rabbit Low Tide Review

rabbit Low Tide Review

The rabbit Low Tide top is unlike anything else in the running apparel world.

Is it a casual top?

A running top?

A party top?

A vacation top?

Seriously so many options.

I’m no stranger to the brand rabbit. I’ve written several reviews, including rabbit Apparel Review and my favorite, the rabbit EZ Collection. I was excited to try the rabbit Low Tide Top.

rabbit Low Tide Review

About the brand rabbit:

The brand is just called: “rabbit,” not run in rabbit. Obviously, the rabbit dot com weblink and username was probably taken a dozen years ago. The brand rabbit is also lowercase.

Rabbit was created by two lifelong runners, Jill and Monica. I’ve had personal conversations with both, and I can say they are two of the nicest people I’ve come across. Monica has owned a running store for 13 years, and Jill has been a lifelong runner.

About the rabbit Low Tide Top:

The rabbit Low Tide Top is made for running and casual life. It’s made with performance print with an entire back ventilation panel for breathability. There are also snaps (not buttons), so you don’t need to worry about buttoning it or breaking the buttons.

Materials: 88% recycled polyester, 12% spandex

Sizing: I typically wear a size small top, and the size small of the rabbit Low Tide Top fits well.

rabbit Low Tide Review

My Experience with the rabbit Low Tide Top:

As mentioned, the rabbit Low Tide Top looks casual. It doesn’t “look” like a traditional running top. So? I think it’s super fun to have moisture-wicking casual tops. It also means there are several different uses for it. You can run in it, hike, or wear it casually. Plus, sometimes you don’t want a traditional running top or just want something fun.

rabbit Low Tide Review

As someone who is 5’7 with broad shoulders, I was concerned with how the fit would feel (sometimes button-down tops are not my favorite), but the rabbit Low Tide top fits true to size. The buttons make it easy to snap on or off, and they don’t come undone while out running.

I first tested out the Low Tide Top on a hike. It performed well, and I felt good the entire time, especially in the heat. Next, I decided to take it on a few short runs, and it also performed well. I also wore it when warming up for the Carlsbad 5000. It felt like a regular moisture-wicking top, and the only difference is it’s more fun. Since then, I’ve run 10 miles in the Low Tide Top and never had an issue with chafing or overheating. Yes, really, even in the desert.

Cost: $68

The rabbit Low Tide Top is a similar price to many other moisture-wicking tops.

rabbit Low Tide Review
Yes you can really run in it

rabbit Low Tide Top Conclusion:

I’m a big fan, and I love how multi-functional it is. You can wear it out or wear it for a workout or run with no issues. The print is fun, fits well, and performs well…what more do you need in a running top?

You can purchase the rabbit Low Tide Top here and see all gear reviews here.

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Questions for you:

Have you tried the rabbit low tide top?

What is your favorite running top?