Shorty's Place Watertown cinnamon roll

Shorty’s Place (Watertown, NY)

Shorty’s Place (Watertown, NJ)

I’ve been to Shorty’s Place on my way to college in Potsdam, NY. That was roughly between 2008-2010 and before I documented diners.Shorty's Place Watertown

Atmosphere: A
Shorty’s Place Diner stands out. While you can’t see it from Route 81, when you drive by you are drawn to the retro diner. Even though Shorty’s Place doesn’t have diner in the name, it’s a diner.

Shorty's Place Watertown

The inside of Shorty’s Place is a stereotypical diner. There is a checkerboard floor, with plenty of red booths, tables, and a full-length bar.

Shorty's Place Watertown me coffee

Coffee: A
The Shorty’s Place Coffee was brewed hot and fresh. One of my favorite diner features is when a diner has a personalized mug, and Shorty’s Place has just that.

Shorty's Place Watertown coffee

Food: B
The menu at Shorty’s Place has everything a no-frills diner typically has. There are plenty of all-day breakfast options, sandwiches for lunch, and several dinner options too.

Shorty's Place Watertown cinnamon roll

I heard the cinnamon rolls at Shorty’s Place were good, so I decided to order one as an appetizer. The cinnamon roll was grilled, and the frosting was melted. It tasted delicious. There weren’t a lot of crunchy or crusty parts, which is always nice.

For my entree, I ordered the pork chops, cajun style. My pork chops were a little dry, but they weren’t bad. They were thick, which I can appreciate.

Shorty's Place Watertown

I chose home fries, which was cubed. I guess I was feeling both breakfast and dinner. The home fries were good and better than most.

Service: B
Our waitress at Shorty’s Place was friendly but it took a while for the food to come out.

Cost: $
For my coffee, cinnamon roll, and meal, at Shorty’s Place, the cost was $18.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come back?

I enjoyed Shorty’s Place, and I would go back if I’m in the area again. It was fun to visit somewhere I went during college, and before documenting diners. It’s a good stop if you find yourself in the area.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: A
Food: B
Service: B
Cost: $8-15
Overall: B

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Questions for you:
What’s somewhere you went to during college?

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  1. I love pork chops but I MUST have applesauce with my pork chops … is there ONE thing you MUST have as a side for certain meats such as pork, steak, turkey, etc??

    1. That’s such an interesting question and I don’t know. Truthfully before going to diners, I didn’t know having applesauce with pork chops was a thing!

      1. Oh really … I have NEVER had pork chops without apple sauce. I really can’t have steak without pub sauce and I really can’t have meatloaf without ketchup! Haha!

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