Moon Pod Review

Moon Pod Review

I was excited to try Moon Pod. Over the last few months, I’ve really gotten into reading, so I’m always looking for cozy and comfortable chairs. Just by the name, it might be hard to tell what exactly they are. The float chairs (or bean bag chairs) are designed to be super comfortable at an affordable price. It was nice not to pay $1000 for a bean bag chair. I was kind of looking for something to read and relax in the evening that wasn’t the couch.

About the brand Moon Pod:

The Moon Pod is an innovative beanbag engineered to mimic a zero-gravity experience, designed to provide comfort and relaxation. It serves as an ideal solution for stress relief, whether you are engaged in work, leisure activities, or a brief restorative sleep.

The Moon Pod team is comprised of skilled designers, engineers, and operational specialists with a proven history of successfully bringing this type of product to market. I do wish they shared how they were founded and their journey since I’m always interested in that sort of thing.

Moon Pod Products I tried:

Moon Pod:

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I have to start the review with the main attraction, the Moon Pod.

Moon Pod Review

What makes the Moon Pod different?

  • Designed to fit any shape, size, or weight. Unlike traditional float chairs, the it’s is designed to accommodate all shapes and sizes.
  • Ergonomic Support: Helps to relieve neck and back pain.
  • Sleek Profile: Only weighs 12 pounds.
  • Supportive Dual Membrane: Provides a soft and stretchy supportive dual membrane to support anyone.
  • EPS Beads: Filled with custom density EPS beads. It’s also a fully sustainable manufacturer that recycles all their unused materials from every project to work on the next project.

My Experience with the Moon Pod:

Holy cow, the Moon Pod is comfortable. Sometimes I find myself just wanting to sleep on it. I think it’s one of the most comfortable float chairs I’ve ever tried at a fraction of the cost. I also appreciate that it’s light, so you don’t have to worry about moving it around. I find myself reading on it a lot and it’s so comfortable. It’s always hard to get off of it!

Moon Pod Lunar Lift:

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By raising your feet to align with your heart, the Lunar Lift can help improve circulation, reduce swelling, and relieve pressure from your lower body.

Moon Pod Review

What makes the Lunar Lift different?

  • Improved Circulation: Improve your circulation while relaxing with Lunar Lift aligning your feet at the same level as your heart.
  • Elevate Your Relaxation: Add the Lunar Lift to the foot of your Moon Pod or Super Moon, and become fully elevated.
  • Aligns With Moon Pod: The Lunar Lift’s height is the exact height of the Moon Pod. With your feet up, your body will be perfectly aligned for the ultimate relaxation experience.

My experience with the Lunar Lift:

I was curious to see how I would like the Lunar Lift. I didn’t really know if it would be the right fit for me since I don’t typically lay all the way back to read. I did find it super comfortable, and I’ve found my legs appreciate being up, especially after a long or hard run. This is one of the most comfortable things I’ve laid on. I was honestly shocked at home much I like adding the Lunar Lift and just getting comfortable.

Moon Pod Pillow:

The Pillow is a bean bag pillow designed to help you find your best sleep. It’s very soft and molds to your head or body.

Moon Pod Review

What makes the Pillow different?

Tiny beads that move to fit your head just right. It’s great for sleeping on your side, back, or tummy. It helps you feel calm and can assist with feelings of being too worried or having trouble paying attention.

Features of the Moon Pod Pillow:

  • Micro-Beads: According to Moon Pod, these tiny beads are better than feathers because they move to support you just right.
  • Double-Layer: Soft inside and a smooth outside layer that gives you extra support and feels nicer than regular pillows.
  • Super Calm Tech: The Pillow adapts to fit your body just right, helping you feel more peaceful, especially if you get anxious or have ADHD.
  • Made Just for You: Designed to fit everyone and every way you sleep.

My Experience with the Moon Pod Pillow:

I’m always looking for comfortable pillows, and the Moon Pod Pillow is no exception. If you are someone who likes a softer pillow that molds to your head, you’ll really appreciate the Pillow. I like how comfortable and soft it is. Sometimes I rest my head on it, other times I rest my arms when sleeping. Honestly I have no complaints and it’s great.

Moon Pod Crescent:

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Incorporating Moon Pod’s signature technology, Crescent is designed to enhance your relaxation both on and off the Moon Pod. It’s designed to be your best friend. Filled with countless high-density beads, Crescent invites you to unwind effortlessly.Moon Pod Review

What makes the Crescent different?

  • Ergonomic Support: Crescent’s cushion adapts to the contours of your body, offering a personalized relaxation experience at any angle with its ergonomic design and advanced bead technology.
  • Universal Comfort on Any Surface: Wherever you choose to relax, Crescent’s high-density beads mold to your form. Settle in and let the precision-designed beads provide the ultimate comfort.

My Experience with the Crescent: 

The Crescent has become one of my favorite relaxation and reading aids. It’s easy to move it wherever you want and enjoy comfort. If you are looking for an easy reading chair or even something children would like, consider the Crescent. I use it often on the couch or even on the bed and I really have no complaints. I really appreciate you can feel the back support.


Compared to other bean bag style products, Moon Pod is actually much cheaper. Many styles similar to the cost upward of $800+, so if you are looking for a float chair or bean bag style chair, the Moon Pod is one of the cheaper options.  Plus they have tons of sales including the “full moon bundle for 34% off.


If you are looking for affordable and comfortable float chairs, consider the Moon Pod family. Plus, you can’t beat the cost compared to other brands. They are all comfortable and machine washable (which is great for anyone with pets or children). I’ve washed my covers several times with no issues. I appreciate how these products work together so you can mix and match the products you are using at any given time.

Who should buy the Moon Pod? Anyone looking for comfort or relaxation.

Who should not buy the Moon Pod? There isn’t really a reason not to buy it. If you are someone who prefers a firmer cushion, you might not enjoy the Moon Pod as much.

You can shop all Moon Pod products here and see all reviews here.

Questions for you:

What is your favorite bean bag style hair?

How do you stay comfortable?

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