Training: Running with Friends and Quality Workouts

Last week makes two weekends in a row that I did not race.  It’s surprising if you know me, but there was nothing that peaked my interest.  I have been enjoying catching up with friends and getting quality workouts in as well.

Last week I did just that: I ran with friends and got quality workouts in.

Monday: Easy 6 miles
Tuesday: 10 Miles with Angela (8:29 pace)
Wednesday: 4X2 mile repeats
Thursday: Easy 8 miles
Friday: Easy 5 miles
Saturday: Easy 9 miles with friends
Sunday: Tempo+Workout
Total: 64 miles

Easy Runs:
It’s been great to catch up with friends and run with them.  Unfortunately, one of my closest friends (and blogger) Angela is moving to Colorado this week.  Last week, we were able to run and go out to eat a diner which was a lot of fun.

On Saturday, my good friend Julie, who is training for the New Jersey marathon, did a long run and I joined her for part of it.

4X2 miles (12:50, 12:48, 12:48, 12:40)

To be honest, this is the best workout I’ve had in a very long time.  The goal pace was 6:21, and while I only made one, it was the last.  I ran these on the road, and I could not be more pleased with how it went. 

Sunday: 6-mile tempo (Goal 6:44) Average: 7:18

2X10 minutes (Goal 6:21) Average 7:01

It was extremely windy on Sunday.  The night before, I didn’t sleep well, and body was just tired from training.  Am I disappointed that I missed my paces by a lot?  Of course, but bad workouts happen, and it was a combination of factors.  Upward and onward!

Next Week:
Next week I’m running one of my favorite races, the Grilled Cheese, and Tomato Soup 4 miler. I’m looking forward to seeing how my training has paid off.

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Questions for you:
What is your next race?
How was your week of workouts?



  1. Super strong 4 x 2 miles! And I love your perspective on the missed paces on the tempo- it happens, and as you know, does not reflect your fitness.
    My friend ran the 16 miles with the NJ group and I almost went with her! Is that the group you tagged along with?

    1. I’m not sure. Where did they run? I ran with personal friends but we do have group runs from the store!

  2. I don’t know what the Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup 4 miler is, but I know we need one of those here in Greenville. That sounds amazing!

    1. It’s a great race that they offer grilled cheeses and tomato soup afterwards. In my opinion, it’s one of the most fun race concepts!

  3. Everything for me was cross training. It sucked because cross training kinda sucks, but I’m thankful I can at least do that and am not in a boot or something.

    Glad you got to run with Angela before she moves to Colorado and got to help out another friend on a long run. I think your outlook on the tempo was really good, in the end it is only one workout and run this week, and your other runs were strong with excellent mileage totals. Sometimes workouts and races don’t go how we planned but we just have to move on, at least you are healthy and running!

  4. I’ve been doing less racing AND less running with friends these days, but I did catch up with one of my friends for a long run two weeks ago and it was so nice to have some company on the run. Great job, as always! Killer workouts.

  5. Nice work! Even though you didn’t race, your workouts have been super consistent–and that will pay off. I’m gearing up for a swim meet in a few weeks. It’s in Boston and takes place on St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

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