Millville Queen Diner

Millville Queen diner

Millville Queen Diner (Millville, NJ)

Recently I was in Millville. I’ve always wanted to go the Millville Queen Diner.  It seemed like the perfect evening to go.

Millville Queen diner

Millville Queen Diner Atmosphere: B
When I arrived at the Millville Queen Diner around 5 pm, it was quiet. I didn’t mind because I was hungry and hoped that meant the food would come out quickly.

The diner has two rooms, one more “dinery” and one was more of a dinner room.  I was sat in the diner room.

Millville Queen Diner Coffee: C
The coffee was okay, but the mug was small. With such a little mug, I hoped it would be refilled faster. The coffee wasn’t great and the mug was too small.

Millville Queen diner

Millville Queen Diner Food: C
The Millville Queen Diner menu is one of the largest I’ve seen for quite some time. There are about ten menu pages and another two menu pages of specials.  I decided to order the prime rib special, which came with a salad, two vegetables, prime rib topped with mushrooms and onions, as well as a dessert!

The salad was that of many diner salads. Nothing unique or fancy.  I also got a large basket of bread too.

Millville Queen diner

The prime rib was the best part. I have no complaints, and it was cooked well. It came with a side of the juice it was cooked in.

Millville Queen diner

For my sides, I ordered beets and sweet potato. I was disappointed with the beets as they were swimming in oil and still had inedible leaves in the bowl. It was interesting. The sweet potato was good, and I liked the addition of the cinnamon-sugar butter.

Millville Queen diner

Both the Prime Rib and sweet potato were good, but I wouldn’t order the salad or beets again.

Millville Queen Diner Dessert: A
Since my meal came with a dessert, I ordered my favorite diner dessert: bread pudding. The bread pudding at the Millville Queen Diner was one of my more favorite bread puddings I’ve had.  I liked all of the actual bread versus pudding. Plus the waitress topped it with plenty of whipped cream. I have no complaints about it.

Millville Queen Diner Service: B

The waitress was nice, but I needed more drink refills. Our food came out relatively quick.

Millville Queen Diner Price: $ For my meal and coffee, it was $14

Overall Thoughts/Summary of the Millville Queen Diner:
The Millville Queen Diner was a decent stop. If you are looking for a local diner that meets all of the NJ stereotypes, the Millville Queen Diner is a great local stop.

Atmosphere: B
Coffee: C
Food: B
Dessert: A
Service: B
Cost: $8-20
Millville Queen Diner Overall: B

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Questions for you:
What’s your favorite side?
How do you prefer your steak?

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  1. My first thought when I saw those prices were that it is ridiculously cheap… honestly, you can’t even get fast food for the prices on that sign. I realize they probably only have like one menu item at that price point so they can advertise it…

    Your dessert looks really good! That is really a steal for a meal that comes with a dessert too, at least the price is right there.

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