Bra Run 14k (60:46)

bra run 14k

I was looking for a fun and low-key race, and the Bra Run 14k seemed a great option. I had bought a fun Boa Bra just for the occasion (space cats), but when it arrived, I realized, wow, it’s got zero support and zero modesty. So I decided I would just run in “regular” racing clothing…which truthfully turned into whatever was clean.

bra run 14k

Before the Bra Run 14k:

We had gone back and forth about spending the night in Los Angeles but decided since the Bra Run 14k started late enough (8:20), we would be fine to drive the morning of. Plus, it was a friend’s birthday party the night before in the desert, and we wanted to go to that too. We were up kind of late, and I ended up sleeping in later than I hoped. Could I have set the alarm? Yes, but I didn’t. We planned to leave at 5 am, but I work up at 4:40, and we left around 5:30. Before leaving the house, I tossed the idea around of not running at all and eating the race’s cost. But we still went. The drive was easy, and we got to the Bra Run 14k around 7. Getting our packets was congested and disorganized, and we waited about 50 minutes! Luckily as I assumed it would be based on packet pickup, the race went off about 20 minutes late.

I learned every year the Bra Run gets an extra 1k to celebrate someone being another year cancer free. How awesome is that? They had us walk to the start, about a quarter of a mile uphill. The Bra Run 5k went off first, followed by the 14k.

Bra Run 14k Race:

As we wanted the Bra Run 5k to go off, I realized we would probably end up catching many of the 5kers. I quickly realized it would make much weaving around runners the first few miles. My only goal for the Bra Run 14k was not to fly and die. After the Wineshine and even a few other races, I have taken it out too hard for my fitness level and imploded the last few miles. So I didn’t want to do that. Weaving around people made it easier not to go out too hard.

I just stuck left for most of the first 3 miles.  I hit the first mile of the Bra Run 14k in 7:09, and I was fairly pleased. I told myself the goal was to finish right around an hour. For the next mile, we turned around and headed back towards the start. It was getting more congested, and I found myself weaving around people. It was hard to tell what place I was in for the 14k.

Around 2.2, we went down towards the beach and headed on the road there. This became tricky because it was narrow. After all, the Bra Run 14k hadn’t cleared the traffic. It was hard to pass people and not get run over by a car. We continued on the road until finally, the 5kers turned to finish the race. The Bra Run 14k went straight and onto a closed road. I saw a couple of other women ahead of me, and I hoped I could pass them. Mile 3-4 of the Bra Run 14k felt like it took forever. We had a slight headwind and were now alone. Two kids asked me if there was a race, and I said: yes. They were very interested in it.

We headed back towards the start around mile 5 of the Bra Run 14k, and I passed the two women in front of me to place myself first. I realized the two women probably started with the 5k. I had a lead cyclist for the last few miles of the Bra Run 14k, so I assumed I was in first. It did make it easier because since the Bra Run 14k was a double loop, we started passing other 14kers. For the miles into the headwind, I averaged 7:20-7:25, and for the miles with the wind, I averaged 7:15.

I grabbed all of the water I could, but with the heat, it never felt like it was enough. When I hit mile 8 of the Bra Run 14k and could almost see the finish, I realized it might be short. I ended up crossing at 1:00.46. I didn’t notice the Bra Run 14k clock and saw 1:07, which was the Bra Run 5k clock. I hadn’t been paying attention to my watch and racing by how I felt. Usually, I pay more attention if I want the race to be over.

Bra Run 14k Thoughts:

I’m happy with my performance. It never felt overly manageable, and I felt like I could have maintained around that pace for another few miles, which says a lot because it was hot, and I didn’t use any electrolytes (I assumed there would be some on the course). Regarding the Bra Run 14k, I appreciate that the race went to a good cause, and it was fun to see all of the festive bras, but it was fairly disorganized, and I wish the 5k and 14k had gone at the same time for less congestion. I don’t really see a reason they couldn’t.

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Questions for you:

Have you run a 14k?

Have you done a race in costume?