Trail Me Thursday Week 1 (Home Edition)

I have been posting an assortment of blogs and vlogs but no daily blogs about what exactly I’ve been up too?( I know you care so much).

Why because I’m boring.

Just kidding, I’ve been using my time to catch up on some random things and just packing to go back up school (which I’m going back tomorrow wahhh).  I hear it’s like -10 or something up there but I’m not looking at Upstate NY weather. 

Anyways-I’m starting something called Trail Me Thursday, where I feel the need to put you (the blogging world) into my back pocket and take you on a journey through my day.  Keep in mind this is my last day in the South so it might be a tad different than usual. 

I’ve mentioned on Dailymile but not so much here, I’m taking this entire week off of running.  My knee has felt really squirrelly and I don’t want to do anything rash so I’m just chilling and Arctraining.  I’m really upset about it but I’m not going to sob all over the interwebs.

So instead I did an hour on the Arctrainer in the morning.

I got lunch with aDuBs as Panera.  I *needed* to get my salmon salad again before I left.  Of course it didn’t disappoint per usual.  I love salmon and I love salads with feta cheese. 

Afterwords-I finished packing and cleaning and then drove up North (45 mins) to meet aDuBs again (near her school), this time for froyo.  Bffers got to do what a bffers go to do.   I needed to see my babycakes again. 

Please aDuBs just pose with this froyo....that's what food bloggers do and stuff. You know, pose with ice cream.

We had an awesome time and I actually didn’t have as much froyo as I would have liked this break.  I guess being busy got the best of me or something ha.   No matter-I had lots of gas station coffee and hot cocoa so I guess it was a good trade off.

And then I pumped my gas for the 12 hour drive in the morning.  I know…I live the dream. 

Love me some gas pumping...

Anyways-I’m off to school in the morning.  (wah 12 hours straight north).  Catch ya’ll on the flip side.


Question for you:  What did you do today on Trail Me Thursday? 


Friday Favorites: Eating Out Like It’s My Job

Okay so maybe you can relate to me and maybe you can’t.  I’ll get to the nitty gritty. My parents eat out a lot and so when I’m at home, I eat out a lot.  Since Sunday, I’ve been out to eat every single day and sometimes more than once per day.  Since really I suppose I could make food at home instead of going out with them, but that would imply not going on whatever adventures lead to eat out.   I also tend to eat out with friends a lot to catch up.  That way after dinner I can be like oh uhhh…gotta go.  Instead of making an excuse of why I need to leave when we are other placed.

Kidding of course.

For instance, on Wednesday my parents and I went to the book store then just ate at Boston Market since after an hour in the bookstore we were hungry.  I was nervous-I had never eaten there before but went with possibly the greatest fast food salad I have ever had.

Thursday I also had a date with the famous aDuBs in which we explored Panera (because it’s our fav).  They have a salmon salad now!  Who is responsible for not telling this?  Rude.

Thursday evening, was the day the rents promised we could carb load for my big race tomorrow.  Ie: the 20k.  I carb load two days before yes sir.  I tend to have a lighter meal the night before a race. 

Pasta and gyro meat=heaven.

On the way there though-there was an accident in the tunnel a few cars ahead of me.  So I got stuck in the tunnel.  I’m pretty chlaustrophic so I spent my time reading blogs and taking myspace style photos until it was done…

Sitting in a tunnel. Chilling. They should have an antm shoot in the tunnel...such great yellow light.

I couldn’t even remember where I went on Monday until looking at my trusty iPhone and seeing the sushi/sushami I had for dinner.  It was so good.

and they made it so pretty!

The manager was OBSESSED with my table (boarderline creepy) she kept telling me to tell her when I ate the Octopus.  She also said adding wasabi was the greatest thing ever.  ( already liked wasabi a lot though).


It was.

So too make matters short-I eat out a lot and here are my favorite foods of the week.  Ie: the meals I ate out.  Well I’m off to relax until my big 20k race tomorrow.  It’s not so much big, but just big for me.  It has given me something to train for without waiting until March for a decent half marathon. 

Question for you: Does your family eat out a lot? 

Oh.Muh.Gawd. You’re Naked!

Now that I have caught you up on my vacation life-I can move into my I’m back at home and boring life.  On Saturday morning after my run, I came home to this.

At least give him a sweater...

We boarded our dogs at the groomers and my mom asked them to shave our dog.  Apparently it’s quite common in Golden Retrievers in the summer months…who knew.

What was wrong with this look...I don't know. Maybe my dog is going through a midlife crisis.

Let’s see if there are any other honorable mentions in my life.  My pancakes were looking brown today and they are pumpkin so I decided to photograph them for interest.  I am a true believer that pumpkin pancakes make the most photographic.  I also a true believer that if you add sprinkles to anything, it makes it 1000X better.

Monday is normally aDuBs day off from me.  I mean the pool is closed, she has lessons and class, I have class and aerobics so we normally don’t see each other.  But today I forced into some Panera with me.  Why-because it’s good and I needed my daily dose of Anna.  (Seriously why are people friends with me?).

Today I just did a standard 1 hour slow and easy run.  I’m tapering down for my big race on Satruday which I’m super pumped about.  I’m clearly living an eventful day today.  Without all the extra working out and such, I have nothing to fill my time with. I had read everyone’s blog by like 8am ha.


Well blogging besties.  I’m off to take my Human Anatomy practical.  Don’t worry feel free to throw out the “that’s what she said jokes” because I’ve already been there.  

I’m disappearing tomorrow as I have some celebrations to attend to.  It may or may not have to do with running in giant granny panties while drinking and anchoring a relay.  I keep it classy in my life.


