Hoka Ora Luxe Slide Review

Hoka Ora Luxe Recovery Slides

I was super excited to try the Hoka Ora Luxe Slide. I love good slides, and in fact when I’m not wearing work or running shoes, I’m generally wearing slides. I’ve reviewed several brands of recovery shoes, including:

To me, Hoka recovery slides just fit and feel the best. There is more cushion in the Hoka Ora Luxe Slide than in competitor brands…and my feet like that. Slides are not the “lookers of the shoe industry,” but they do what they should and keep your feet happy.

Hoka Ora Luxe Recovery Slides

I hadn’t planned on getting new recovery slides so quickly (I have plenty), but during the Great Aloha Run in Hawaii, I set down my slides in front of the porta potty. I was only in there for 2 minutes, but when I came out, my slides were gone. I like that someone from the race was just cleaning up, but who knows? So I needed a new pair, and these seemed perfect. Plus, with the LA Marathon just around the corner, I want to treat my feet to all the relaxation.

About the Hoka Ora Luxe Slide:

Weight: 7.4 oz

Drop: 6 mm

Price: $80

The Hoka Ora Luxe Recovery Slides is a “fancy” version of the traditional Ora slide. This year the Hoka Ora Luxe Recovery Slides are lighter with a sugarcane EVA midsole. It also has an adjustable Ariaprene strap made from fresh foam.

The most important feature of a recovery slide is the footbed. Do your feet feel comfortable? In athletic shoes, I typically wear a women’s size 10-11. In the Hoka Ora Luxe Recovery Slides, I wear a size 10. They fit true to size; if you have a wider foot, you don’t have to worry about being smooshed inside. With the obvious open toe box, you have plenty of space for your toes to splay so you likely don’t need as big as your running shoe size.

Hoka Ora Luxe Recovery Slides

With the raised toe bump in the front, it is essential to get the right size so your toes aren’t sitting on the spot and causing issues. They aren’t available in half sizes, so I would go down a half size if you are between sizes.

I was unsure of how I would like the Ariaprene Strap. It looked like it might chafe in inclement weather, and no one wants that, especially in the summer heat of the Mojave Desert. Luckily, it’s comfortable, and honestly, I don’t feel a difference between Strap with that and previous versions. It all fits and feels the same.

Hoka Ora Luxe Recovery Slides

Cushion: The whole point of recovery slides is the cushion, right? The Hoka Ora Luxe Recovery Slides use an injected EVA foam outsole and sugarcane EVA midsole. I’ve said before, but the Hoka recovery slides have the most cushion of any recovery slide. Consider these or any other Hoka slide if you’re looking for more cushion (or the most cushion).

Hoka Ora Luxe Recovery Slides

Outsole and Traction: You’re not running in slides, but it helps when there is some traction so you don’t fall. While there is no rubber on the bottom, they have grooves to give you some traction.

I’ve used the Hoka Ora Luxe Recovery Slides for a few weeks now and my feet have been happy. I also appreciate of any slide I’ve tried, they last the longest. While Oofos is great, I don’t find they last as long as I would like. I wear my slides a lot and usually get 2-3X life out of the Hoka slides versus Oofos.

Hoka Ora Luxe Recovery Slides

Cost: $80

Probably the biggest (and only) downside of the Hoka Ora Luxe Recovery Slides is the $80 price point. They are more expensive than competitors. But I find them worth it; honestly, Hoka Recovery Slides tend to last much longer than competitors. Competitor brands often feel flat quicker so while the price is more expensive at first, you are saving some money.

Hoka Ora Luxe Recovery Slides Conclusion:

The Hoka Ora Luxe Recovery Slides are a great option if you are looking for a good pair of recovery slides. They are great options whether you are injured or just looking for a perfect cushioned shoe.

You can purchase the Hoka Ora Luxe Recovery Slides and see all gear reviews here.

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Questions for you:

Have you tried the Hoka Ora Luxe Recovery Slides?

What is your favorite recovery slide?

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  1. Hey Holly – any notable difference between the “luxe” version and Hoka’s “regular” old recovery slides? Also, have you seen the recent coverage of this couple trying to go to all of NJ’s diners? I won’t post links here but the story has gotten some coverage lately, including in a major NY paper…

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