Flying Fish 5k (19:17)

Flying Fish 5k (19:17)

Last weekend I ran my third 5k since returning to the running scene.  I’ve run the Flying Fish 5k before and enjoyed the race.  Last year was extremely hot, and I ended up winning the race in 19:35. I was coming back from an injury and pleased.  Since I have less running under my belt; I wasn’t sure what to expect at the Flying Fish 5k (or any 5k).

The Flying Fish 5k is put on by the Flying Fish Brewery in Somerdale, NJ. It’s always the same day as the Somerdale Day Festival and it starts and finishes at the Flying Fish brewery.  Post Flying Fish 5k, there is live music and most people hang around at the Somerdale Festival. In all, it’s a good day.

Since running the 19:47 at the Philadelphia Airport two weeks ago (in ideal weather), I was realistically hoping to be around that time at the Flying Fish 5k.  Recently, I have put in more miles and run through hilly regions such as Chambersburg, Tennessee and North Carolina.  At the start line of the Flying Fish 5k, I didn’t feel bad but nowhere near feeling fresh either.

I also knew a couple of faster females would be there.  It is hard going to race (Flying Fish 5k) you’ve won, knowing you won’t, but I’m happy to have a deep field of incredible women to run with.  Many of whom are good friends.

My good friends, Danielle and Amelia came down and stayed at the LOLZ hotel to run the Flying Fish 5k as well.  Amelia had a 20 miler that day.  Spoiler: she ran 18 miles before the race, ran Flying Fish 5k, and PRed.

danielle amelia and i

I warmed up and got the Flying Fish 5k start at 9:55. I chatted with a few friends including the women who won, Erin and women who got fourth overall Grace.  With that introduction of characters (minus my husband who ran the race as a marathon tune-up), we were off.

During the first mile of the Flying Fish 5k, I felt better than expected.  However, I took it out faster than what I’m currently capable of and ran a first mile 5:55.  As I crossed the first mile of the Flying Fish 5k and looked down, all I could think was: Oh $hit.  Not in a good way and not in the way I’ll hold that pace.

During the second mile of the Flying Fish 5k, I found my groove and held on.  I hoped I wouldn’t regress into a 20+ min 5k, but I also knew I deserved it for running the first mile that fast if I did.  (To compare my fastest mile before that was 6:07).  I hit the second mile of the Flying Fish 5k in 6:23 and I didn’t feel great but also not terrible.  There was a small hill that I forgot about, but I was happy with that.

The third mile of any 5k is usually a blur.  In a 5k, I like it that way, and I just wanted the race to be over.  At the end of the race, the Flying Fish 5k has a half mile long straight finish.  I could see Erin about a minute ahead, followed by another female I recognized, then me.  I just focused on the Flying Fish 5k finish which did not feel as if it was coming closer.

I hit the third mile in 6:12 and finished the Flying Fish 5k as the third female in 19:17.

Flying Fish 5k Thoughts: 

It was 20 seconds faster than last year as well as my previous 5k so I can’t complain too much.

me running flying fish 5k

8/20 Run the Runway 20:54 1st F
8/26 Philadelphia Airport 19:47 1st F
9/6 Flying Fish 5k 19:17 3rd F

Questions for you:
Do you run the same races each year?
What is your favorite race time start?
Since it’s at a brewery, this one starts at 10 am, but I typically do better with 8 am starts.

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  1. Congrats on the 5K and your race times are really dropping! It’s awesome that you’re doing so well on lower mileage and just building up after your break. Even if you didn’t win this year, you beat last year’s time which speaks volumes for you as a runner (it probably also helped that you had some competition to chase too, that always helps me). Glad you got to share it with friends and ended at a brewery (always a good thing).

    It stinks to go out too fast but I feel like in a 5K you only have two miles left, so even if you slow down some you can still run a pretty fast time. Sometimes I’ve wound up holding the pace for the whole time and surprised myself too, so it wasn’t a bad idea to take the chance.

    Hope you’ve had a good recovery from it and back to running this week!

  2. Great race, Hollie, congrats on a fine showing! It was good to see you before the start. I ran this one last year, too, the temp was so much more comfortable this year. I improved my time from last year from 25:29 to 23:23, 4th in M60-69 age group and missing my 5k PR (Adrenaline) by only 4 seconds.

    1. It was great to talk to you too Robert. What is next up for you? (minus all of those trail races LOL)

  3. Nice race you ran your times are really getting back to where they were .keep up the great Workouts you do.

    Some of the same 5k Iike to run each year. Some I like to try new races .
    9am I think is perfeect start time.

    Happy running hollie.

  4. nice job hollie! i don’t run the same races every year (I don’t race that often) but it’s fun to spectate local races that happen each year 🙂

  5. That’s a great run- coming back into the racing season after a break AND beating last year’s time!

    I have a local November 10k I run every year. I think this year will be my 11th year running it! There’s only maybe 200 some participants so I can usually snag an age group award.

    No particular start time I prefer, maybe 8am or 9am- for a 5k, earlier if longer- just so that I get home by noon and still have a day to enjoy!

  6. Ooh, please tell me about your orange compression calf sleeves! I am dying for an orange pair to match my race kit.

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