5 Trail Shoes I’m Liking in 2021

5 Trail Shoes I'm Liking in 2021

Sometimes, I had these types of posts: you know, “what I’m loving or enjoying,” especially when it comes to footwear. Every person’s feet are different, even your own two feet. What I like may or may not work for you. Plus, trails are all so different. Some trails require a more technical shoe; on other trails, you can even get away with a road shoe.

This post isn’t sponsored, and no brand is telling me to promote their shoe. They are just shoes I like and have had positive experiences with. There are dozens of trail shoes out there, and of course, this isn’t a be all end all list.

5 Trail Shoes I'm Liking in 2021

Favorite for Mud: Saucony Peregrine ST:

On muddy and sloppy trails, the Saucony Peregrine is a great option. The lugs are deep enough that you don’t lose traction. Plus, there is plenty of cushion, so you feel as though you are just running on deep lugs. The “regular” Peregrine is made for daily trail running, and I find it to be one of my more favorite trail running shoes, whereas the Peregrine ST (soft terrain) is made with deeper lugs and more muddy conditions.

Saucony Peregrine 11 ST Shoe Review

Favorite for Fast/Racing: North Face VECTIV Flight:

When I want to run fast on trails, I run in the North Face VECTIV Flight. It does have a built-in carbon fiber plate. On roads, carbon fiber plates make sense because there is no interruption from rocks or uneven terrain. I’m still torn on the usefulness of carbon plates for trails. I do appreciate how responsive they are.

The North Face Flight VECTIV Shoe Review
Mine is no longer this clean, LOL

Lightest/Lowest Profile: The Hoka Torrent 2:

The Hoka Torrent 2 was my first ever trail shoe when I moved to California! I love how light the Hoka Torrent 2 is. I actually feel as though I run the fastest on trails in the Hoka Torrent 2 because of how lightweight and low to the ground they are. There isn’t a lot of cushion, and they aren’t designed for ultra running, but it’s a great half marathon and below distanced shoe.

Hoka Torrent 2 Shoe Review

Favorite for Road and Trail Running: The Hoka Challenger 6

If you are interested in learning about the differences in the road, trail, and hybrid shoes, I wrote an article here. Many brands have tried to make a Road and Trail hybrid shoe. You want something with enough cushion and support to handle concrete and be light enough to handle the trails. The Hoka Challenger is a great option, and you feel as though you are well cushioned on both the road and don’t lose traction on trails either.

Hoka One One Challenger 6 Shoe Review

Favorite Easy/Daily Run Trail Shoe: North Face VECTIV Infinite

The North Face VECTIV Infinite is made for training. Unlike the VECTIV Flight, the Infinite doesn’t have a carbon fiber plate. This makes it cheaper and more durable. Like road running, you don’t want to train in a carbon-plated shoe all of the time. It is expensive, but also they aren’t durable. Another daily option I like the Saucony Peregrine. Both are awesome for rails to trails and dirt roads.

North Face VECTIV Infinite

These are just a few trail running shoes I’m enjoying right now. I eventually want to try Soloman as well as the New Balance Hierro. Saucony also has really expanded its options for trail running as well.

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Questions for you:

What are your favorite trail shoes? 

Do you run more trails, road, track, or treadmill? 


  1. I’ve actually raced a 50K in the Torrents (and while training for a 50-miler, ran distances up to 34 miles) while wearing them. I thought they were great even for longer distances. Longer than 50 miles, I’d see where you’d need more cushion. But for me, they are my training and racing shoe up to 50 miles.

    1. Oh wow that is awesome! Thanks for sharing that Melanie. I think I’m going to end up getting another pair, they are probably my overall favorite trail shoe.

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