Punch Gunk Review

Punch Gunk Review

Recently I tried Punch Gunk. If you are like me, you may never have heard of it before. It is created to be a nonstick and nongreasy topical pain relief. Of course, it isn’t going to solve any “serious injuries,” but you will find fast relief if you find yourself more sore than usual.

Punch Gunk Review

What is Punch Gunk?

It’s a natural pain relief for athletes. It was formed by  Cameron and Nadene. They started training Jiujitsu in their 40s and realized that combat sports hurt. They began searching for a topical pain reliever that only boxers and MMA fighters use. They couldn’t find anything that wasn’t greasy. After two years of product development, they started Punch Gunk. Now, they’ve even recently sponsored the World MMA Awards and now even support motocross riders, surfers, skaters, Crossfit, and OCR racers.

What makes Punch Gunk different?

  • Fast Pain Relief
  • Maximum Bioavailability
  • Accelerate Recovery
  • Non-Greasy
  • Rapid Absorption
  • Penetrates Deep Tissue

It uses nine natural formulas that combines active natural therapeutic extracts with FDA-approved active ingredients Menthol. This relieves pain associated with overuse, strains, sprains, swelling, and bruising.

Punch Gunk is water-based, which means it absorbs into the skin almost immediately. It contains anti-inflammatories Arnica, Kava, Nettle, and Gotu Kola to accelerate recovery.

Plus: it does not contain CBD, which is important for those in the military.

My experience with Punch Gunk:

I’ve been more sore than usual. That could be from traveling as well as just running harder. With races coming back, I find myself running harder than I was alone. I decided to try Punch Gunk after a run and see how I felt.

Immediately I noticed how nongreasy it was. I hate when you can see these types of products are greasy and leave a residue. Plus, I found it to work almost immediately. Now, if you have a serious injury that needs medical attention, it will not provide relief. But if you find yourself more sore than usual, it’s great.

Punch Gunk Review

The Bath Bombs:

I don’t use a lot of bath bombs but I was excited to try the Punch Gunk Bath Bombs. They dissolved into the water easily and didn’t leave any residue behind. I decided to take a bath the evening after a hard workout and it felt great. I felt more relaxed and my muscles felt better in the upcoming days.

Punch Gunk Review

Cost: $15

Punch Gunk Conclusion:

I really like that Punch Gunk is an excellent option if you are looking for something nongreasy or sticky. Plus, it doesn’t have CBD, which makes it an option for many more people. If you find yourself more sore than usual after a workout, it’s a great option to try. I’ve been using it while on the go and have had great success. I think it’s important to remention if you have a serious injury or problem; it will not provide relief.

Punch Gunk Review

You can find Punch Gunk here and see all product reviews here.

Questions for you:

Have you tried Punch Gunk before?

Have you ever found yourself more sore than usual? 


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