Training Last Week: 800s and Tempos

The last week of training went by with nothing of note.  As most people know, I work in a run specialty store.  While it’s not as crazy as a department store, we still are extremely busy during the holidays.

Most of my week was centered around work (how thrilling), but I was able to get runs in too.

Monday: 60 minutes easy
Tuesday: Workout 6X800s
Wednesday: 50 minutes easy/ART from Dr. Kemenosh
Thursday: 65 minutes easy
Friday: 65 minutes easy
Saturday: Off
Sunday: warmup+40 minute tempo run+cooldown

Total: 50 miles

Easy runs were just that and uneventful.  I have nothing of note with those.

Tuesdays workout: 6X800s (ranging in pace between 6:02-6:07 per mile)

The goal was to be closer to the 3 min mark (6 mins per mile), however, due to running on the road versus the track, my times were a little slower.  I prefer to do my speed work on roads because it’s easier to get space on the road and I race on the road.

Sunday: 40 min Tempo Run (average 6:44)

My workout was supposed to be on Christmas Eve, however, due to my schedule that didn’t work out.  Oddly enough, I had plenty of time the morning of Christmas and was able to get my tempo run done before 9.

The workout itself went well.  The goal was 6:43 pace and my average was 6:44.


I have no complaints with my training week.  It was a boring week of training but many weeks are like that.

Next week I’m hoping to find a New Years 5k but there aren’t many close by.  I haven’t raced since the Dallas half marathon and I’m itching for a race.

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Questions for you:
How was your Holiday week?
Do you have any New Years plans?

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  1. I’ve thought about doing a midnight run in Central Park for NYE–I even registered one year–but I’ve never actually made it there, lol. I really like to keep the evening low-key and make workout plans with friends for NYD. We’re already planning to do a “resolution ride” (indoors, of course) on the 1st.

  2. We have a new year’s 5K here that I will probably run. No races last weekend for me (Only one race I think in the whole state, and I wasn’t close to it). So, I’m kinda itching to run a race too. Looks like you had a great week and got the workouts in despite being busy at work.

  3. You could come run the one in Westfield with me! I need someone to chase… or if you have any pacer friends who could run me to a sub-20, that would be amazing. 🙂

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