Training: Mileage and Cross Country

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Last week was a good week of training. As most people know, I’m continuing to build my mileage back up. While I don’t have any “big races” in the winter and spring, I do want to get into better fitness. I’m hoping to get back to the point where a 1:25 half marathon feels relatively easy again. For now, that means building back mileage after New York City.

Monday: Easy 60 minutes
Tuesday: Easy 60 minutes
Wednesday: AM: Easy 60 minutes
PM: 6X400s averaging 6:20
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Easy 60 minutes
Saturday: Club Nationals 6k: 26:13 (10 total miles)
Sunday: Easy 10 miles (8:35 pace) +hike


What a week! I’m happy with how my week is going and just progressing into better shape.

Wednesday 6X400s (2 minutes rest)

One thing I’m trying to do with my workouts right now is to get complete rest between intervals so I can go as hard as I can during the 400s. (IE: no between). I want to get my leg turnover back, which is something I lack. The workout went moderately well, but was windy.

Club Cross Country Nationals: 6k 26:13 (7:04 pace)

We knew it would be a messy course. It’s rained all week, so the course was pretty beat up. Plus, the open women were one of the last races to go off. I wore half-inch spikes and still lost traction on the ground. The entire race was like running through 1-2 inches of just mud. It was a lot of fun! I raced with the local South Jersey Athletic Club and we all enjoyed ourselves.

Sunday: 10 Miles+ hike

This was a lot (maybe too much) but we enjoyed ourselves. My calves are definitely sore but it was nice to get movement.  The next few days will be much easier.

The hike was moderate and was good cross-training. Right now my favorite form of cross-training is hiking so I try to do that once every other week. I would love once a week but my schedule doesn’t always allow that!

As we head into the Holidays, I’m just going to keep running and see where it takes me. The goals for both December and January are to build solid foundations and bases for the Spring months.

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Questions for you:

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Hae you run a cross country race before? 

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