Night Runner 270 Review

Night Runner 270 Review

I was excited to try the Night Runner 270. As it gets light later, I’ve found myself running in the dark more. I tend to run more on the roads when it’s dark in the desert. Too many creatures (read: snakes and scorpions) live on the trails. Things I do not need to see. So like most early morning or late runners, I’ve been looking for things to keep me safe.

Night Runner 270 Review

About the brand Night Tech Gear:

I was excited to learn that Night Tech Gear was actually on Shark Tank!  <Season 8 episode 3>. Husband and wife, Doug and Renata Storer, came up with Night Runner Shoe Lights. Doug was training for his 5th morning in the early dark and hit and pothole, taking a nasty fall (isn’t that relatable?).  As he walked back home, he thought of a new idea: Night Runner!

I appreciate products made by runners for runners.

Night Runner 270 Review

About Night Runner 270:

Everyone wants to know…what Makes Night Runner 270 different.

Is Night Runner 270 good?

Do shoe lights work? 

What features does it have?

  • 3 Light Modes: You can use it on low, high, and blinking. I generally use mine on high because it’s so dark in the desert. The blinking setting is also cool; I’ve used it a few times.
  • USB Charging: An estimated battery life is 4-8 hours—four hours for the lowest setting and 8 for blinking. The USB charger is awesome because it lets you charge both lights simultaneously. USB versus battery operated always have their pros and cons, but you don’t need to buy batteries. You just can’t grab extra batteries when they are dead.
  • Rear Lights: The backlight is red and wrapped around the side to add extra road visibility. It’s a nice additional feature I didn’t know was there until I started using it!

Night Runner 270 Review

My Experience with Night Runner 270:

The Night Runner 270 came already charged and ready to use. I attached them to my shoes, and I was prepared to go. Immediately I noticed how light the Night Runner 270 was. Once they are on your feet, you don’t even see they are on. As far as clipping them onto your shoe laces, it’s easy to do. It literally took me between 1-2 minutes for both lights.

Running with the Night Runner 270: For the most part, I found they stayed put. A few shoes weren’t as great, and I found that the more round and soft the shoelaces, the harder it was to keep the Night Runner 270 attached. Generally, shoelaces that were hard to keep tied already were the ones I had the most issues with Night Runner staying on. It’s not that it was falling off every step, but I did find I had to readjust them a few times. I’ve done both easy and challenging runs with Night Runner 270, and generally, they stay put.

While it was mentioned the Night Runner 270 was designed for you to see, it does help, but I think it’s better for cars seeing you. If I’m using it to see, I generally also have a flashlight to see ahead. It can definitely be used for cars to see you, and I had a friend drive by while I was out and tell me how awesome they were.

In all, the shoe lights work well, and I appreciate the extra layer of visibility when out in the early morning. I don’t think they work well to see things in front of you (debris, potholes, etc.).

Night Runner 270 Review

Cost: $64.95

While they are on the more pricy end, the Night Runner 270 shoe lights are a pretty good value and cheaper than much other night running gear. There aren’t a lot of other direct competition shoe lights to Night Runner.

Night Runner 270 Conclusion:

I like the Night Runner 270 and use them for many different runs. They are one of my more favorite night running gear. The only thing that really hinders them is if you get a softer shoelace that doesn’t allow them to attach easily. (The type of shoelace that comes untied often). Other than that, they are an awesome option for visibility. They aren’t limited to running; you can attach them to other things like a dog leash or clip them onto a belt if you want.

Remember that they don’t work well to see things in front of you, such as debris or potholes. If you are using them to see ahead, it’s probably better to get another flashlight.

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Questions for you:

Have you tried Night Runner 270?

What is your favorite piece of running gear for running in the dark?