Redz Restaurant (Mount Laurel)

Recently I went to Redz Restaurant in Mount Laurel.  I’ve driven by Redz a thousand times on the way to work but had never been.  For those not local, it’s also walkable distance to exit 4 on the NJ Turnpike, and one of the most accessible restaurant stops you can make.  While certainly not an NJ diner, Redz quickly became one of my favorite local restaurants.  

Redz invited me to try their bread pudding, as most readers know is one of my favorite desserts.  Sadly, my husband had a last minute trip, but I was able to go with one of my close friends who is also a pilot.  Funny enough, her flight was also delayed and it made her able to go because 2 days before, I thought I was going solo.  Which bread pudding is always worth it.  Planning anything these days has become laughable, but it all worked out.  

As mentioned, Redz is easy to find, as it’s directly off of exit 4 on the turnpike and attached to a hotel.  The inside is modern, clean, and with a full-length bar.  I would bring my husband for a nice meal, meet friends, or even bring my parents. 

While they do have a full-length bar,  I stayed sober since I was racing in the morning.  I didn’t pass up an opportunity to try their coffee.  Not that that is different from a typical restaurant!.  Their coffee was definitely one of the better coffees I’ve had in the area, which says a lot for an upscale restaurant.  

The meal started off with complimentary bread with butter as well as a oil dipping sauce.  I always appreciate unique bread baskets.  

In addition to looking forward to the bread pudding, I’m a big seafood fan, so I was looking forward to their newer healthy menu.  For an appetizer, we ordered the shrimp and scallops to split.  I will say the scallops were by far the biggest scallops I’ve had at any restaurant.  The entire appetizer was fresh with a ginger dressing.  Immediately I knew if we were starting there, it would be tough to beat.  

Red Restaurant Mount Laurel

I ordered the ahi tuna as my entree.  I haven’t had tuna in awhile, but I appreciated how well seasoned it was.  I had it cooked as recommended and I’m glad I did.  I would order it again.  

Red Restaurant Mount Laurel

The waitress still brought out the dessert tray, which to be honest I wanted everything.  Red Restaurant Mount Laurel

I had made my mind up days ago to get the bread pudding, and I’m glad I did.  She also included vanilla ice cream too.  

Red Restaurant Mount Laurel

The bread pudding changes weekly, so there is always something new and different.  Last Tweek was cranberry and rumor is next week its pumpkin.  The bread pudding was everything I dreamed of.  It was extremely rich with a caramel topping.  It was definitely one of the best I’ve had (even as someone who grew up in the south).  The waitress commented I was “the first person ever” to finish the entire thing.  I guess that is a runner’s problem…but it was that good. 

Everything from the service to coffee, to dessert, was top notch and both my date and I agreed our only regret was not coming sooner.  In case you wondered, I did well at the Dragon Run the next day so I would come here before races too (something I’m more picky about…). 

Will I be back?

Well, I promised my husband (since he already saw the bread pudding on Instagram) that we could go again…so I will be back in the next month.  Even if you’re traveling through NJ and need a quick stop off the turnpike; it’s a good option.   

I had a great experience and I cannot thank Redz enough for inviting me to try their menu!  While my meal was paid for, all thoughts are my own.


Landmark Diner

It’s funny; I swore I had been to the Landmark Diner before.  It looked so familiar, but I had possibly just driven by a few times.  Last month, I was lucky to meet Christine at the Landmark Diner.  Before our meet up, we decided I had been there already, it was no big deal.  Going to a diner twice is hardly stressful.

Landmark Diner

Atmosphere: A
The Landmark Diner has a modern and clean exterior.  While it’s not metallic or shiny, it’s a welcoming building.  The inside is spacious with a full bar, plenty of booths and tables.  Thankfully, you don’t feel as if you’re sitting on top of anyone.

Service: A
The waitress was extremely friendly and refilled our coffee and beverages several times.  Plus the food came out quickly, so I have no complaints about that.

Coffee: A
The Landmark Diner has a specialized espresso machine, so each cup was brewed to perfection.  The waitress also added plenty of whipped cream.  I think there was more whipped cream than coffee.  So each cup of coffee had more whipped cream and was made from an espresso machine.  Works for me!

Landmark Diner coffee

Food: A
The Landmark Diner has everything you could hope in a diner. Some of the menu reminds me more a bistro which adds a unique touch.  There are more sandwhich, salad and soup options. Originally I planned to order the Gyro wrap, but they had a “beet and goat cheese” salad on their specials, and I couldn’t resist.  Beets are one of my favorite foods.Landmark Diner salad

The beets, goat cheese, and arugula salad was delicious and fresh.  It was one of the best salads I’ve had in a while, and there was plenty of salmon. It was not the traditional white lettuce style salad you might expect from a diner.

Dessert: A
Since it was a special, I also received a dessert and chose bread pudding.  I liked the bread pudding crust, and it was great.  I have no complaints.

