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Another week of boring running in the books…

That’s one-way to start a post right?  If you live on the East Coast, you know last week was extremely hot and humid.  I would love to tell you I missed seriously training in the weather, but I didn’t.  Training in the 90s doesn’t appeal to me.

On a life standpoint, I do feel like the heat really takes it out of me. During the last few years, I used to be fine in the heat, but this summer I’m exhausted almost every single day I come home!  I’m thinking about joining the local neighborhood swim club for the month of August, just so I can soak up some Vitamin D while being lazy in the evening.  (That should go in a training log right?)

To be honest, each week I contemplate not writing a training or workout log.  I’m not exciting, I’m basically running easy, and nothing is ever eventful.  Heck, I’m not even cross training much right now.  I feel like maybe I should even give up for a while on the runner and healthy living and blogger track.  It doesn’t help that many runners only post training on Instagram anyway now.

But here I am, still blogging.  Which is probably where I will stay. I’m still busy with work, volunteering, and life.   This post probably takes about 30 minutes at the most so somehow I keep writing it. Plus it’s not like I’m running while eating breakfast…

Enough of my rambles:

Monday: 30 minutes running
Tuesday: 1-hour AlterG (75% body weight)
Wednesday: 30 minutes easy
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 30 minutes easy
Saturday: 1 hour AlterG (75% body weight)
Sunday: 30 minutes easy

I could tell you that cross training is important and doing strength good will keep you injury free, blah blah blah.  I know these things, but right now I’m not prioritizing any of it.  As I mentioned on Thursday, I’m trying to do something active most days.

Don’t get me wrong, I am loving life, but running is just not a priority right now.  

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Questions for you:
Why do you blog?  I ask myself this often.  In the last 6 years, I think there are still maybe 2 bloggers I follow that still blog.  It’s not my full time, and I’m not even that exciting.
How was your week of training?

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  1. I blog because I don’t have people around me in real life that like doing what I do– running, the outdoors, etc. so it’s is fun to have that interaction even online.

    And I get the running not being a priority. I was like that these past two years and now I’m suddenly back with the running bug. It comes and goes.

  2. Let’s just first acknowledge I’m an inconsistent blogger – but my main reason when I started was simply to document a journey I started about 10 years ago with an occasional blog. I’ve posted little over the last 18 months, though, although I hope to do better. I just recently started a new blog and populated it with my old posts but started off in a different direction. I hope it is interesting. ( I also do one for work, but I doubt too many would find THAT interesting!

  3. Why do I blog? Sometimes, I don’t know. I think partially it is just a habit now, but I also really like the community aspect of it. I used to put a lot of pressure on myself years ago to do a certain amount of posts per week, but now, I just blog when I have something to say. Some weeks, that’s more than others! I like sharing my travels with people because I know how much my perspective on the world has changed as a result of other people sharing their travels with me. It’s so gratifying when someone comments “I never wanted to go to [insert place here] until I saw your posts, but now I do!” I will keep blogging until it isn’t fun anymore, and then I won’t think twice about walking away. Like you said – this isn’t a full time thing, and I never thought I’d blog forever! Six years in, I’m surprised I’ve made it this long.

  4. I started blogging to write about my journey to becoming a registered dietitian because I enjoyed reading other similar blogs. Now I mostly blog to share pregnancy updates with family and friends, keep a journal of my pregnancy and school, and because I enjoy it. I also hope to show that living a healthy life doesn’t have to be extreme, which is why I’d encourage you to keep doing a workout log (if it’s something you enjoy). I think it’s good for those just starting an active lifestyle, and even those of us who aren’t just starting, to see that easy running is okay and it’s okay to go through seasons where you don’t workout as much.

  5. Don’t get me wrong, I like your training cycle blogs and logs but I’m enjoying laid-back running Hollie. I feel like these posts really nicely reflect how life changes, how our priorities change at different points in time and life.

    I stopped blogging when the motivation stopped. Sometimes I think about starting another, I miss the outlet occasionally but I have no idea what I’d blog about!

  6. I have no idea why I started a blog. I woke up one day and I just felt compelled too. I’ve kept doing it the last 3 years for a few reasons. I started grad school shortly after the blog so it’s been a great way to see progress toward that goal, I enjoy writing so it’s been a fun hobby, and now that I moved it’s been a way for my family to see what we are up to.

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