Ocean Bay Diner (South Amboy)

Ocean Bay Diner (South Amboy, NJ)

Recently I was in South Amboy and I decided to make a stop at the Ocean Bay Diner in South Amboy.

When I arrived to the Ocean Bay Diner, I was the only one there. I was surprised and I wasn’t sure the Ocean Bay Diner was open.

Ocean Bay Diner (South Amboy)

Ocean Bay Diner Atmosphere: A

The Ocean Bay Diner looks like a stereotypical diner. The outside is inviting with the name Ocean Bay Diner.

The inside of the Ocean Bay Diner is clean, modern, and has plenty of booths and tables. There is even a big salad bar too.

Ocean Bay Diner (South Amboy)

Ocean Bay Diner Coffee: A

The Ocean Bay Diner coffee was served hot and fresh and the waitress brought plenty of refills. It was good coffee.

Ocean Bay Diner (South Amboy) coffee

Ocean Bay Diner Food: B

The Ocean Bay Diner menu has everything you can imagine in a diner. There is all day breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I didn’t notice any specials at the Ocean Bay Diner which was the only surprising.

I decided to order the broiled salmon which came with soup, the salad bar, 2 sides, and the salmon. It was a lot of food which is why I chose it.

I decided to forgo the soup because it was just a lot of food.

The salad bar at the Ocean Bay Diner is one of the best diner salad bars yet. There were all of the regular salad bar options including 2 types of greens, olives, tomatoes, onions, and tomatoes. It also had plenty of options that not many sale bars do including beets, peppers, and bean salad. In all, I was extremely pleased.

Ocean Bay Diner (South Amboy) salad bar

The salmon came with two sides and I chose corn and rice. The corn was bland and the rice tasted like regular rice. Nothing unique or unusual about the sides.

Ocean Bay Diner (South Amboy) salmon

The salmon tasted good. Instead of a filet of salmon, they plated salmon steak. It came with skin (my favorite) but also had bones. In all, it was one of the better diner salmons I’ve had.

Ocean Bay Diner (South Amboy) rice

I was happy with my meal and the Ocean Bay Diner salad bar is one of the best I’ve been too.

Ocean Bay Diner Service: A

The waitress at the Ocean Bay Diner was great and I couldn’t have asked for better service. Our food also came out quickly.

Ocean Bay Diner Cost: $$

For my meal and coffee, it was $23. It was a lot of food but the Ocean Bay Diner has a few meals that cost over $30!

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back to the Ocean Bay Diner in Sayreville?

I liked the Ocean Bay Diner and it’s one of the better diners I’ve been to up that way. Plus, the salad bar was great.

Atmosphere: A

Coffee: A

Food: B

Service: A

Cost: $15-30

Overall: A

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Questions for you:

What’s your favorite salad bar item?

Do you prefer salmon steak or filet?