Sunrise Diner (Roselle Park) swordfish salad

Sunrise Diner (Roselle Park)

Sunrise Diner (Roselle Park, NJ)

Recently I was in Roselle Park, so I decided to stop at the Sunrise Diner.  I heard from friends the Sunrise Diner was good so I stopped.Sunrise Diner (Roselle Park)

Sunrise Diner Atmosphere: A
The Sunrise Diner is everything you expect in a diner. There was a fair amount of parking (which for the area) surprised me. The inside has plenty of booths, tables, and a bar. One thing I appreciated was the salad bar. Not many diners I have a salad bar these days.

Sunrise Diner Coffee: A
The Sunrise Diner coffee was delicious. The waitress refilled it often and put lots of whipped cream on it. It was brewed hot and fresh and I was pleased.

Sunrise Diner (Roselle Park) coffee


Sunrise Diner Food: B
The Sunrise Diner menu has everything a stereotypical diner typically has, plus more. I appreciated the full page of Sunrise Diner menu specials and the salad bar. I was between a few options and decided to order the mesclun salad with Swordfish. I don’t know if I’ve had swordfish before at a diner, so I gave it a shot.

The Sunrise Diner menu specials all come with soup, salad, a meal, and a dessert.  So much food!  Even the salad came with the salad bar.

I decided to order my favorite soup split pea. It was one of the better split pea soups I’ve had.

Sunrise Diner (Roselle Park) split pea soup

The salad bar was filled with greens, beets, beans, and all of the regular salad toppings. I decided to splurge on my salading and made a trip to the salad bar too.

Sunrise Diner (Roselle Park) salad bar

My mesclun salad with Swordfish was a lot bigger than anticipated. While the swordfish was slightly dry, I have no complaints.  The salad itself came with balsamic dressing, cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes.  As far as diner salads go, it was good.

Sunrise Diner (Roselle Park) swordfish salad

Sunrise Diner Dessert: A

I got my bread pudding to go and I was extremely pleased. The bread pudding was more bread than pudding, which is my favorite way to enjoy bread pudding. It was sweet but not overly sweet. In all, one of the better bread puddings I’ve had.

Sunrise Diner (Roselle Park) bread pudding

Sunrise Diner Service: A

The waitress at the Sunrise Diner was great. She refilled my drinks often, made sure I was set, and my food came out quickly. I could not have had a better experience.

Cost: $
For all my food, the cost was $16.95. I’ve paid more for just salads at diners before.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back to the Sunrise Diner?
If I’m in Roselle Park again, I’ll come to the Sunrise Diner. It’s an inexpensive but delicious stop.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: A
Food: B
Dessert: A
Service: A
Cost: $10-17
Overall: A

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Questions for you:
Have you ever had a salad that came with the salad bar?
Do you like ordering off of the specials menu?

Empire Diner Brooklawn

Empire Diner (Brooklawn)

Empire Diner (Brooklawn, NJ)

Recently I went to the Empire Diner in Brooklawn, NJ. The Empire Diner is the newly managed Brooklawn Diner. The Brooklawn Diner wasn’t great and truthfully I wasn’t sure I wanted to go back! Since it was a new owner and new management, I decided to give it a shot.  The same owners that own the Piston Diner in South Jersey, also now own the Empire Diner.

Empire Diner Brooklawn

Empire Diner Atmosphere: A

The Empire Diner looks like it was built in a diner factory. It’s bright, shiny, and metallic. It stands out on the traffic circle in Brooklawn. The inside of the Empire Diner is bright and shiny with bright lights. There are plenty of booths, tables, and a full-length bar. Anything you picture in a stereotypical diner, the Empire Diner has.

Empire Diner Coffee: B

The Empire Diner coffee was hot and fresh. It wasn’t anything unique, but it wasn’t bad.


Empire Diner Brooklawn coffeeEmpire Diner Food: B

The Empire Diner menu has everything you picture in a diner. There is all-day breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals which is always a plus.

One thing that did stand out to me was the lack of specials. There were about five on the whiteboard in the front. If you wanted to view them, you had to go back up and look. Many diners have a page of specials.

I opted to order the broiled pork chops, which came with the salad bar, soup, two sides, pork chops, and pudding.

The salad bar was the best part of the meal. The salad bar at the Empire Diner has all of the regular greens, regular toppings including onions, olives, and tomatoes. They also had beets (which if you know me, know that I love beets), and a couple of different coleslaws. The salad bar was the best part.

Empire Diner Brooklawn
salad bar

I ordered the tomato bisque, which was nothing unique. It wasn’t amazing but nothing to write home about.

