Brooks Pureflow 6 Review

2017 Brooks Pureflow 6 Shoe Review

This Spring there have been a lot of updated shoes I’ve wanted to try.  Since I took a big portion off from running, I have a lot of catching up to do!  I haven’t necessarily found a shoe I’m “married” too, but I have found most of the shoes I’ve tried are good updates.  I work at a local running store, but I’m not paid by any company.  All thoughts are my own.

One shoe I’ve wanted to try for a long time in 2017 has been the Brooks Pureflow.  Unfortunately, I have a wide foot, and it never felt comfortable.  I also don’t train every day in flat, minimalist shoes.   For me, the Brooks Pureflow 6 is more of a speedwork shoe.

The Pureflow was one of the last shoes I tried before taking a running break.  I was using it as a speedwork shoe.  During my running break, I rotated it into a casual shoe, and it was just as comfortable.  The shoe has almost reached the end of its life, and I’ve probably logged equally speedwork and walking miles. The 6 is the latest version of the Pureflow.

2017 Brooks Pureflow 6 Fit:

As mentioned, the Brooks Pureflow has run narrow.  The Brooks Pureflow 6 has become wider and accommodating.  Like many Brooks shoes, the upper is now seamless, so even if you have a bunion or wider forefront, your foot will probably still fit into the shoe.  I usually wear a size 10 in running shoes, and size 10 fits well. I appreciate the wider tow box.

2017 Brooks Pureflow 6 Feel:

The 2017 Brooks Pureflow is part of the Brooks “Pure” series which includes the stable Brooks Pure Cadence as well as trail Puregrit. The focus of the Pure line is low profile and minimal design.  It is in the natural running category and is light weight. For some runners, this is their everyday trainer.  For others, like myself, it’s more of a speedwork shoe or faster longer run. If you have high arches, the Brooks Pureflow 6 hugs the arches well. It doesn’t have arch support but it hugs many feet well.

To me, it feels like a typical speed work shoe.  It has a little more cushion than the Saucony Type A and a little less than the Brooks Ghost. In my opinion, it would be an ideal half marathon to marathon racing shoe for someone looking for a little less shoe but not a racing flat.

2017 Brooks Pureflow 6 Pros:

  • Less than most trainers ($100)
  • Wider than previous models and can accommodate more foot types

2017 Brooks Pureflow 6 Cons:

  • Less shoe means less durability.
  • While the toe box is wider, it’s still narrow.

In my rotation, the 2017 Brooks Pureflow 6 replacing the Launch 4.  I didn’t hate the Brooks Launch and would buy it again, but I wanted to try something different.

My Current Running Shoe Rotation:
Saucony Freedom ISO (long runs, daily runs)
Brooks Glycerin 15 (daily runs)
Hoka Bondi 5 (recovery runs)
Saucony Type A (races)
Asics Nimbus 19 (cross training)

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Questions for you:
Do you prefer more cushion or less?
What is your current favorite pair of running shoes? Have you tried the Brooks Pureflow 6?