Running the Gloucester Park Trail (New Jersey)

Running the Gloucester Park Trail (New Jersey)

I was excited to run on the Gloucester Park Trail in Winslow, New Jersey. It’s been a while since I explored any new parks in the garden state. Of course, I don’t live there anymore so it’s hard to explore an area when you are only there 1-2x per year.

Running the Gloucester Park Trail (New Jersey)

About Gloucester Community Park:

The Gloucester Community Park is located in Sicklerville, NJ, next to Camden County College. There is plenty to do for the entire family, including swings, several sports fields(LAX, basketball), a paved trail, several jungle gyms, plus running and biking trails.  The park is free, and there is plenty of parking. I imagine it gets crowded during youth sports games.

Running the Gloucester Park Trail (New Jersey)
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About the Gloucester Park Trail:

Distance: 6.9 miles

Elevation: 301

Gloucester Park Trail is located in, as you guessed it, Gloucester Country Park. There are restrooms in the parking lot, and the 6.9-mile trail is used for hiking, biking, and running.

Running the Gloucester Park Trail (New Jersey)

My Experience on the Gloucester Park Trail:

Gear used:

Reebok Floatride Energy 4 

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I met up with my good friend Skip and began on the trail. He’s been running here frequently to train for a 70-mile race. There is a good amount of elevation, plus it’s easy to stop by your car if you need hydration. When we arrived, there was a cross country team practicing, but for the most part, the park was quiet. It does tend to get busy with mountain bikers in the later hours, so it might be something to be mindful of.

Running the Gloucester Park Trail (New Jersey)

I completely fell on a root during the first .3 of the run. I spent the rest of the run covered in dirt and mud. There are a lot of short inclines and declines on the trail, and there are significant points where you are running flat. It can also be hard to navigate the course because of all the turns. You are never more than a mile from the road or open space to get your bearings. It was an enjoyable run on the Gloucester Park Trail, and I’m sad I never got here when we lived out this way. It’s a great trail with many technical sections, too (you can tell mountain bikers use it).

Running the Gloucester Park Trail (New Jersey)

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Questions for you: 

Have you been to the Gloucester Park Trail?

What is your favorite hike? 

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