Guide to Nike Running Shoes

Are you looking for a guide to Nike running shoes? While Nike makes several running and walking shoes, they are all different. Saying: I want a Nike shoe can mean drastically different things. Do you want a racing Nike shoe? A good walking Nikeshoe? A Nike daily running shoe? It could mean so much. I’ll share some of the most popular running and walking models in this guide to Nike running shoes. More exist, but this is a guide to Nike running shoes using their most popular models.

The other confusing part with Nike is they make cheaper models that aren’t designed for running. So saying you are using a Nike shoe for running might not always be a good thing.

A few common questions I’ve received are:

How do you pronounce Nike? Now what kind of Guide to Nike Running shoes would it be without that? Ny-Kee 

Which Nike shoe should I buy? They are all good but serve different purposes.

Which Nike shoe has the most cushion? It’s probably the Nike InfinityRN or the Nike Invincible 3.

What is the fastest Nike running shoe? Probably the Alphafly or the Vaporfly.

Are Nike running shoes narrow? No! That is a misconception and many Nike shoes actually have a wide toe box.

So anyway, here is a guide to Nike running (and walking) shoes.

I’ve written a few guide shoe posts, including:

Guide to Nike Running Shoes:

Guide to Nike running shoes: Neutral trainers

Nike Pegasus 40:

The Nike Pegasus 40 is the tried-and-true trainer. I mean, it’s on the 40th version! It’s a great option for daily miles. If you are looking for a daily trainer that can handle the mileage, the Nike Pegasus is one of the oldest running shoes out there.

Nike Vomero 17:

The Vomero 17 has been through some big changes throughout the years, but this highly cushioned trainer is softer and more plush than the Pegasus. Who should buy the Nike Vomero 17? If you are looking for a high-cushioned and soft trainer.

Nike Invincible 3:

If you are looking for the most cushion in a training shoe, consider the Nike Invincible 3. Maybe you’ll feel invincible. Designed as a max-cushioned trainer, the Invincible 3 has plenty of soft and marshmallowy cushion.

Nike InfinityRN 4:

The RN 4 has gone through a plethora of big updates. The fourth version brings it to the max-cushioned world. If you are looking for a high cushion, maximal trainer with a lot of ReactX foam, the Nike Infinity RN 4 is a great option.

Nike Zoom Fly 5:

Where does this shoe belong? Nobody knows. The Zoom Fly is a daily trainer, but some might feel as if it’s more of a racing shoe. Either way, it’s designed for those runs you may want to pick up the pace.

Guide to Nike running shoes: Racing Shoes:

Nike Streakfly:

ZoomX Streakfly Review

The Nike Streakfly actually doesn’t have a carbon plate. It’s designed for your fast 5-10k. If you are someone who misses the era of racing flats and non-carbon plated shoes, the Nike Streakfly is going to be one of your best bets.

Nike ZoomX Streakfly Review

Nike Tempo:

Tempo Shoe Review

Does the Nike Tempo still exist? It’s a fast racing shoe without being as harsh as the Vaporfly or Alphafly. It’s soft, yet cushioned and made for speed. If you liked the original Nike 4%, you might prefer the Tempo.

Nike Tempo Next% Shoe Review

Nike Vaporfly 3:

Vaporfly 3 Shoe Review

Most people have heard of the Vaporfly. This shoe is made for speed but can feel harsh on the body. Who should buy the Vaporfly 3? If you are someone looking for a fast racing shoe.

Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next%

Nike Alphafly 2:

Alphafly Next% 2 Shoe Review

The Nike Alphafly 2 is also made for speed, but the maximum stack height feels very different from the Vaporfly. It can feel heavy and clunky, but it is designed to run your fastest time yet. Who should buy the Alphafly? If you are looking for a maximum cushioned, carbon-plated shoe.

Nike Alphafly Next% 2 Shoe Review

Guide to Nike running shoes: Stability Shoes:

Nike Structure 25:

For a while, it seemed like Nike was going to nix the Structure. Why? I don’t know, but the Nike Structure is one of the best stability shoes out there. If you are someone who wants or needs some arch support, consider the Nike Structure.

Guide to Nike running shoes: Trail Shoes:

Nike Wildhorse 8:

The Wildhorse is one of Nike’s most popular trail shoes. It can handle almost any type of trail. It’s a great option if you are looking for a “do-it-all” type of trail shoe that you can take wherever you hit the trails.

Nike Pegasus Trail 4:

It should come as no surprise that the popular Pegasus is made in a trail version. If you are looking for a lighter and firmer trail shoe, consider the Pegasus Trail 4. Or maybe you just like the Pegasus 40 so much that you want the trail version too. Either way, the Pegasus Trail 4 can handle several types of trails.

Hopefully this guide to nike running shoes helps you find the right one for you. Many people don’t realize, Nike makes a lot of shoes but only a few good running shoes. Like any brand, if you run in a shoe that’s not made for running, you may get hurt.

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