Maurten 225 Solid Bar Review

Maurten 225 Solid Bar Review

Maurten 225 Solid Bar sounds like a “funny” name. Despite being a weird name, at least it’s straight to the point. On another note, why are bars so hard to photograph? They taste good but no one looks at a bar photo and thinks: wow that looks so tasty.

All Maurten products are, and they name them for what they are. Why 225? The 225 Solid Bars have 225 in calories. Why solid? It’s a solid form of their energy.

So what is the Maurten 225 Solid Bar? It’s Maurten in bar form. If you are someone who really enjoys the Maurten fuels, you might enjoy the Martin solids too.

I’ve also reviewed Maurten Fuels which use hydrogel.

Maurten 225 Solid Bar Review

About the brand Maurten:

Previous research showed the human body could absorb up to 60 grams of carbohydrates per hour. Now, research shows that we can use up to 80 grams. Having too much sugar is what leads to stomach issues.

Unlike many fuels on the market, Maurten has no added flavor. It’s slightly sweetened but you won’t taste chocolate, cherry, or watermelon. Maurten Energy also uses natural ingredients so no extra color or preservatives. I have noticed that Maurten with caffeine tastes like just caffeine. (It does have a taste, almost alkaline, bitter, and slightly soapy). While the original Maurten Energy forms use hydrogel, the new bars are back to their basic roots.

Maurten 225 Solid Bar Review

About the Maurten 225 Solid Bar:

The Maurten 225 Solid Bar is made of oats and rice. It’s a performance focused bar to consume before or during training. The 225 Solid Bar is an entirely different step than the hydrogel technology that Maurten products use. The 225 Solid Bar is simply made from oats, rice, and sugar. It has a lot of carbohydrates but in an easy to consume and chewy form. It’s designed to eat before or after running. While yes, you can eat the 225 Solid Bar during a run, you would want a lower intensity or long trail run for that. Maurten designs their hydrogels for high intensity training.

Maurten 225 Solid Bar Review

What makes Maurten 225 Solid Bar Different?

The 225 Solid Bar separates itself from other bars because it claims to be a performance-focused product rather than an actual snack bar. It’s designed for working out not just a snack on the go.

They keep the fiber content low which reduces the stress on gastrointestinal distress. Maurten uses ingredients like fructose-glucose syrup.

Each 225 Solid Bar contains 225 calories,  44 g of carbohydrates, where 18-20g is sugars. The just minimal protein (2 grams) and minimal fat (3.6 fat).

Maurten 225 Solid Bar Review
Maurten 225 Solid Bar Review

My experience with the Maurten 225 Solid Bar:

The 225 Solid Bar is strong in flavor. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting. Their gels are mostly tasteless, but the Maurten solids are so sweet.

When I first bit into the regular sweet flavor, I was like, holy smokes, this is sweet. It felt like I needed to crush my teeth afterward. The cocoa flavor is more mild cocoa than a super chocolate bar or melted chocolate bar but still very sweet. I cannot emphasize enough how sweet these bars are.

How does the 225 Solid Bar sit in the stomach? I’ve used the Maurten 225 Solid Bar before a few runs and it’s always sat in my stomach well. I don’t have stomach issues and don’t feel like I will get sick afterwards.

I’ve also used the  225 Solid Bar during long trail runs and it sits well in my stomach. I don’t want to use it for road runs or harder efforts because I just prefer In all, the Maurten 225 Solid Bar taste good and mildly sweet, and they fuel you well for your run.

They would also be an excellent bar for someone who “hates eating” or “can’t stomach” regular food before a run. They are one of the most digestible bars I’ve come across.

If you are someone who prefers a mild flavor, these are


Like all Maurten products, the Maurten 225 Solid Bar are no cheap. Each bar is $3 but you can buy a box of 12 for $30.

Maurten 225 Solid Bar Concpusion:

I like the 225 Solid Bar and I’ll continue to use it for days I need an extra bar before a run. They’ve worked out well when I want to run after work but want a snack to tide me over until afterward. They aren’t really a bar that I would just snack on based on cost but they are great for days I want to run after work or need a snack before i run to keep me going.

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Questions for you:

Have you tried the Maurten 225 Solid Bar?

What is your favorite pre run bar?