Brooks Ghost 10 Shoe Review

Brooks Ghost 10 Shoe Review

In the Spring, I ran in the Brooks Ghost 9, and it was one of my favorite shoes of 2017.  I ended up running the entire 300-400 miles, and it was replaced in my rotation with other models including the Glycerin 14 and Launch 4.

To be honest, the Brooks Ghost 10 was one of my most anticipated updated shoes!  Brooks is not paying to me review their shoes.

Working in the running store, I can tell you the Brooks Ghost is one of the most consistent shoes on the market. If you like the 1…you’ll probably like the 2 and the 5 and the Brooks Ghost 10. I like the Brooks Ghost 9, and I also like the Brooks Ghost 10. The Brooks Ghost is often given the Runners World Shoe of the year.

Most of the update from the 9 to the Brooks Ghost 10 is in the midsole.  The Brooks Ghost 10 introduces a new two-piece midsole design.  It makes it more fluid for running and able to accommodate many different foot strikes evenly (IE: whether you run heel to toe, on your toes on somewhere in the middle).

The updated Brooks Ghost 10 also has less seems with minimal stitching and overlays. The 3d fit print overlays make for less rubbing for those with wider feet.  If you have bunions or a wider forefront, you’ll probably appreciate this update on the Brooks Ghost 10 as well.

Brooks Ghost 10 Fit:

The Brooks Ghost 10 has a narrow heel and wide toe box, which is the ideal shape for many people’s feet.  It hugs the arches appropriately and for the most part, fits true to size.  It’s been hard finding shoes that do fit true to size recently, plus everyone’s foot shape is slightly different (including your left and right foot).

Finding a shoe that accommodates both feet can be a challenge.  The Ghost has plenty of space.  I wore a regular size 10 in the Brooks Ghost 9 and wear a regular size 10 in the Brooks Ghost 10.

Brooks Ghost 10 Ride:

With the included new two-piece and fluid midsole of the Brooks Ghost 10, the shoe is much more responsive to where you need the cushion.  For many people, they benefit from a much softer heel.  For myself, I benefit from a much softer and well-cushioned forefront.

How can the shoe be so adaptive to so many foot types? Brooks uses a unique Cushion Material called “BioMoGo DNA foam.”  It’s essential, like memory foam.  It molds to your feet and cushions you where you need it. Out of any brand, the cushioning is the most adaptable to your stride.   It’s soft, lightweight and well-cushioned. The plush transition zone and segmented crash pad make for a great roll through the gait.

I’ve run speed workouts but also long runs in the Brooks Ghost 10.  Ideally, I like to do my easy runs and long runs in the Brooks ghost 10though.  Since I’m not running a lot, I do the majority of it in the Brooks Ghost 10 right now.

Brooks Ghost 10 Conclusion:

In summary, I like the Brooks Ghost 10 and think it’s a great shoe.  The updates from the Ghost 9 to the Brooks Ghost 10 have only enhanced the fit.

Current Rotation:
Brooks Ghost 10 (any run)
Brooks Glycerin 15 
Hoka Bondi 5

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Question for you:

What is your favorite running shoe?  Has it changed through the years? 

Have you tried the Brooks ghost 10? 



  1. How do you like them in comparison to the launch!??? I use the launch and they are bulky but good for recovery runs… I wear the new balance 1400 v5 because the older models were a little harsh on my foot. The v5 have more cushion… but I need a nice, not so heavy, cushy shoe for recovery with marathon training. My all time favorites were the brooks green silence and the brooks connect… discontinued

    1. You know, I like them better then the Launch because they are heavier and more cushioned. It sounds like you favor lighter shoes! I find the Launch to not be enough cushion for me sometimes.

      1. Good to know… well I did chip my heel bone about a year ago so I’m open to more suggestions… the launch feel like pillows… it’s nice to race with lighter shoes and train with the cushion…. maybe I’ll try the ghost!

  2. The Brooks Ghost was one of my first running shoes and I stayed with them through the Ghost 4. I loved the Ghost 3, but did not care for the 4 and shifted over to the Pure Flows. Might be time for me to check them out again.

  3. My first time trying the Ghost series was the 8 — and I L-O-V-E-D them! I felt like I had pillows on my feet, and that extension of your foot that y’all running shoe experts talk about? IT HAD IT. HOWEVER, the tiny muscles around my ankles and lower legs started feeling like it was too much cushioning (tooooo soft, not firm enough = too much work for my running muscles).

    Now the 10s. Ohhhhh, the 10s. I’m so happy with them. I’ve put about 25 miles on them, and I am very, very pleased with how natural my gait feels in them. Solid!<3

  4. Which shoe do you favor more between the Ghost 10 and the Glycerin? I am looking at both and having a hard time deciding which to try next.

    1. I like the fit of the Ghost but prefer the cushion of the Glycerin. They both have their pros/cons! It’s two shoes that I honestly can’t pick a favorite!

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