Today is My Birthday

As my unoriginal title indicates, today, July 12th, is my 28th birthday.  Some years I write X number of things I learned before age X.  Other years, I don’t even write a post about my birthday.  Some years I spend with family, some with my husband, friends, and others I’ve spent alone.  I haven’t learned a heck of a lot new since last July 12th, and there is no way I could write 28 things I’ve learned since 28.

Last year, I decided I wasn’t interested in material items or junk.  I stopped buying new clothing, and in 2018 my New Year’s Resolution is not to buy any new nonathletic apparel (I don’t go crazy on buying athletic apparel either).  After bills, I’ve chosen to spend my money on experiences rather than things.  Experiences like races, diners, and traveling to random places.  Things that I can look back on and think: dang that was fun.  I don’t need or want any useless junk.

As I reflect upon that, I’m also sitting on an airplane to Denver, Colorado.  I’m doing something out of my comfort zone, and maybe the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  I’m going to run the Copper Mountain 25k.  My only goal is to finish.

I haven’t been secretly training for trail races, but after running the Xterra 10k a few months ago and having fun, trail no longer terrifies like they once did.  I’ve spent a lot of time this spring and summer hiking and it’s become just as fun to me as running. It will be my longest run in a long time, the highest altitude I’ve ever run, and maybe not my wisest idea.  As I mentioned on my blog, when the opportunity first presented itself a few weeks ago, I said no but thought: why not? I have nothing to prove, and it’s getting me out of my comfort zone.

I’m really looking forward to running this weekend.

A few highlights of adventures from age 27:

Visiting the Grand Canyon

grand canyon north rim

Our vacation last year that we booked two plane tickets to Denver and a rental car with no plans.  We ended up driving 2600 miles and seeing amazing places.

road trip through colorado

PRing at the Phoenix Half in February Phoenix Half marathon feb me running

10 Mile Hike through GrayBeard Trail (North Carolina)

Air Force Marathon (half for me) with my husband and in laws

Apparently, I decided to nap and close my eyes right there…

Private Flying over NYC

flying over nyc

Those are just a few of the many memories I have from age 27.  I can only hope 28 will be just as fun!

Questions for you:

When is your birthday? How did you celebrate last year?

Any last minute trail tips?


  1. Happy Birthday Hollie! I hope it is a wonderful day and brings you joy, however you spend it. You definitely had a great year with tons of memories, and I hope your trail race goes well too- can’t wait to see how you do.

    I am with you on material things. Stuff will always end up being thrown out or donated in the end, but memories from experiences are forever. I have clothes I haven’t worn and things I’ve regretted purchasing because it was money thrown away, but I’ve never regretted experiences like baseball games, football games, going to coffee with a friend, etc. Money well spent and a GREAT goal!

  2. I ended up doing a Ragnar trail in the Appalachian mountains last minute a few years ago and it was amazing! I had never really trail raced. Just be careful of the footing! I bit the dust once. My birthday is September 1st… I don’t look forward to it because I teach and it is usually some pd day or I’m dreading the return of school. I wish i only bought non running stuff but my clothes are so old for teaching I needed to replace some and I bought a few things for my classroom.

  3. Happy birthday Hollie! Have a great time in Colorado. My birthday is in Sept but it’s no big deal so I usually don’t celebrate.

  4. Happy Birthday!! Ever since I did my travels, I have been less interested in material goods as well and go for experiences. My only requirement for my birthday is some sort of cookie cake. I bake one for myself sometimes.

  5. Always look about two feet in front of you:) make yourself wide going downhill

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