Hilton Head Diner

Hilton Head Diner pancakes

Hilton Head Diner (Hilton Head, SC)

While in Hilton Head, my husband and I wanted to check out a diner.  I haven’t been to a diner in South Carolina (that I can remember) so it was a fun opportunity. Plus the Hilton Head Diner was less than a mile from our hotel so that we couldn’t say no.

Hilton Head Diner

Hilton Head Diner Atmosphere: A

The Hilton Head Diner is stereotypical. It’s a large shiny building that draws your eyes in from the outside. There is plenty of parking as well.

Hilton Head Diner

The inside has plenty of booths, tables, and a full-length bar. You walk in next to their dessert case and I stared at the large cinnamon buns for quite some time.  There is even a jukebox in the front too.

Hilton Head Diner Coffee: A
The Hilton Head Diner diner was coffee. I always appreciate when a diner uses logo coffee mugs.  You can purchase the coffee mugs at the front, as well as other memorabilia too. The coffee was brewed hot and fresh and the waitress refilled it often.

Hilton Head Diner

Hilton Head Diner Food: B
The Hilton Head Diner menu has everything a typical diner would have. Since it’s open 24-7, there is an all-day breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There were a few specials on the board too.

Hilton Head Diner pancakes

Since I wanted to get carbohydrates in before the Hilton Head Half, I ordered the tall stack of blueberry pancakes with whipped cream. The pancakes came out and they were good, but I wouldn’t necessarily think they were a tall stack. There were plenty of blueberries cooked inside.  Personally, I think ordering pancakes can be one of the riskiest orders because the pancakes might be great, or flat and thin, but you never know! In all, they were good but I wouldn’t classify it as a tall or large stack of pancakes.

Hilton Head Diner Service: A
Our waitress at the Hilton Head Diner was great and the food came out fast. We couldn’t have asked for better service.

Hilton Head Diner Cost: $
For my pancakes and coffee, it was $10.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Go Back to the Hilton Head Diner?
I liked the Hilton Head Diner and the food was great. There are a lot of great options and I would be interested in trying a lunch or dinner special too.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: A
Food: B
Service: A
Overall: A

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Questions for you:
Have you been to Hilton Head before?
What are your favorite pancakes? 



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