Empire Diner Brooklawn soup


My pork chops were disappointing. I was looking forward to pork chops and they were thin. I was expecting thicker and more full. I probably wouldn’t order them again.


My baked potato was massive and my carrots were coated in sugar. Both sides were fun but easy to make at home.

Empire Diner Brooklawn baked potato

Empire Diner Service: A

The waitress at the Empire Diner was great. She refilled our drinks often and always made sure we had what we needed.

Empire Diner Dessert: A

I opted for bread pudding and took it home. They put it in a little to go cup. The bread pudding was good; it had far more bread than pudding, which is my favorite.

Empire Diner Brooklawn bread pudding

Empire Diner Cost: $

For all of the food, it was $18. It was a lot of food, but the quality of the food was low.

Empire Diner Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back?

I liked the Empire Diner and it’s a step up from the previous Brooklawn Diner. Do I think the Empire Diner is the best ever? No, but it’s a stereotypical diner with large portions.

Atmosphere: A

Coffee: B

Food: B

Service: A

Dessert: A

Cost: $8-20

Overall: B

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Questions for you:

What’s your favorite salad bar topping?

Do you like bread pudding? Rice pudding?

Metuchen Diner

Metuchen Diner

Metuchen Diner (Metuchen, NJ)

If you must know, it’s taken me a very long time, and many spell checks, to be able to spell the town of Metuchen. It’s taken me equally as long to be able to say it. Anyway, not that it’s relevant to the diner, but I met my good friend Christine at the Metuchen Diner a couple of weeks ago.

It’s only about an hour north of me, and it was an easy drive on the turnpike.

Metuchen Diner Atmosphere: B
There is nothing unique or exciting about the Metuchen Duner. It’s a stereotypical NJ diner.  The inside has plenty of booths, tables, and a full-length bar. It’s cleanly and there is plenty of space but nothing too exciting.

metuchen diner

Metuchen Diner Coffee: A
The coffee was great.  The waitress kept it refilled all of the time, and I have no complaints.

Metuchen Diner

Metuchen Diner Food: B
The Metuchen Diner menu has everything a diner wants or needs.  There are plenty of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. I was feeling “somewhat” healthy and decided to order the grilled portobello salad. The salad came with grilled portobello; I added salmon.

Metuchen Diner

The salad at the Metuchen Diner was good, but I wish it were a little larger.

It also came with soup, and I decided to choose Matzah Ball soup. I haven’t had it in a while.  It was nice because it came with two actual Matzah balls which you rarely see.

Metuchen Diner

Metuchen Diner Dessert: A
We both decided to order dessert at the Metuchen Diner.  I chose the bread pudding, and I will say, it was one of the best bread puddings I’ve had in a while.  There were huge pieces of bread, as well as raisins which I enjoyed. I would go back just for the bread pudding.

Metuchen Diner

Service: A
The waitress at the Metuchen Diner was one of the best waitresses I’ve had.  She was friendly, refilled everything, and our food came out quickly.

Metuchen Diner Cost: $
For my coffee, meal, and bread pudding it was $20.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back to the Metuchen Diner?
I enjoyed the Metuchen Diner, and I would go back if the opportunity presented itself.

Atmosphere: B
Coffee: A
Food: B
Dessert: A
Service: A
Cost: $8-15
Overall: A

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Questions for you:
What is your favorite type of soup?
What is one town or city in your state you struggle saying?


Bridgeport Flyer Diner milford ct

Bridgeport Flyer Diner (Milford, CT)

Bridgeport Flyer Diner (Milford)

Over the last few months, I’ve been to Connecticut far more than ever!  That includes going to a couple of new diners too!  Recently I was in the Bridgeport and Milford area and decided to stop at the Bridgeport Flyer Diner.  I was hungry, and it was close.

Bridgeport Flyer Diner Atmosphere: A
When I arrived at the Bridgeport Flyer Diner around dinner time, it wasn’t too crowded.  The outside is that of many diners.  It’s modern but clean.  There is nothing unusual or that stands out, minus the sign that says “busses welcome.”

When I went in, the waitress motioned to sit anywhere I pleased, and I got a fun locals vibe from it.  I chose a booth since they are my preference.

Bridgeport Flyer Diner Coffee: B
There was nothing unique or unusual about the coffee, but it was good.  The waitress refilled it a few times.

Bridgeport Flyer Diner Food: A
The Bridgeport Flyer Diner menu has many options whether you want all-day breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  There were morning classics like eggs served with meat, bacon, ham, sausage, turkey and of course served your choice of home fries, grits or fruit. There was almost a full page of specials which caught my eye.  I decided to order the prime rib, which came with salad, vegetable, and dessert.

