Mama’s on 39 (Huntington Beach)

Mama's on 39 (Huntington Beach)

I was excited to go to Mama’s on 39 in Huntington Beach. It’s been a while since going to a new diner, so when I found myself in a new area, I knew a new diner was in order. Sadly I went directly after the Surf City Half Marathon. While this would normally be *great*, I had stomach issues, so while the food was good, my stomach was not happy.

There are 3 locations of Mama’s on 39, including Huntington Beach, Long Beach, and Los Alamitos.

Mama's on 39 (Huntington Beach)

Mama’s on 39 Atmosphere: A

When I arrived on Sunday morning, Mama’s on 39 was packed. It looked like it was over an hour’s wait. I ordered takeout, and I was shocked the takeout was ready when I got there.

Mama's on 39 (Huntington Beach)

Anyway, Mama’s on 39 is located in a strip mall area. There is some outdoor seating as well as a large dining area indoors. They have several decorations. It’s more of a modern type of diner, although diner nonetheless.

Mama's on 39 (Huntington Beach)

Coffee: X

I didn’t order coffee as my stomach was not in the mood.

Mama’s on 39 Food: A

Mama’s on 39 menu has everything you could want in a diner. There are many breakfast options, including pancakes, chicken and waffles, and several omelet options. Plus, they also have several lunch and salad options.

A few of the Mama’s on 39 menu items that stuck out to me:

  • Chicken and Waffles: Buttermilk fried chicken & homemade waffle topped with country gravy and maple syrup.
  • Vegan Hash: Roasted potatoes, black beans, onions, tomatoes, green pepper, mushrooms, and jalapenos topped with avocado and Sriracha Sauce
  • Not So Hawaiin Pizza: Diced ham, bacon, grilled pineapple, green bell pepper, red onion, and mozzarella cheese.
  • ABC Burger: Choice beef, topped with fresh avocado, smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, Mama’s special sauce, and pickle
  • Prime Rib Diner: I was fascinated this entree at Mama’s on 39 costs $40! It includes a thick-cut slice of prime rib served with mashed potatoes, coleslaw, and seasonal veggies.

You can see the full Mama’s on 39 diner menu here.

I decided to order a single pancake as well as the vegan hash. I wanted the single pancake as a fallback if my stomach was unhappy with the vegan hash.

The Vegan Hash tasted great, and I was happy with my choice. I actually didn’t realize what the sriracha sauce was until a few minutes in. I would definitely order it again.

Mama's on 39 (Huntington Beach) vegan hash

The single pancake was interesting because it ended up being two pancakes, and one was blueberry. Don’t get me wrong, it was good, but I was surprised that it was both two pancakes and that one was blueberry and one was plain. It was still one of the better diner pancakes I had.

Mama's on 39 (Huntington Beach) pancakes

Cost: $20

Mama’s on 39 isn’t cheap, and there are several items over $20.

Mama’s on 39 Service: A

My entire experience, from the food being ready to the staff, was great. I couldn’t believe how fast the food was prepared despite being busy.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back to Mama’s on 39?

I liked my experience at Mama’s on 39, and I would definitely come back. I am interested in some of their dinner options that cost over $20 and even over $30. In all, it was a great experience, and I would definitely recommend it. Obviously, if it has over an hour wait, they must be doing something right!

Atmosphere: A

Coffee: X

Food: A

Service: A

Cost: $15-40

Overall: A

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Questions for you:

Have you been to Mama’s on 39?

What is your favorite beach town diner?