Question for you:

1.       What did you do for your 21st birthday?

2.       Have you ever tapered for a race?  Do you like it? 

I don’t do full tapers because my body does not react with them very well.  I do much better if I slow my miles down (swimming and running) versus cutting them.  I am way to stiff after rest days actually. It’s with that for swimming and running.  When we taper for both-I take two days off and do light activity the day before.  It has always worked well for me and you know what they say…do what works best.

True Life: I’m a Burnt Hot Mess This Week

Okay true life: This has been the most random roller coaster of a week I have had in quite some time.  I’m real glad it’s coming to a close.  Like real glad.  Sometimes I don’t deal with stress well-or obnoxious people (but I’m not here to rant tonight). 

Another fun fact-I’m not even a roller coaster fan.  I’ll go on them and not complain but they don’t do much for me.  I like to ride the fun and silly rides (um-anyone been to Busch Gardens know the Rhine River Tour?  Bahaha. )  But yes complete tangent.

Reason numero uno for my hectic schedule: My pool opened this week and there was lots of drama there as always.

But on a side note-check out this sweet tan line from only the first week.  I know jealz.

Yeah that is going to look real good in my strapless dresses.

Laura told me since I do wear a lifeguarding bathing suit-it's uniform and technically I'm a real girl everyday now.

Since I needed besties to work with (and I’m in charge), I was able to get aDuBs a job at zee pool lifeguarding.  Today was her first day and luckily for her it wasn’t…too…cray cray.

Besides my pool sending me off a cliff-I have been struggling to find time to do anything else (or having the energy too) not limited to not preparing decent meals.

I haven’t been getting enough vegetables lately at all.  When I am rushed and whatnot, I eat whats quick.  When I’m stressed out, I don’t take the time to plan my meals, I eat on the go.

I know slap me on the wrists. 

But to make up for it-I have been having lots of pumpkin pancakes (that is 1 serving of veggies 😉

Always with my pumpkin fork

And lots of kale bowls.  

Kale+ garden eggplant + mushrooms +feta cheese + parmasean cheese+ lots of garlic (um good thing you guys can’t smell me).

 Is kale on sale where you live?  I legit got a weeks supply for about 3 dollars. (I love krogar).

I was finally able to relax today after work, as aDuBs and I needed to celebrate she was alive from her first day at my pool and went to Panera.  I tried their newest salad, but honestly, I like the fuji apple salad better so that is what I’ll be getting ha.  Plus an artichoke Panini because they are the

Well blogging besties-I have my first open water swim in the AM so I’ll be getting a little schleepy schleepy tonight.  1 mile swimming parallel to the beach.  🙂


Question for you:

1.       Do you burn or tan?

2.       Would you rather go to the amusement park or a zoo?

Pumpkin’s Summertime Bestie, Pdubs & Well that is it.

I would like for you to all to meet The Pumpkin Pancakes Summertime cousin.

If you know me pretty well, then you know Pumpkin pancakes are one of my favorite pancakes.  So sweet and delicious and you get a serving of veggies (not that I don’t get enough).

Well stores down in VA like to be a pain in my butt.  It is becoming nearly impossible for me to find any cans of pumpkin.  When I do, though, I will hoard.

Greek yogurt has the same effect in pancake making as pumpkin in making them so moist, so it makes an awesome substitute.

The Greek Yogurt  Pancake(with blueberries)

½ cup flour
1 scoop protein powder (If I’m not addicted to pancaked, I am to protein powder).
1 egg
1 tsp baking powder
½ cup Greek yogurt (I used fage)
½ cup blueberries
About ½ cup water
Mix and pour on griddle.

True life: I ate these in less than 1 minute.

Incase you guys wondered (or didn’t follow zee blog over last summer) Anna is my real life bestie.  I mean I have about 2 real life friends and then 100 blogging bffs.  Then my parents and brothers, because legitly, Anna and zee fam are about all I see down hurr.  I’m perfectly okay with that.  Oh and my road race besties, gotta see them every weekend.  🙂

Just to remind you since basically we are not really ever apart.  So she can be your blogging bestie too. 

I went on a date with zee bestie today to Pdubs aka Panera.  Why I decided that was acceptable word for it, I’m not sure.  I was super pumped though, because she called me and said she would be a little late because she went running!  Seriously, do I force all my bestfriends to be runners.

I think this ups my photo skillz from a 1 to a 2 out of 10.

Incase you wondered what I have been up to workout wise the last few days.  I have had a few 8 mile runs and did some swimming.  But here is the big news:

I took my bike out for a spin.  YES 5 miles of gloriousness and now I’m more sore than I don’t know what.  That 5 miles is killer.  For all you biking babes and dudes, props to you guys.

Today  I went for a swim after Panera with Aanna.  We had such a fun time and were both so focused as if we stopped the creeper next to us would stop and talk.  Um and he asked if one of us would rather share a lane with him versus each other.  No thanks.

No really-I don’t. 


Question for you:
1.       What recipes remind you of the summertime?  Or what foods?

I can’t really say pancakes because those just remind me that I’m living.

2.       Are your besties athletes with you? 
My two bdubs (okay really this word will get obnoxious quick) in Upstate is actually the other female distance swimmer with me.  The other one used to swim but got a shoulder injury.  .

Anna down hurr, is running to run and because she loves to stay active. She does a few road races with me but she runs on her own time because she is normally a late night jogger and you know us grandmas gotta be in bed by the time she starts.

I don’t force any of my friends to workout with me and I’d rather be there besties then their gym stalker. 

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