Brookside Diner (Whippany)

Brookside Diner (whippany) me steak and eggs

Brookside Diner (Whippany, NJ)

On my way to hiking, I decided to stop at the Brookside Diner in Whippany, NJ. Since it was Labor Day and about 7:30 am, there weren’t too many people in the Brookside Diner.

Atmosphere: A
The Brookside Diner exterior is a modern diner. It isn’t metallic or shiny, but it is an appealing diner. Parked in the lot, were several vintage cars including an old Thunderbird (all from customers).

The inside of the Brookside Diner has several banners. There is a full-length bar, multiple tables, and booths too. It’s everything you want or need in a diner.

Brookside Diner (whippany

Coffee: A
The coffee at the Brookside Diner is brewed hot and fresh. The waiter added plenty of whipped cream, and I was given plenty of refills.

Brookside Diner (whippany) coffee

Food: A
The Brookside Diner has everything you want and need in a diner. The Brookside Diner has all-day breakfast, lunch, and dinner options too. Since it was 7:30 am, I ordered one of my favorite diner breakfasts: steak and eggs. I had the choice of “ribeye steak and eggs” or “sliced steak and eggs,” I thought: why not and decided to treat myself to the ribeye steak and eggs.

Brookside Diner (whippany) me steak and eggs

I underestimated the size of the ribeye steak and eggs. The steak itself must have been over 16 ounces. It was cooked exactly how I asked, rare, and I have no complaints. In fact, it was one of my more favorite diner steak meals (including dinner). The home fries tasted like pure vegetable oil, which I expect from many diners.

Brookside Diner (whippany) ribeye steak and eggs

Dessert: A
The chocolate chip muffins at the Brookside Diner looked appetizing, so I decided to take one to go on my hike. Since I was out hiking, everything tasted good, but I appreciated how dense the muffin was.  Plus, there were plenty of chocolate chips.

Brookside Diner Service: A
Our waitress at the Brookside Diner was friendly, and our food came out fast. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Brookside Diner Cost: $
For my ribeye steak and eggs and muffin, the cost was $21. The meal itself was easily two meals for anyone.

Overall Thoughts/Would I come back to the Brookside Diner (Whippany)?
I enjoyed the Brookside Diner, and if I get the opportunity, I will be back. The entire menu looks delicious, and I would love to stop by and try a few dinner options.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: A
Food: A
Service: A
Dessert: A
Cost: $10-20
Overall: A

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Questions for you:
How do you like your steak?
What is your favorite breakfast? 


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