Double Bridge Run 15k (58:41)

Double Bridge Run 15k (58:41)

Last weekend, my husband and I raced the Pensacola Double Bridges Run 15k.  We heard from various people the Double Bridge run was a fun, well put together race.  I hadn’t raced a 15k in a long time. They are more common in Upstate NY while 10 milers are more common in New Jersey. The Double Bridge Run Presented by Publix is a premier 15k in Downtown Pensacola which runs down Pensacola Bay and Santa Rosa Sound. It’s one of the more beautiful races in the country I’ve done, and runners and walkers get a full view of the Bayfront Parkway, Gulf Breeze, and Pensacola Beach. The 15k races point to point over the Bridges across the Pensacola Bay.

Due to our schedule, we weren’t able to leave Montgomery until 5:30 pm.  We arrived in Pensacola around 9 pm, checked into our hotel and immediately went to bed.   I woke up around 4:30 am, got ready for the Double Bridge Run and headed to the shuttle by 5:30.  The only race I’ve also used a shuttle was the Phoenix Full marathon.  Since my hotel was essentially at the end of the race for the Double Bridge Run, the shuttle drove us the 15k backward.  Once we arrived at the Double Bridge Run 15k start, we realized how cold it was.  Originally the weather was supposed to be 55, but it turned to 38 and windy.

The hour before the Double Bridge Run, there was little to no shelter from the wind.  Even through my layers and jacket, I was both miserable and freezing.  If I had known about the Double Bridge Run start conditions, I probably would have driven to the start, sat in my car and taken a taxi back after the race to get my car.  It would have been a pain, but I wouldn’t have been cold.

The restroom lines for the Double Bridge Run were long, and I found myself in line 5 mins before the start.  I was lucky my husband dropped my bag off, and I sprinted into the corral less than 30 seconds before race start. It was nowhere near ideal, but I made it to the start.  Out of any race, this one cut it the closest.

Because my adrenaline was pumping from nearly missing the Double Bridge Run start, the first mile went by quickly.  I was running in a pack of people including my husband.  He planned to take it “easy” the first half of the Double Bridge Run and then finish strong the second.  We hit the first mile in 6:17.

During the second mile of the Double Bridge Run, the pack began to spread out  I got my bearings of the area, and I found myself 5th woman overall.  I passed a couple of women and grabbed water.  I was hoping for Gatorade, but it was water only.  I crossed the second mile in 6:24.

Double Bridge 15k me running

We entered “3 Mile Bridge,” which is exactly as the name indicates.  A three-mile-long bridge.  You could see the first “hill” up ahead.  Since there are no tunnels, the bridge hill is what allows Navy ships to pass through, so it was pretty steep.  I crossed the third mile of the Double Bridge Run in 6:20.

I wasn’t feeling bad during the Double Bridge Run, but I didn’t feel amazing either.  To be honest, I had hoped I would feel amazing and have a magical race.  I didn’t feel awful, but I did not feel as though, I had cut miles and tapered.  My calves were extremely stiff.

Double Bridge 15k me running

My husband was still several feet in front of me.  As we climbed the bridge hill during the Double Bridge Run, I knew exactly what he would do. He was going to power up the crest of the hill and surge downhill and leave me.  He did just that, and I was proud because I knew he was going to have a great race.  I found myself alone during the Double Bridge Run with two women directly ahead. I ran mile 4 in 6:27 and passed the remaining two women.

The fifth mile of the Double Bridge Run was boring.  It was the last mile of the 3-mile bridge, and I was running alone.  Just me, staring out over the water looking for manatees.  It was windy but not bad, and I ran it in 6:18.

As we entered land, my body began to feel worse.  I became and stiffer.  Typically in the 10-13.1 mile distance,  I end up feeling better towards the end.  I’m not a fast race starter, and I’m not a runner who “counts down” miles.  So when I didn’t feel great at mile 6, I knew immediately it was going to be a pain train finish of the Double Bridge Run.

Double Bridge 15k me running

We passed the 5k race start, and they were chanting “first lady”.  All I could think was WTF, how did this happen.  I thought there must have been a couple of women out of my line of sight.  I had looked at race results of the Double Bridge Run from the previous years, and female overall had sometimes won in 55.  Despite feeling stiff for the Double Bridge Run, I tried to focus on the finish.  I crossed mile 7 in 6:23.