Landmark Diner bread pudding

No shortage of whipped cream…

Cost: $
For my coffee and lunch special, it was $16.  For a beverage, soup, entree and dessert that’s one of the best values I’ve had.

Overall thoughts/Summary:
Everything about the Landmark diner was good.  The food was delicious and fresh; the service was friendly, and the coffee was hot.  It’s in the top 10 of my favorite diners.  I’ll be back soon.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: A
Service: A
Food: A
Dessert: A
Cost: $8-15
Overall: A

Questions for you:
Do you like beets?
What’s your favorite pudding?
Bread pudding or pistachio for me.


I was tagged in this post about butterflies or something like that by Lactose Free Liz.  True life: In high school I was a fairy type thingy with butterfly wings so this is where it stem from.

Yes of course we always need random pictures on my blog.

1.       Name your favorite color: Yellow!  Yellow is obnoxious.  I am obnoxious.  I’m also partial to red but you didn’t ask for seconds.

Half my outfits are yellow!

2.       Name your favorite song: Fleetwood Mac: Landslide  Listen to this and your soul is soothed.  I have gone seven hour car rides only listening to Fleetwood and not gotten bored.

3.       Name your favorite dessert: Bread Pudding

There are certain things in your life that just deserve a hell yeah.

4.       What wizzes you off? A lot of things.  But people who are just point blank rude or people who cannot be straight up with me.  1. Don’t lie to me because I will find out.  2.  I’m not a naïve idiot.  Anyways.

6.       Favorite Pet? My donkey.  Enough said.

oh haii.

5.        When your upset:  I cry like it’s my job.

7.       Black or White? Black because I spill things like it’s my job.

8.       Your biggest fear? I read this when Tara posted it and it doesn’t shock me that we are similar.  I hate failure.  I hate to let other down weather it be relationships, friendships, running, swimming and generally pleasing people.

9.       Best Feature? My bootaay.  I don’t know where it came from.  I don’t ask questions I just thank the gods for giving me a nonflat butt.  (Do not fear.  I will not post any photos ;))

10.   Everyday Attitude:lolz.  That is all I got for you.

I really do wear this everyday.

11.       What is perfection:Don’t ask me as I don’t have it.  But I would say a balance of life that makes you happy and keeps ya mentally and physically well.

12.   Guilty Pleasure: Dancing at inappropriate times.  But I don’t feel guilty.


Um don't ask. Because I don't know.


Question for you:

Pick a numba any numbaa.

Kick Me Out of the Foodie Club

Do you what I realized, I haven’t been posting my nomtastic eats lately.  How can I begin to classify myself as a food blogger (actually true life: I’m not a foodie at all) if I never post about any sort of food.

But I do enjoy photos of my cat.

It was a day of interesting eats to say the least.  Remember the other day when I was getting my Thanksgiving on with sweet potato pancakes?

Now I am pretending (since it’s a little bit closer) that It’s Halloween and having pumpkin pancakes.  I finally was able to find more pumpkin at Farm Fresh.  I may or may not have hoarded a few cans.

Speaking of Farm Fresh, that is where I got my lunch today.  While yes, it is a grocery store (I mean you New Yorkers have Wegmans), Farm Fresh has the salad bar.  One would think if I spent the same amount for this glorious salad as some fancy restaurant,  I could get away with having it for two meals.

Not the case for this girl.

I don’t get full on 3 spinach leaves okay thanks.

But it was the best salad in the whole wide world and I need to stop buying gas station coffee so I can buy 13 dollar salads.  I couldn’t tell you everything I added in here but I remember these from staring at the photo for a hot second:  it had a base of spinach leaves followed by corn, 3 bean salad, mozzarella cheese, feta cheese, ham, turkey, sun dried tomatoes, grapes, this weird stuff that looked good (and duh it was)….yes I could spend 10 blogs writing about how nomtastic it was.

I wanted to run and swim today but it started thundering so I had to settle with just running.  I took yesterday off from running and had an excellent ten miler today.

For dinner, mother and I went on a little date to a place called Joe’s Crab Shack.  It’s adorable and literally can fit about 10 people max inside.  I had a delicious bbq wrap.  I’m not really into bbq at all but it sounded and looked amazing on the menu.  There was corn, salsa, sour cream, bbq chicken, lettuce and tomato all wrapped up in a wrap.

Mom got a crab cake.  I guess that is kosher since it was called Joe’s Crab Shack.

Then for dessert, I got one of these bad boys.  Contrary to popular bloggatude, my favorite dessert is not ice-cream.  It’s bread pudding.  I haven’t had it in a while and this more than made up for it.

There are certain things in your life that just deserve a hell yeah.

PS: Thank you for your help yesterday, it seems the blogging world wants me to go with the short floral.  I was thinking 80s hooker style personally…


Question for you:

  1. 1.       What is your favorite holiday?
  2. 2.       What is your favorite dessert?
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