Since I was hungry, I also ordered the Mezze platter, which was a Mediterranian platter with chicken, gyro, olives, tomatoes, salad, hummus, pita bread, and feta.  In short, I ordered way too much food but had no regrets.   Very few mezze platters include chicken and gyro, so it was a nice treat.  The appetizer itself was great, and so much food.  It could easily be a meal for someone.

Bridgeport Flyer Diner milford ct

My prime rib was cooked perfectly.  I couldn’t have asked for better prime rib and was a thick cut, cooked medium-rare.  I was pleased.  I chose French fries and carrots for my sides but was full of the fries.

Bridgeport Flyer Diner milford ct

Bridgeport Flyer Diner Dessert: B
Since my meal came with dessert, I ordered the bread pudding.  It was decent bread pudding, not my favorite but not my least.  It was good, and I would order it again.

Bridgeport Flyer Diner milford ct

Bridgeport Flyer Diner Service:  A
The waitress was one of the most friendly of any diner waitress I’ve had.  She was friendly, attentive, and seemed to know every local that stopped by.

Bridgeport Flyer Diner Cost: $
For my prime rib, coffee, and mezze platter, it was about $35.  The meal at Bridgeport Flyer Diner was enough for three people.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come back to the Bridgeport Flyer Diner:
I liked the Bridgeport Flyer Diner, and I would go back if the opportunity presents itself.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: B
Food: A
Dessert: B
Service: A
Cost: $10-20

Bridgeport Flyer Diner Overall: A 

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Questions for you:

Do you like prime rib?

Are you a local anywhere?


Redz Restaurant (Mount Laurel)

Recently I went to Redz Restaurant in Mount Laurel.  I’ve driven by Redz a thousand times on the way to work but had never been.  For those not local, it’s also walkable distance to exit 4 on the NJ Turnpike, and one of the most accessible restaurant stops you can make.  While certainly not an NJ diner, Redz quickly became one of my favorite local restaurants.  

Redz invited me to try their bread pudding, as most readers know is one of my favorite desserts.  Sadly, my husband had a last minute trip, but I was able to go with one of my close friends who is also a pilot.  Funny enough, her flight was also delayed and it made her able to go because 2 days before, I thought I was going solo.  Which bread pudding is always worth it.  Planning anything these days has become laughable, but it all worked out.  

As mentioned, Redz is easy to find, as it’s directly off of exit 4 on the turnpike and attached to a hotel.  The inside is modern, clean, and with a full-length bar.  I would bring my husband for a nice meal, meet friends, or even bring my parents. 

While they do have a full-length bar,  I stayed sober since I was racing in the morning.  I didn’t pass up an opportunity to try their coffee.  Not that that is different from a typical restaurant!.  Their coffee was definitely one of the better coffees I’ve had in the area, which says a lot for an upscale restaurant.  

The meal started off with complimentary bread with butter as well as a oil dipping sauce.  I always appreciate unique bread baskets.  

In addition to looking forward to the bread pudding, I’m a big seafood fan, so I was looking forward to their newer healthy menu.  For an appetizer, we ordered the shrimp and scallops to split.  I will say the scallops were by far the biggest scallops I’ve had at any restaurant.  The entire appetizer was fresh with a ginger dressing.  Immediately I knew if we were starting there, it would be tough to beat.  

Red Restaurant Mount Laurel

I ordered the ahi tuna as my entree.  I haven’t had tuna in awhile, but I appreciated how well seasoned it was.  I had it cooked as recommended and I’m glad I did.  I would order it again.  

Red Restaurant Mount Laurel

The waitress still brought out the dessert tray, which to be honest I wanted everything.  Red Restaurant Mount Laurel

I had made my mind up days ago to get the bread pudding, and I’m glad I did.  She also included vanilla ice cream too.  

Red Restaurant Mount Laurel

The bread pudding changes weekly, so there is always something new and different.  Last Tweek was cranberry and rumor is next week its pumpkin.  The bread pudding was everything I dreamed of.  It was extremely rich with a caramel topping.  It was definitely one of the best I’ve had (even as someone who grew up in the south).  The waitress commented I was “the first person ever” to finish the entire thing.  I guess that is a runner’s problem…but it was that good. 

Everything from the service to coffee, to dessert, was top notch and both my date and I agreed our only regret was not coming sooner.  In case you wondered, I did well at the Dragon Run the next day so I would come here before races too (something I’m more picky about…). 

Will I be back?

Well, I promised my husband (since he already saw the bread pudding on Instagram) that we could go again…so I will be back in the next month.  Even if you’re traveling through NJ and need a quick stop off the turnpike; it’s a good option.   

I had a great experience and I cannot thank Redz enough for inviting me to try their menu!  While my meal was paid for, all thoughts are my own.