Avoalre Athletic Socks Review

Avoalre Athletic Socks Review

Recently I tried the Avoalre Athletic Socks. I’m already a fan of their Avoalre High-Performance socks, so I was excited to see what they had next! If there is one thing you can never have enough of, it’s socks! I was looking forward to adding new socks into the routine. I’m a fan of thinner socks, especially in the summer as your feet sweat and I don’t want a lot of extra material.

Avoalre Athletic Socks ReviewAbout the Avoalre Athletic Socks:

  • 360┬░Protecting Your Feet
  • Breathable & Anti-Blister
  • Elastic & Non-Slip


30% Coolmax 30% cotton 35% nylon 5% Lycra


I wear a size 10-11 shoe, and the medium socks fit well. They fit true to size with a tighter fit without them feeling too constricted.

What makes Avoalre Athletic Socks Different?

  • Make from Coolmax & Lycra
  • Coolmax is a moisture-wicking sock that draws sweat away from your skin and keeps you cool.
  • Lycra helps improve the elasticity and stretchability of the fabric, making it feel soft and cozy!
  • Seamless Toe minimizes friction and prevents blisters between shoes and feet.
  • Breathable: The mesh ventilation construction creates airflow within the fabric, providing 30% more ventilation and breathability than other sports socks.
  • Heel Protection: Added protection to prevent socks from falling off.
  • Left and Right Design: Ergonomic design of the left and right feet.

Avoalre Athletic Socks Review

My experience with Avoalre Athletic Socks:

As mentioned, I am already a fan of their high-performance socks, so I was excited to see how the athletic socks compare. At $15.99, you can’t beat the price…but do they hold up? First, I used the Avoalre Athletic Socks for a regular work day. I wanted to make sure I didn’t have blisters just working before I headed out for a run in them.

Avoalre Athletic Socks are thinner than most socks, but they felt good the entire day. They are comfortable and they don’t feel too tight.

Next up, I used them for a run, and they held up well. My feet sweat, but I didn’t have any chafing, they didn’t fall, and they felt good the entire time. I enjoy how comfortable they are and how they are designed with the athlete in mind (you can always tell socks that aren’t!).

They are definitely some of my most favorite socks in the rotation, especially during the summer months.

Avoalre Athletic Socks Review

Cost: 3 for $15.99

You can’t beat that for fitness socks these days.

Avoalre Athletic Socks Conclusion:

I’m a big fan of the Avoalre Athletic Socks, and I’ll continue using them. I appreciate their thinness, but they continue to moisture wick even on the hottest days. If you are a fan of thinner socks, you’ll appreciate the Avoalre. Plus, they would make an excellent gift for any runner in your life.

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Questions for you:

Have you tried Avoalre Athletic Socks?

What is your favorite running sock?

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