Maple Valley Diner (Clifton, NJ)

Maple Valley Diner (Clifton, NJ) rainbow cake

Maple Valley Diner (Clifton, NJ)

Recently my good friend Cyd (who owns the website New Jersey Isn’t Boring) and I went to the Maple Valley Diner in Clifton, NJ. She heard it was good so we decided to give a shot. We’ve been to over 30 diners together now so it’s becoming harder and harder to find new ones that we both haven’t been too.

Maple Valley Diner (Clifton, NJ)

Maple Valley Diner (Clifton, NJ) Atmosphere: A
The Maple Valley Diner looks modern and well kept. It sticks out on the highway. The interior of The Maple Valley Diner looks fairly modern with plenty of booths, tables, a full-length bar, and a dessert case. I always appreciate a diner with a dessert case, although it makes me want to order dessert more (not a problem though).

The Maple Valley Diner Coffee: A
The Maple Valley Diner coffee was brewed hot and fresh and the waitress brought plenty of refills. I could haven’t asked for a better experience.Maple Valley Diner (Clifton, NJ) coffee

The Maple Valley Diner Food: B
The Maple Valley Diner menu has most things you expect in a diner. There is an all-day breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I expected there to be more specials as well as seafood options, but there weren’t as many. The Maple Valley Diner is known for their sweet potatoes, french fries, french toast, egg platters, and cake.

Maple Valley Diner (Clifton, NJ) steak kabob

I decided to order the steak kabob (I think I’ve ordered it once at the Galaxy Diner). It came with grilled steak, grilled vegetables, on top of rice, as well as a side greek salad. I was happy with the steak kabob, although I asked for the steak for medium-rare, and it was much closer to medium or even done. Other than that, the meal was excellent.

The Maple Valley Diner Dessert: B
We heard the Rainbow Cake was excellent (also known as Italian cake) so we decided to order that. I like a good rainbow cake and I have no complaints. It also had a hint of raspberry, which was tasted great. I did think it was a small piece for the cost ($6).

Maple Valley Diner (Clifton, NJ) rainbow cake

The Maple Valley Diner Service: A
Our waitress at The Maple Valley Diner was friendly and our food came out fast. Plus, the manager came to check on us. In all, it was a great experience.

The Maple Valley Diner Cost: $$
For the steak kabob, coffee, and cake it was $30, which I did think the cake was much pricer for the size.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back to The Maple Valley Diner?

I liked The Maple Valley Diner and I would go back if I’m in Clifton again. It’s slightly more expensive but worth the price. It was a great diner and experience.  I would go back just for the rainbow cake.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: A
Food: B
Dessert: B
Service: A
Cost: $15-25

Overall: A

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Questions for you:

Do you like rainbow cake?

Have you ever tried a steak kabob? 

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