Kettle and Grille (Marlton)

Kettle and Grille (Marlton, NJ)

Recently, I went to the Kettle and Grille in Marlton, NJ. While there is no “Diner” in the name, it does serve breakfast all day, and it looks and feels like a diner.  It’s more “dinerlike” than many Casual American restaurants with diner in the name (Like the Route 248 Diner).

I arrived at the Kettle and Grille at 7:30 on a weekday and it was shockingly packed.  I expected a quiet meal but we almost got the last table.

Kettle and Grille Atmosphere: B
The Kettle and Grille is in a shopping center.  It’s not a stand-alone metal building, and it’s hard to find the actual restaurant.  Once you’re inside, it does feel like a diner with plenty of booths and a pretty open kitchen area.

Kettle and Grille Coffee: C
The coffee at the Kettle and Grille wasn’t hot at all.  It was surprising because the Kettle and Grille were crowded and you would think other people wanted their coffee. However, it was lukewarm, and I ended up not drinking my second cup.

Kettle and Grille Marlton

Kettle and Grille Service: B
The waitress at the Kettle and Grille was friendly.  With how busy it was, she was running around the restaurant.  She was shocked when she saw I was married and said: “I thought you were 16”.  It’s better then food comments but getting mistaken as a 16-year-old is never fun.

Food: B
There are the typical “diner options” at the Kettle and Grille and the Kettle and Grille menu has all-day breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are several different steak and seafood entrees.  There is nothing unique but they do have everything a diner “should” have.  I ordered their Greek salad with chicken.  It came with a lot of pita bread, and I have no complaints.

Kettle and Grille Marlton

For a Greek Dressing, it was unusual.  To me, it tasted (and looked) like Italian dressing.  It was unique.  The salad itself was good and I appreciated they use spinach leaves versus romaine.

Kettle and Grille Marlton

Cost: $
For my salad and coffee, the cost was $16, which is one of the cheaper diners I’ve been too.

Overall/Would I come back to the Kettle and Grille (Marlton)?
I’ve been to Kettle and Grille twice now, and both experiences have been decent. It’s not my favorite or least favorite restaurant, but there is good food.  I would recommend it if you’re ever in the area.

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Atmosphere: B
Coffee: C
Service: B
Food: B
Cost: $10-16

Questions for you:
What time do you typically eat dinner?
What is your favorite salad base? Do you like spinach, romaine, arugula? 

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  1. IMHO, the salad looks good and the price was right. Spinach is the best base for a salad I think… I hate when restaurants use romaine or even worse, iceburg. Argula can be good if there’s a sweet element in the salad to cut the bitterness (same with kale).

    The waitress sounds rude. I’ve gotten comments like that before, and I think it’s disrespectful. It’s one thing to be surprised about someone’s age, but another to say something like that out loud. If she really thought you were 16, she should’ve kept that thought to herself. Not sure how your age concerns her because you didn’t order any adult beverages.

  2. Lukewarm coffee sounds pretty unpleasant. When I’m having a salad, it doesn’t matter to me what the base is made out of as long as there are tons of toppings!

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