OB Diner (Point Pleasant)

OB Diner (Point Plesant, NJ)

Recently, I met Cyd of New Jersey Isn’t Boring in Point Pleasant. Initially, we were going to go to a different diner, but neither of us could find the other one.  After a quick decision, we decided upon the OB Diner near Point Pleasant Beach.

OB Diner Atmosphere: A
The OB Diner is everything you expect in a diner.  There is a big metallic sign outdoors.  It’s located on the corner and easy to find with plenty of parking.  What does OB Stand for?  Ocean Bay Diner!  I had no idea until I saw the mini sign too.

The inside of the OB Diner is beachy, with a cool centerpiece made of driftwood.  There are plenty of booths, tables, and a full-length bar.

OB Diner Point Pleasant NJ

OB Diner Coffee: C
The coffee at the OB Diner was okay.  It wasn’t good or bad, but I could have used plenty more refills.  There were a few grounds at the bottom, but at least it was hot.  Yes, even in the summertime I drink hot coffee.

OB Diner Point Pleasant NJ

OB Diner Food: A
The OB Diner menu has all of the standard diner fare. I had no idea what I wanted to order.   I wasn’t starving and the hot weather (I think it was 95 that day) had me craving something cold.  There are plenty of options but was disappointed because the lunch specials seemed very targeted to open faced sandwiches or pasta options.  If you didn’t want a heavy lunch, there weren’t smaller options.

OB Diner Point Pleasant NJ

I decided to order the first thing on the menu: “the Albuquerque Salad.”  It came with salmon on top of arugula, cucumbers, and sundried tomatoes.  The salad was huge!  I was shocked at the size of the salad.  It was one of the biggest diner or even restaurant salads I’ve had.  The quality was excellent, and I have no complaints.

OB Diner Service:  C
The waitress at the OB Diner was nice. However, the food took a long time to come out.  It wasn’t crowded, and there were no more than five other parties in the restaurant. However, it took nearly 40 minutes for the food.

OB Diner Price: $$
My salad and coffee were $22.  While yes, it was a big salad. I don’t think it was a $20 salad.

Overall Thoughts/Summary of the OB Diner:

I liked the OB Diner and would go back.  The food and quality were good.  I would be hesitant during a peak time, but other than that it was a good diner.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: C
Food: A
Service: C
Cost: $12-20
OB Diner Overall: B

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Questions for you:
Where have you gotten the biggest portion sizes before?
Do you go to the beach during the summer?


  1. I always get the biggest portions at the Cheesecake Factory or if you go to Red Robin there is the endless steak fries or broccoli and you really can’t compare anything to that. I live in the midwest so no beaches near me. I was fortunate to see the ocean this year though when I went to florida for a half marathon in february. I’d love to go back again before the end of the year … but it’s unlikely.

  2. That is a huge salad! It looks really good too, though I agree that $22 is a little steep for a lunch out at a diner. Like you, I’m a big fan of colder, lighter foods in the summer and wouldn’t want a pasta dish for lunch (hello, post-lunch food coma…)

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