Training: Taper and Philly Half

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Last week was spent tapering and getting ready for the Philadelphia half marathon.  Most people know how that went from Instagram, but I’ll write a race recap later this week.

Monday: Easy 30 minutes
Tuesday: Easy 60 minutes
Wednesday: Easy 30 minutes
Thursday: OFF
Friday: Easy 30 minutes
Saturday: Philadelphia Half (1:27.57)
Sunday: OFF


Training Runs:

During the week, runs felt harder than they should.  By Wednesday, I knew my body was not recovering as fast I hoped.

I mentioned two weeks that I got food poisoning but I didn’t go into much detail.  To be honest, I thought it would go away within 24 hours, but it hasn’t and can take up to 70 days to fully vacate the body.

14 days ago, I was violently puking and couldn’t leave the couch (minus to get looked at). While I’m allowed to run, longer runs might irritate my stomach.  So far, I’ve found longer, faster, runs (IE: the half) have not been pleasant.  Everything else has been ok, I just find myself more tired all of the time.  Luckily, I don’t have any more half marathons on the radar until 2018.

Philadelphia Half Marathon (1:27.57):

I have so much reflective stuff to say about this race.  I started the race running with my husband (who ran a 1:24.59), my good friend Erin, and runner Alana.  Around mile 4, I knew my stomach and my legs didn’t have it.  It’s hard to let people you know you “you should be able to hang with” go, but sometimes that is how it works.

Around mile 6, I felt as though I was going to puke, and started scanning for porta potties.  Then, I saw no less than 10 of my friends cheering, people who come into the store, and just people I knew. Somehow, I held off until between mile 9-10.  I dashed into a bathroom.  It’s one of two races I’ve stopped and the only race I’ve puked.  To be honest, I don’t think I lost that much time, maybe a minute at most.

I powered to the finish in 1:27.57.  Not my slowest or fastest half marathon but I’m proud to finish.  I know I’m in better shape, but you must race for how you feel that day.

I’m looking forward to doing shorter races until my body heals which haven’t irritated my stomach as much.

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Questions for you:
Have you ever had food poisoning?
What does a taper week for you look like?


  1. You are so strong girl! I can’t believe you ran that great of a race with food poisoning. So hardcore.
    I’ve had it before…once from Chipotle ughhh and it was the worst experience ever.

  2. OMG I can’t believe you vom’d and only lost a minute or so! Quite a tale to tell, now that its said and done, I’m sure.

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