Sparta Classic Diner (Sparta)

Sparta Classic Diner milkshake

Recently I ordered takeout from the Sparta Classic Diner in Sparta, New Jersey. The same people own the Sparta Classic Diner as the Orangetown Classic Diner in Orangetown, NY (seriously a must go), Northvale Classic Diner and the Tenafly Classic Diner.  All of these “classic diners” have been good and I had high hopes for the Sparta Classic Diner.

While restaurants were open for outdoor seating, we opted to do take out.  I should back up, my husband and I flew the Aeroflex-Andover Airport and we saw the Sparta Classic Diner delivered. We were ecstatic.

Sparta Classic Diner Atmosphere: A

Since we didn’t go to the Sparta Classic Diner, I can’t say for sure, but I’ve seen photos of the exterior and it looks like the Classic Diner feel. I will say our delivery service was perfect and safe. The delivery driver made sure we received our food and we felt safe and comfortable while doing so.

Sparta Classic Diner
Image taken from Sparta Classic Diner website

Sparta Classic Diner Coffee: —

Since it was 90 degrees outside and were getting delivery, I didn’t order coffee.

Sparta Classic Diner Milkshake: A

Instead of ordering coffee, I went with a brownie milkshake. I was also eying the black forest milkshake. It was a vanilla milkshake with brownie at the bottom and extremely good. Plus, there was plenty of whipped cream on the top.

Sparta Classic Diner milkshake

Sparta Classic Diner Food:

The Sparta Classic Diner many has everything you could want or need in a diner. There is all-day breakfast, plus lunch, and dinner specials. There are plenty of healthy options, too, if you’re craving a salad or something lighter. They also have a gluten-free menu, and it looks like accommodate any dietary needs. I don’t see tacos very often, so I decided to order the fish tacos. They came with grilled or fried cod, rice, and fried plantains.

Sparta Classic Diner tacos

I haven’t had fried plantains in quite some time, and I like them, so I was excited for them. The fish tacos were delicious.  There was plenty of guacamole inside too. The fried plantains and rice met my expectations, and you would never guess you were getting takeout from a diner.

Sparta Classic Diner

Sparta Classic Diner Service: B

You can easily order your meal online. One thing I do wish was if there was a way to have an option for delivery that isn’t “ASAP.” It’s a minor issue, but it would be nice. The delivery driver brought out food and made us feel safe.

Sparta Classic Diner Cost: $$

The Sparta Classic Diner is one of the more expensive diners out there.  Most entrees cost $20+. For the milkshake, tacos, and delivery, it was $26.50. It was high-quality food, so it was worth it.

Sparta Classic Diner Overall Thoughts/Would I Go Back?

I’m happy we got takeout from the Sparta Classic Diner. It was delicious and I would love to go back when restaurants are open again.

Atmosphere: A

Coffee: —

Milkshake: A

Food: A

Service: B

Cost: $20-30

Overall: A

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Questions for you:

What is the last place you ordered takeout from?

What is your favorite flavor of milkshake?