20 Running Podcasts to Keep You Entertained

Running Podcasts List

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about Running Podcasts I liked and listened too.  Many people chimed in and added more to the running podcast list.  As I mentioned previously, I hate to sit in silence so I love listening to podcasts or background noise. Right now, I’m enjoying running podcasts.

Whether you are a record holder, want to listen to something mindless for mental health, want to listen on long runs, learn about running coaching, ther is a running podcast for everyone.

ETA: I’ve included more running podcasts here. 

20 Running Podcasts to Keep You Entertained

Running Podcasts are popping up, and I’m by no means an expert (and you will not see a LOLZ Podcasts anytime soon) but here is a bigger and better running podcast list.  Thank you, everyone, for your suggestions.

I’ve listened to an episode of each running podcast, but not every single episode of everyone.  All of these running podcasts are hosted by real people and runners whether they are elite runners, distance runners, ultra runners, athletes, entrepreneurs, or prefer a 5k. Some are weekly podcasts, and others are month. If there is an episode you love, comment below!

Here is a bigger list of more Running Podcasts:

1609 Podcast (focuses on all things running)
Ali on the Run Show (funny, runners of all skills)
BibRave (race related and everything distance running related)
C Tolle Run (informative, Carrie was an Olympian herself)
Endurance Planet (performance and health-based running advice)
I’ll Have Another (funny, informative, runners of all levels)
Keeping up with Kelsey Cansler (informative and fitness related)
Man Bun Run (informative, interviewing many ultra runners)
Marathon Training Academy (everything marathon-related)
Marathon Talk (Based out of the UK, everything running related)
No Meat Athlete Radio (200+ episodes of plant-based information and interviews
Not Real Runners (One of my new favorites about running, racing, and snark)
Ordinary Marathon (Running based and interviews a bit of everything)
Rambling Runner (everything running related)
Rich Roll Podcast (plant-based podcast about running)
Running for Real Podcast by Tina Muir (informative and about everything for runners including nutrition and well being)
Running Rogue(training tips and information on the current running world)
Trail Runner Nation(All things trail running)
The Extra Mile Podcast (Follows runners training for anything from a 5k-full marathon).
Ultra Runner Pod (all things ultra running!)

Questions for you:

What kind of podcasts are you listening too?

What is your favorite podcast? (running or not)


  1. I know it’s weird but I kind of like listening to NON running podcasts when I’m running – LOL!! My favorites right now are Moth and Heavyweight. I love a lot of the ones you mentioned but I tend to listen to them in my car or when I’m not running. #weirdo

  2. “Running, Beer and BS” is a podcast where a good buddy of mine and myself talk about exactly those things, with a lot of BS just mixed in. We talk different topics each week with a new beer.

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