The second bridge of the Double Bridge Run also brought a drastic banked turn which felt extremely uncomfortable.  I can run uphill, and I can run downhill but running up banked hill always seems to shred my legs.  It did in the Philadelphia half marathon, and it did during the Double Bridges 15k.  That mile hurt, a lot. I crossed mile 8 in 6:28 and thought: “just one mile to go.”

During the final mile if the Double Bridge Run, a police motorcyclist approached me and told me to show my bib so he could radio to the front.  My bib was directly on my top but because it was windy, it was hard to read the numbers.  I honestly didn’t have any energy at all, and the police officer weaving in and out because he could not see my bib was the last thing I wanted to entertain.  I just wanted to finish.  I knew the second place woman was quickly approaching.

Double Bridge 15k me running

She caught me around mile 9 of the Double Bridge Run, and I tried desperately to hold on.  I didn’t feel great, and my legs were stiff.  I had led the race for the last 5 miles and wanted to hang on.  Unfortunately, even with powering my strongest, it didn’t happen.  She outkicked me in 9.2 out of a 9.3 race and broke the tape for the Double Bridge Run.  I finished the last .3 in a 5:50 pace. I won’t pretend as though I’m satisfied to be outkicked in the final strides of the Double Bridge Run, but she was faster that day.  I gave the Double Bridge Run everything I had!

Double Bridge 15k me running

Double Bridge Run Thoughts:

There were a lot of minor issues that happened during the race.  I’m happy with it and how I performed under the conditions but I was hoping for a faster time which I do believe I’m capable of.  I ran Broad Street at a 6:11 pace.

While the Double Bridge Run went pretty well under the cold conditions, I don’t believe it yet shows where my fitness is.  My calves were stiff the entire race and didn’t feel as though they had their usual “pep”.  Luckily, the Double Bridge Run was just one of many races in my 2017 Goals.

Questions for you:

Have you run over a bridge before? Have you done the Double Bridge Run? 

Have you been to Pensacola? 

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  1. Awesome Hollie! Congratulations. Where are your polka shorts from? I love your whole race outfit. Great pics.

    1. They are actually a pair of reflective shorts from Lululemon. Those polka dots are metallic and reflect off of light…they are a few years old so I don’t think they make them anymore. Probably something similar!

  2. Awesome work! You should be happy with your performance and I’m glad you are!!! Everything you do is amazing. You are so strong. I know it’s tough to know you could’ve run faster or stronger, but it’s so important to be proud of all we accomplish. I hope to be as fast as you some day! I ran over a bridge recently – not a huge one, but the Trinity bridge in Dallas during my 15K. Surprisingly it didn’t slow me down too much. I’ve never done speed work or hills so I was happy to have gotten through a very hilly course like that! Keep up the awesome work and inspiration. And you look great as always!

  3. Awesome post. I admire that even though there were so many annoyances, you continued anyway. Perhaps it’s different during a race, but I find it hard to stay positive when I feel uncomfortable during a run. Regardless, kudos to you for a great race!

  4. I was completely on the edge of my seat reading this!! Oh the pain train is such an awful place and then, to be out kicked THAT close to the finish – just UGHHHHHH!! I’m sorry this did not go as planned and, worst of all, you didn’t feel good for most of it. BUT finishing a close second and hanging on for so long at a blistering pace will only make you stronger for your next race. You are a speed demon total bad ass in my book so keep doing what you’re doing!

  5. Like Allie, I was on the edge of my chair reading this. First to see if you’d miss the start, then to see if you’d be the first female. I’m so sorry you got outkicked, but in the end you had a great race and the fact that the other lady was there was not something you could control. I actually got outkicked in a race once and the other girl’s chip time was literally fractions of a second ahead of mine! But that is life and in the end, it is just one race. You are becoming a speed demon and doing great with your goals.

  6. Woohoo! The pre-race logistics would’ve totally rattled me so nice job shaking it off. For triathlon, I don’t mind holding down a position in the front of the pack during the swim or the bike. During those two disciplines, I actually prefer to race from the front–mostly because I need all the cushion I can get when it comes to the run, ha.

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