Hoka One One Mach Shoe Review

hoka one one mach shoe review

The Hoka One One Mach is a brand new model from Hoka One One. It is basically the replacement for the discontinued Hoka One One Clayton 2. So if you’re looking for the closest thing to the Hoka One One Clayton, then the Hoka Mach is your best bet.  It’s the first model I’ve run in.  I have run in both the Hoka One One Clifton as well as the Bondi.

My apologies, but I took photos when I first got the shoe and lost them.  I realized I had lost “clean photos” of the shoe, so you’ll have to deal with them with over 100 miles of mud and dirt.  At least, you know I run in them.  😉

hoka one one mach shoe review

While I work in a running store, it’s important to keep in mind that there is no perfect running shoe.  Not everything works for everyone, and Hoka is not paying me to write about their shoes.  Here is a stock photo for good measure. hoka one one mach shoe review

Hoka Mach Quick Stats: 

Weight: Men’s size 9: 7.7oz Women’s size 8: 6.5oz

Drop: 5mm

It always seems to surprise people that most Hoka Shoes are a 4-5mm drop.  It’s like running on a flatter elevated platform.

Hoka One One Mach Fit:

The Hoka One One Mach is one of the wider Hoka models.  It has a full open knit upper.  The open engineered mesh upper means it’s seamless and allows feet to spread out as appropriate.  As I’ve mentioned in many reviews, but more shoe companies are going towards a seamless upper.  It accommodates wider feet, including bunions but also is a more comfortable fit.

Knit uppers are more seamless and a more flexible fit.  Personally, I prefer smooth and knit uppers because they fit my foot much better. I typically wear a women’s size 10-11 wide. The size 10.5 size and fit well.

Hoka Mach Ride:

I like the ride of the Hoka Mach a lot.  While I never ran in the Hoka Clayton, I do know it’s the most similar and meant to replace it.  It’s lighter and more firm than any other Hoka model.

Why is that?

The Mach uses a new material from Hoka named: ProFly.

The ProFly midsole makes the heel firmer in the forefoot but softer in the heal.  The early stage meta rocker in the Hoka Mach is designed to roll you forward, and the difference also helps protect the feet, especially if you are more likely to heel strike. According to Hoka, the Profly is more durable and resilient. The dual density foam makes for a more responsive ride.  Many people were looking for cushion and responsiveness, and the Hoka Mach accommodates both well.

I found it to be the springiest and most “fast” of any Hoka shoe I’ve run in so far. The lower heel to toe drop and dual density ProFly foam make for a smooth ride with plenty of energy return. For me,  like the Hoka Mach for fast long runs.

Plus the rubberized foam outsole makes for a cushioned ride.

hoka one one mach shoe review

Hoka Mach Summary:

I’ve logged just over 100 miles in the Hoka Mach and like it a lot.  I wasn’t sure how much I would, but new shoes are always fun to try (if they are appropriate for your foot).  I haven’t had any issues, or blisters, which is essential as well.  I’ll keep the Hoka One One Mach is my rotation until the cushion is gone.

Current Shoe Rotation:

Daily runs: Hoka One One Mach, Brooks Glycerin, Saucony Triumph ISO 4
Workouts: Nike Zoom fly, Altra Escalante
Races: Saucony Type A or Endorphin

Questions for you:
What is your current favorite running shoe? Have you tried the Hoka One One Mach? 
Do you prefer more or less cushion?


  1. Thanks for the review! I’ve been curious about this whole new collection by Hoka. Have you tried the new Saucony Kinvara 9’s yet? Those have also been on my radar. I’m still rotating the 8’s, but they are getting worn a bit so I’m curious about the new update.

    1. I have not tried the Saucony Kinvara 9. I haven’t run in the Kinvara in a while. The recent versions haven’t felt that comfortable to me personally. I prefer a bit more cushion from something like the ride or even Triumph!

  2. I was wondering about this one. I loved the Clayton 2 for longer runs (I like the Tracer 2 for shorter and speedwork)–good to know this is the replacement–I will check it out. Thanks!

  3. Interesting. Don’t have the money to be dropping on shoes to try out atm, but might want to try these. Been liking the Levitates, Altra Escalanates and Salomon Pro RA Max in rotation right now. Might be adding the Brooks Launches back in for racing halfs/full marathon.

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