Saucony Freedom ISO Shoe Review

Saucony Freedom ISO Shoe Review

While living in Alabama, I committed one a runner sin.  I was underprepared shoe wise for 6 weeks.  While I could have gotten a pair of shoes I’ve already run in, I decided to try the Saucony Freedom.  Before leaving, I had tried them on at work. They seemed like they would be a good shoe for me.

This is the first model so there is nothing to compare it too.  I have run in multiple other Saucony shoes including the Kinvara, Zealot ISO 1 and 2, Ride 9 and Triumph ISO 1 and 2.

The Freedom uses Saucony’s signature Everrun material.  It is the first of the line to use the Everrun at the forefront of the shoe.  What does this mean for me? As someone who strikes extremely far to the front, there is plenty of cushion up there too.  There are actually very few shoes with a full length cushioning in the forefront too (most shoes have a lot of cushioning in the heel and it tapers to the front).


Just like the Saucony Triumph and Zealot, the Freedom uses the ISO fit.  It fits more like slipper than an actual shoe.  I find the ISO fits my foot better but the shoe does run short.  Typically I wear a size 10 but I found the 10.5 to be the best fit.  I even contemplated doing an 11 or a men’s size 9 because I could use more width.  I would recommend going up at least a half size if not more.


This was definitely interesting.  I could feel the extra cushion in the forefront immediately.  My first run in the shoe was an easy 7 miler.  It felt comfortable the moment I put it in on.  It was soft, yet responsive and the extra cushion for my metatarsals was immediately noticed.

me running


  • More cushion in the forefront
  • Light weight


  • Sizing
  • Cost ($160 makes it one of the most costly neutral shoes on the market)

Similar options:

There aren’t a lot of options with extra cushion in the front.  Both the Saucony Kinvara and Zealot ISO 2 have a 4mm drop and are the closest by far.  The Asics Nimbus or adidas Energy Boost has a good amount of cushioning in the front as well.

Current Shoe Rotation: 
Saucony Freedom ISO (long runs, daily runs)
Brooks Ghost (any run)
Brooks Launch (shorter runs, speed work)
Saucony Type A (speed work)

Questions for you:
Where do you wear out a shoe first?
Which shoes are you currently running in?



7 responses

  1. I’ve been waiting for your review on this! I picked up the Triumph ISO 2 after seeing that you liked them and had a lot of luck with them. I’ll be trying these out next, maybe they’ll be my marathon shoes 🙂

  2. Hi there,i wear the sacouny ride 8 and ride 9, the sacouny iso, and for speed and 5k I wear the pure brooks and t7.

    Happy running hollie..your doing great out there..

  3. I really love this shoe. I have about 125 miles on them and I can’t imagine them not being in my rotation!

  4. Thanks for the review. I’ve had a few friends who are more forefoot strikers talk about how hard it is to find shoes with good cushioning, so I might tell them about this one. The only Saucony I have is the Kinvara but I like them… I do agree that Saucony is one of the softer brands, but you are right about sizing up because it seems like they run shorter, at least this year’s models…

  5. I’ve been awaiting this review. I’m going to have to get into the store to do a test run. will be interesting finding the sizing that works and see how they feel.

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