of fabric underneath.  So confusing and so weird.

Let me flap my wings! I have never seen something so boxy and utterly strange.

They wouldn’t let me buy this…sad day.


Question for you:

1.       Weirdest fashion style or something you will not wear?

I hate jeggings.

Fashion and Foodie Friday

Happy Friday!

I never say Happy insert other days of the week here but Friday seems acceptable.  You see, I do not have class this semester on Fridays.  So really, I should be saying Happy Thursdays.  I have gotten a lot of work done (on the blog or not so much).  Anywho, Friday’s are now:

Foodie and Fashion Fridays!  But most Fashion because America’s Next Top Model has premiered!  Who is watching the all star season?

I ammm!  So I am sorry about your tweet feed from 9-10 on Wednesdays.  Block me if you wish or email me if you wish and we can chat about ANTM because I’m always game.


This week’s Friday Fashion is the ever so clever side braid. I like them for a number of reasons…you can go to class, people think you are so fresh, then go to the gym, then redo it and go back to class without washing your hair and people think you are so fresh and your hair isn’t nappy.  True story.

There ya go. In route from gym to class or vice versa no doubt.

So let’s see here, a few of my favorite ladies submitted side braid photos this week.  So exciting (It’s almost like I have real life friends!)

The lovely Sarah. So neat and perfect, my side braids always have a few stragglers.

 Laurens blog

Lauren gets bonus points for telling me she did it while watching my vLog last night. 😉

Jamie’s Blog

Jamie’s braid is so cool! Is it a fishtail style?

Emily’s Blog

As is Emily’s I swear she could be a model. Go submit yourself to season 17. Tyra would love you.
and of course my twinnie Laura! Her hair isn’t long enough to side braid all the way but she still rocks the braids! Which is another one of my favorite styles. Go figure. 😉


And onward to my some of my food obsessions of the weeks:

French toast pancakes.  Uh duh?   Questionable.  No.

Quiche: I swear I eat other things.  Oh and this 3 sisters salad being served on campus.  It has like kidney beans, corn, rice, some other things all in vinegar and olive oil.  I’ve had in everyday.  True life.

Let's not even pretend that I'm not going to have a quiche everyday.

Mom got me so many vitatops. With yogurt they are perfect for preworkouts! Oh and pink sprinkles. I'm working on my food photography skillz. 😉

This tilipia salad is the best salad I have ever made by myself. I'm a big girl now.

Those are the only foods I remembered to take photos of.  Next week will be better…maybe.


Question for you:

  1. 1.       Not so much a question but next week, but send my your most favorite real girl (or boy) outfit.
  2. 2.       What are you doing this weekend?

I have the hardest cross country course race.  I’m NOT racing, but jogging to keep my eligibility to run in championship races.  Point to point course, strictly uphill.  Wahh.  Sumday, I’m sleeping and maybe going for my first long run.  Long=1 hour.

The Greatest Breakfast of Your Life (French Toast Pancakes)

I must confess.  I am really sorry.  My blog has failed you.

Where have all the new pancake recipes gone?  No really.  Where oh where did you baby girls go.  A few days ago, I was skimming through my blog reader and someone’s blog caught my eye (as do all her recipes).  I just knew what I would be making in the next few days and for the next few days.

If you haven’t already checked out Susan’s blog, it is one of the most inspirational I read.  Actually I take that back, every single post she posts captivates me in some way or another.  She also has also has some of the best recipes on the planet.


I have been eating chocolate, orange or chocolate chip pancakes everyday for a while but today I branched out.

French Toast Pancakes

Who knew breakfast could become even cooler. 

Take any of your favorite pancake recipes.  I took my orange zest (without the chocolate) batter because I had made a big thing of it earlier in the week.   You can use boxed mix, protein pancakes, chocolate, vanilla, coconut.  I don’t know be creative.

It isn’t that hard to create.  You already know how to create pancakes and you already know how to create French toast.  Now all you have to do is add the two together.  (Good thing I was a math major to help you out).

I personally used the mixture of (for my french toast transformation):

1 egg+1/2 cup egg whites

¼ cup milk

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp lemon juice (to bring out the orange zest ever more)

If I wasn’t using some sort of orangey pancake, I would have skipped the lemon, and added something sweet.  Oh well-that gives me something to do tomorrow.

These pancakes are super dense.  They were light and fluffy until transforming them into French toast pancakes.  They also are very moist.  If that isn’t your jive-no matter more for me.

Questions for you:

How do you make your french toast?

I like mine more eggy personally.


PS:  Be sure to email me photos of your sweet side braids for Fashion Friday!  😉

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