Martucci’s Flashback Diner (Whiting)

Martucci's Flashback Diner (Whiting) pancakes

Martucci’s Flashback Diner (Whiting, NJ)

Before running the 18.12 Challenge, my husband and I stopped at Martucci’s Flashback Diner. I’ve only recently heard of Martucci’s Flashback Diner, and the thought of a new diner less than an hour from my house was exciting.

Martucci's Flashback Diner (Whiting)

Atmosphere: A
As the name suggests, Martucci’s Flashback Diner is a blast from the past. You don’t expect it from the outside.

Martucci’s Flashback Diner is located in a shopping center. It blends in with the building. When you enter Martucci’s Flashback Diner, you are immediately greeted with a retro diner. There are old school booths and tables, as well as a small bar.  As a military spouse, I appreciate the nod to all of the branches of the military. There are plenty of decorations, posters, and military signs.

Martucci's Flashback Diner (Whiting) military

Coffee: B
The coffee at Martucci’s Flashback Diner was ok. I asked for whipped cream, but it got lost in translation. The coffee itself was ok, but I could have used more refills.

Martucci's Flashback Diner (Whiting) coffee

Food: A
Martucci’s Flashback Diner has everything a retro diner would have. There aren’t fancy options, and you won’t find many healthy choices, but if you’re looking for a solid diner on your way to the shore, it’s a good option.  If you are looking for pancakes, pork roll, omelets, or sandwiches, there are many different options.

Martucci's Flashback Diner (Whiting) pancakes

I decided to order the full stack of blueberry pancakes. Pancakes are one of the riskiest items to order at any diner. Either they are flat and thin, or they are fluffy and delicious. Thankfully, the Martucci’s Flashback Diner’s pancakes were fluffy and delicious. They were one of the better pancakes I’ve had.

Martucci’s Flashback Diner Service: A
Our food came out quickly, and our waitress was friendly. I have no complaints.

Martucci’s Flashback Diner Cost: $
For my pancakes and coffee; the cost was $10.

Overall Thoughts/Summary:
I liked Martucci’s Flashback Diner, and it’s a hidden gem in the area. I will be back.

Thanks for the tip from my friend J Cohl.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: B
Food: A
Service: A
Overall: A

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