Enjoying the Holidays

This Christmas, my parents, came up from Virginia to visit.  Even though I’m 26, I’ve never actually spent a Christmas at my own home. We’ve either gone to my husband’s parent’s house or my parent’s home for the Holidays.  It was the first time we spent it at our house.

family shot

I enjoyed seeing my family, and we had a lot of fun.  As most people know, my father was in the military, so we moved around quite a bit.  We never adopted a lot of traditions for Christmas.  We open gifts, have a turkey and spend most of the day relaxing or driving around looking at Christmas lights.  That is exactly what we did this year as well.

Christmas dinner

christmas turkey

My husband and I went out for a morning workout while the rest of the house was sleeping. After getting ready for the day, we opened a few gifts for each other. Of course who doesn’t like to give and receive gifts but seeing family was even better.


A tradition my husband and I do have, is cleaning up during the holidays and donate things we haven’t used in a full calendar year.  We were able to donate 5 bags of appliances (goodbye George Fireman grill), running shoes, random trinkets and everything in between.  Moving around so much (this is the first year we haven’t moved in 12 months), we don’t like to accumulate things.


Believe it or not, this year I did not get any new running gear! I did not need any new running gear either.  My inlaws sent this beautiful Kate Spade purse I’ve been wanting (to match my Penguin wallet and sweater…and life).  I also got a few new pairs of pants to update the wardrobe.  It was a perfect Christmas.

 Kate Spade Penguin Wallet

We also went to view Christmas lights at the Shady Brook Farm in Yardley, PA.  If you’re local it’s a great place. You get to drive through and look at the festive Holiday lights and it’s an incredible layout. Yardley Christmas Lights

My photos don’t do it justice, but I would highly recommend going.

Yardley Christmas Lights

Questions for you:

How were your Holidays?

Do you typically travel or stay home?


  1. That looks gorgeous! My Christmas was spent eating lots of lovely food and being fussed over by my family and my pet pooch Shadow. So pretty good all in all!

  2. This looks perfect. We have Christmas on Christmas Eve at Kevins parents with all his siblings and then spend Christmas Day at my parents with all of my family. Lots of food and lots of laughs.

  3. My parents stayed 2 nights at my house – for the first time. Seems like we had a similar holiday. It was great to NOT travel. I am also a non-accumulator – the only stuff I have I use. I don’t store stuff BESIDES holiday decorations or seasonal sport equipment because if it’s not in use, I don’t need it.

    Happy Holiday Season!

  4. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! We have never had a Christmas Day at the house either as we always travel to visit Clay’s parents. This year we visited mine as well. I do wish our families would come visit us, but I guess I will continue wishing… I am grateful they are still alive and around, though.

    I’m taking your lead and trying to purge things I have not used in the past year! We have a large home and have not moved in a long time so it’s time for it. If I brought it to Charleston when I moved here 5 years ago, it’s probably time to say goodbye to it, honestly.

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