Lessons About Running Learned the Hard Way

lessons learned about running

Recently, someone asked what I would change if I could go back in time and was new to running. Truthfully, there isn’t a lot I would change. As cliche as it sounds, some of my stupid mistakes are what led me to where I am now. There are lessons I’ve learned the hard way with running, but I think we all have.

lessons learned about running

Here are A Few Lessons I’ve Learned the Hard Way:

Overtraining doesn’t make you fitter:

It’s true. The more you run doesn’t mean the more fit you will become. It can make you more injured or burned out, though.

The smartest rule probably don’t increase mileage by over 10%, but that rule also isn’t perfect for everyone. When in doubt, more rest will usually be the best bet to prevent injuries.

Rest Days Save Seasons:

Taking a few rest days can save you from a serious injury. Most running injuries, especially bone injuries start as something slow and get worse. Taking a few days off when you feel something small is what can save you later on.

Coming Back From Injury Is a SLOW Process:

Don’t come back from an injury too soon. Doctors aren’t trying to prevent you from the sport you enjoy; they try to make sure you come back healthy. Some injuries will take months to come back from, and that’s ok. Bone injuries especially are important to take it very slowly.

It’s Ok to Be Boring:

You really don’t need to run high mileage, fast paces, or have the fanciest gear. Running is simple that you can just go out for a run with nothing but a good pair of shoes. Heck, you don’t even need to post it on social media.

Replace Your Shoes:

Ok, it’s not a secret that I am biased here, but replacing shoes and wearing the right running shoes help prevent injuries. Your body needs cushion and good shoes. Don’t forget to replace them. Sure some people can get 3X the numberof miles that you can on a single pair of shoes, but running and shoes are different for everyone. You can read all about running shoes in my ebook.

Running for ANYONE Involved Uncertainty:

We all want to know what happens. Will I run fast? Will, I PR at the race? We all want to know if what we are doing will work. But, running involves a lot of not knowing, and that’s ok too. You won’t know the end of the chapter until you finish it!

Running Is What You Make of It:

One of my favorite parts of running is that it’s whatever you make of it. If you want to run high mileage, cool. If you want to run a race every weekend? Cool. If you want run alone and never race? That’s also fine. Running is exactly what you make of it and brings you joy.

The best part of running is things evolve and change along the way. Every runner and their goals and dreams are different! What works for you then may not work for you now. It’s ok. We are all learning things along the way.

Questions for you:

What is something you’ve learned since beginning your running journey?

What is something you wish you did differently? 

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