Recovering from Workouts

vital proteins collagen peptides

A few weeks ago, a reader asked me to elaborate more on how Vital Proteins were helping to recover from workouts.  For the last 6 months,  even before I was an ambassador, I have taken Vital Proteins directly after every run.

I’ve gotten even more efficient at it during the summer too!  Now that it’s hot, my smoothie “recipe” is the first thing I want to cool me down.

Do I Personally Find Collagen to be Effective?

I wouldn’t post if I didn’t, but I genuinely do recover faster from workouts.  While I’m not doing many hard runs right now, I am running and still want to recover.


In general, protein helps muscles repair.  It doesn’t matter whether you use protein powder, supplements, collagen, or even have a slice of steak. There are dozens of scientific articles for having some sort of protein after each runs.

I mentioned a while back, I used to not have any protein because honestly, I was either forgetful or running late.  Since incorporating Vital Protein Collagen, I’ve added an extra 12-18 grams of protein depending on which product I use.

You could use other sources of protein, but collagen is fast, efficient and has other health benefits including healthy skin, nails, and hair. 

Here are a couple other benefits:

  • Helps decrease joint pain
  • Bone Health

Joint Pain:

I’m lucky that I don’t have a lot of joint pain.  I typically run in a well-cushioned shoe, but my form is more likely to give me a stress fracture versus joint issues (right now).

Speaking of Bone Health:

My form in running causes me to be very injury prone.  I’ve attempted to change it, but I walk and run on my toes. I always have and probably always will.  (Many nicknames include: twinkle toes, human ostrich, and ballerina runner) While it makes me a lot less susceptible to muscle injuries, it makes me a lot more vulnerable to bone injuries. Bone health is a huge importance of all runners, especially females.

Many scientific studies have shown that you can prevent osteoporosis by supplementing with collagen.  Collagen is able to stimulate the bone creating cell: osteoblast. This helps to make bones stronger and also healthier.

So those are just a few reasons that I’ve found taking Vital Proteins to directly help with running.  I’ve never used another collagen brand, but I’ve never had an issue with Vital Proteins and have liked every product I’ve tried (which is most).

The Products I’m Liking the Most This Month are:

vital proteins collagen peptides

Beauty Collegen in Strawberry Lemon

Banana Cinnamon Collagen Whey 

While I’m an ambassador for Vital Proteins, all thoughts and opinions are my own.  

Questions for you:

What are some ways you get protein after a workout?  

Runners: How do you keep your bones strong and healthy? 

Have any Collagen Questions?  Ask Away!


  1. I use chocolate protein after a good run and with the heat this is the best ! It makes me work harder knowing i have a peanut butter, banana, chocolate protein smoothie at home. I also run on my toes so I have had a bunch of injuries! The bottom of my shoes are so worn where my toes are but we can’t change what works for us! I’ve also tried to eat more steak….the banana is great too because it has cut down on Charlie horses for me!

  2. Great article! If its taught me anything, I need to exercise more!! Ive had a couple protein drinks. How do you get past that grit taste?

    1. I’ve never had an issue with grittiness from the Vital Proteins. I have in other products which is a reason I didn’t consistently have them.

  3. These sound like some great tips for recovering after a workout. We all need to look after our bodies once we have been working out.

  4. Great ideas for recovering after one’s workouts. I do not think about it I guess because I am now getting into being healthier. Vital proteins is a brand that I have used before.

  5. I currently use Whey Protein in my shakes and am glad to learn about these options as well. I will have to check them out.

    1. Vital Proteins also have a whey blend which I personally like a lot too. Best of luck Valerie.

  6. Never realized protein was important after workouts. Guess I’ll be doing a bit more research to see if I should get started …

    1. I’ve personally found I recover much faster when I have protein after a workout! Let me know if you decide to try collagen.

  7. I’ve always struggled with recovery, being a runner and soccer player. May have to look into these options to try something new. Thanks for the post!

  8. I didn’t know you needed protein after working out. Thanks for the tip. I’ll look into the collagen powder!

  9. I never used any supplements after my workouts. I don’t go mad with it though, and this is why I probably don’t have any pain after I go to the gym.

  10. What a cool post! I think somewhere I heard to eat potassium before workouts to feel less sore, so I’ve been eating an orange before I go to the gym for the past 5 years, Ha Ha. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  11. I take collagen, too. I am really impressed with the outcome. I feel very little pain in my joints, if ever. And it helps my gut.

  12. I’ve been taking collagen for about a month now, and I’ve found it super helpful for my knees especially. I would love to try the strawberry lemon flavour next!

  13. I found this post very informative as I wad not aware of the facts behind these powders. They sounds really helpful if you exercice a lot as looking after your joints and body is so important.

  14. I don’t work out a whole lot, but I do go for pretty long hikes with the kids and feel pretty week after. I should probably be consuming more protein when we get home!

  15. Great article. I have recently joined a gym so this is such a perfect article for me. I will have to try some of this and see if it helps

  16. Vital Proteins are my JAM! My best friend introduced me to them and I am forever grateful. There’s no taste, no grit… and I can’t have soy protein, so they’re a great way for me to get the protein I need.

  17. I have learnt a lot in this post, i have been looking for post workout support and this seems like the ticket

  18. I suffer from joint and bone pain from a preexisting medical condition so this is great information for me. It’s important not to overdo it.

  19. I’ll check out your recommended products. I’ve never took protein supplements or collagen, however I sometimes take a turmeric supplement for the joints.

  20. I’ve never took any protein or collagen supplements however I sometimes take a turmeric based supplement for my joints!

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