Recovery Log Week 2

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This marks the second complete week of no running. I thought I would feel a lot better than I do.  Since I haven’t felt better enough with time and active release that been I was able to get an MRI. (I’m waiting for those results). The waiting game for any medical diagnosis makes you question everything.

Truthfully, I’m worried it’s been two weeks and I don’t have any relief it could be bone related in the hip, femur, or sacrum. It could still be a nasty case of piriformis syndrome, but only time will tell.

While I haven’t had a stress fracture in a few years, due to my form I know I’m prone to them.

I don’t think I increased my running mileage too quickly, but you never know.

That being said, it doesn’t hurt all of the time, just running. Usually, stress fractures hurt all of the time.  I can walk, hike, swim pain-free.  The moment I try and run, it’s painful down my hamstring. I don’t eat perfectly, but I eat a balanced diet and I know I was getting enough calories while running.

You can see, I could see this issue going either way.  I’m not looking for advice, but I try and keep it as transparent as possible.  I try and blog both the positive and negative, the highs and lows of running. It was low having to back out of the race I trained all summer. I’m still low with not feeling any better.

One thing that is important to me, is to keep blogging through injury (it always has been). With social media, you often see the highlight reel, the PRs, the good times, but you don’t see the low times as much. Many runners have gone through some sort of injury or low period.

So anyway, enough rambling, I’m waiting for the results of that. I’ll be more devastated if something is broken because I’ve worked hard to listen to myself, not run myself into the ground. No one is perfect, but after learning the stress fracture lesson the hard way (more than once), I don’t run when something feels off. You can’t outrun injury. I don’t try too (anymore).

Monday: Swim 3000 meters
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Swim 3000 meters
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Swim 3000 meters
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Hike Stokes Forest

There isn’t much more to say, swimming is swimming. I’m still enjoying swimming which is important right now.

I’ll have a full recap of hiking Stokes State Park soon. It was awesome and also pain-free.

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Questions for you:

How was your week of training?


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