Gnarly Hydrate Review

Gnarly Hydrate Review

In my quest for looking for new hydration products, I stumbled upon Gnarly Hydrate. The website said they had “big flavors,” and I am someone who enjoys a sweeter electrolyte drink.

Gnarly Hydrate Review

About the Brand Gnarly:

The owner Eli Kerr spent 10 years blending outdoor recreation with counseling to help people better themselves. He decided to found a nutrition company that also does that. Gnarly was born as a company that inspires individuals to reach their true potential. It’s a sports nutrition brand that is clean, effective, tastes good.

About Gnarly Hydrate:

The Gnarly Hydrate is loaded with electrolytes and B Vitamins. It’s designed to hydrate with lower sugar, and as the website says, “it’s big on taste.”

Gnarly Hydrate Review

What makes Gnarly Hydrate Different?

  • No GMOs
  • Lower sugar and uses natural sweeteners
  • No Hormones

It’s also NSF Content Certified, and the Orange Pineapple is also NSF for Sport Certified. All of the products go through toxicology review, label claim testing, and contaminant testing for heavy metals, microbes, and pesticides.

One package of Gnarly Hydrate has just 30 calories with 4 g of sugar, 250 mg of sodium, 5 B vitamins, and 90 mg of magnesium.

Gnarly Hydrate Review

My Experience with Gnarly Hydrate:

I was excited to try the orange pineapple. It’s rare to have such a fun flavor as an electrolyte mix. The packaging is long and narrow but fits wherever you want to take it. I decided to first try it on a longer hike. When I realized it sat well in my stomach, I deemed it “ready for more intense workouts” like running. I’ve had Gnarly Hydration several times now, and it has sat in my stomach well with no issues.

Flavor: The Gnarly Hydrate comes in orange pineapple, raspberry, and ruby red grapefruit. I decided to try the orange pineapple. I haven’t had any hydration product in an orange-pineapple flavor, and it sounded fun. Plus, Gnarly Hydrate claims to be “big on flavor.” I mixed appropriately, and right off the bat, I noticed “how orange” the color was. Bright colors mean big flavors (in my “judge a book by the cover,” that isn’t really true).

I took a sip, and Gnarly Hydration is absolutely correct. It might be one of the sweetest electrolyte mixes I’ve tried. As someone who enjoys sweeter electrolyte mixes, I was really happy with the flavoring. In fact, it might be one of my favorite flavors of hydration to date.

As far as electrolytes, despite less sugar, you do feel the electrolytes. I’ve now used Gnarly Hydration during the day for workouts, swimming, and hiking, and I find it’s extremely helpful.

Cost: 40 servings for $27.95

Gnarly Hydration is actually one of the cheaper options for electrolytes out right now.

Gnarly Hydrate Conclusion:

Gnarly Hydration was a surprise to me, and I really like it. I like the bold flavors, and the product actually works, and you feel the electrolytes. I’ll definitely keep using it. If you are looking for a lower sugar option or an electrolyte option that tastes sweet, it’s a good choice. I’m looking forward to trying some of their other products out too.

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Questions for you:

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What is your favorite fueling product?