Flying Fish 5k (19:35)

To be honest, if I weren’t so excited all month to run the Flying Fish 5k, I would have skipped it.  The Flying Fish Brewery is a local Brewery with some of my favorite beer.  The race director is great, and we did a special group run with them a few weeks ago.

After running RNR last weekend, I can tell you I wasn’t recovering well.  It took me four days for my calves to loosen up, but they were still sore. On Thursday someone burst my bubble and said the temperature high was going to be close to 100. The race started at 10:00 am so I knew it would be a tough day.  I don’t typically like to race at 10:00 (I like the race over) by 9:00 but this race was worth it.

I woke up at 6 am and had no idea what to do beforehand.  The race was closeby do I didn’t have to leave early either.  After twiddling my thumbs for a few minutes, I opted to clean my house and head over.  When I got out of my car, I realized just how hot it was.  I easily picked up my bib, warmed up (which meant I just sweat more through my clothing) and headed to the start line.

The race announcer said the race was going off promptly which I was thankful for.  After the countdown, we were off. There was a lead pack of several men followed by two women, then me.  The first mile went through several turns and by the end of the first mile I found myself as first woman overall.  I was unsure if I would be able to maintain that lead throughout the entire race and honestly if it was another mile, I probably wouldn’t have.  I crossed the first mile in 6:08 which was my fastest mile after injury.

The second mile got hot.  I was running alone, but I knew the two women were on my tail.  I tried to power through, but my legs had minimal pep (which I know was from racing Rock n Roll the weekend before).  After running up the hill and doubling back, I crossed the second mile in 6:37.  I was worried it might be a 5k where I regressed the final above a 7 min mile.

The final half mile was a long straight away where you could see the finish line, but I knew it was coming.  Combined with the 93-degree heat and no shade, I knew it would also be tough.  I knew I had zero kick and that the second place woman was closing the gap.  I had to fight and dig deeper than I had to win.  Did winning fuel my fire? Maybe, but I also really didn’t want to log another 6:30+ mile.  I knew I could potentially run a post injury best, and I wanted to give that a fair shot.

I also knew I had zero kick and that the second place woman was closing the gap.  I had to fight and dig deeper than I had to win.  Did winning fuel my fire? Maybe, but I also really didn’t want to log a 7-minute mile.  I knew I could potentially run a post injury best, and I wanted to give that a fair shot.

I mentally blocked everything out and dug as deep as I could go.

I hurt.

I hurt a lot, but I didn’t injury hurt.

As I saw the finish line draw closer, I saw two kids holding a tape to break.  I powered through and crossed the third mile 6:18 and finished in 19:35.

Flying Fish 5k

I was extremely pleased for several reasons:

  • It was my fastest 5k after my injury, and I was injury free.
  • I actually showed up to the race, which I wasn’t sure I would in the heat.
  • I mentally pushed myself out of my comfort zone again.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m pleased with my time.  I do believe when my legs feel good and with a good weather day, my fitness is closer to 19:00 right now.  I might be biased but the Flying Fish 5k is one of my favorite 5ks because it’s hosted from one of my favorite local Breweries (Flying Fish).  If you’re ever in the area, you should definitely check them out (but you should invite me too).

Questions for you:
Do you have a favorite beer?
Have you ever run from a brewery?


  1. ^^ Totally have to agree – awesome finisher photo 🙂 And congrats on the awesome race, Hollie! Heat is probably one of the hardest things for me to deal with, so that’s pretty epic that you were able to dig deep and come out with a win.

  2. Congratulations on your race and win, especially in those brutal conditions and so soon after the half! Plus, that’s one of the coolest finishing photos I have ever seen. Heat and no shade are pretty crazy but your time was really good considering the circumstances. Glad you held the second lady off and finished to enjoy the brewery and beer! We have a ton of brew runs and beer runs here, but I’m more of a girly drink girl…

  3. Awesome Pic to finish with!!!!

    I run with the Pacers (Alexandria, VA) running group every Monday for Joggers and Lagers. It starts at Port City Brewery and we run an out and back up to 5 miles then reconvene at the brewery for beers and bbq. Always a fun way to finish up Monday.

    I do not think I can pick one favorite beer. There are just too many good ones. My favorite kind of beer is definitely IPA.

  4. Woo hoo! Good job for pushing through and killing it! I’m not much of a drinker so I haven’t any brewery runs yet! I haven’t totally ruled them out, lol.

  5. That’s awesome, congratulations! Yes, I absolutely have a favorite beer, all of them!! I am seriously a beer fanatic – love all the different styles, and with new ones popping up everyday, it’s hard to narrow to a single one. I am actually signed up for the second annual Tree House Brewery 5k on 10/23! It is part road and part trail, and comes with an awesome treat at the finish 🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻🍺cheers!

  6. Great job powering through that 3rd mile! I know that 7:00 scare all too well. I ran a 6:27/6:33/7:09 in June and it was the lowest point ever in running for me.

    1. I’ve been there too. I know a race I did last year I ran something like a 6:)5, 6:30, 7:10…Ha. Happy running Alex!

      1. When I first started racing I would just show up, no warm-up, and surprise myself with a PR. That was a wake-up call for me to have a better race plan and be more in-tune with (and honest about) my current fitness level. Happy running to you too! I enjoy following your updates on Twitter.

    2. Wow. Your lowest point in totally unachievable for me! 🙂

      My fastest mile ever was a 7:27. Just goes to show how it’s all relative.

      1. You will get there if you keep training, its not that far off! It is mentally tough to swallow a 7:09 mile when your goal is 6:25 for all 3. Sometimes you just hit a wall and there is no way to recover.

      2. I will not get there, but that’s ok. I started running at about 36, and I’m 42 now. But I’m thrilled with where it’s gotten me. If I never run faster than I already have, I’ll be happy as hell with where I am and where I came from. But I’m so impressed with people like you who can really fly.

      3. 7:27 is a really great time, not a lot of people can run a sub-8 minute mile! I started running when I turned 37 (a year and 3 months ago). I was huffing and puffing at 5.5 mph (11:00 min/mile) pace on the treadmill. I remember telling myself that I could never run a mile at 7mph (8:35 min/mile). I kept training hard, reading a lot about running, following advice from professionals, and being consistent with my training… and I started seeing results. My goal is to continue to be consistent with my training and keep improving. It sounds like you are enjoying where you are at with your running now which is the most important thing!

  7. Love that photo! And the fact you can see the “beer” tab on your bib that’s waiting to be ripped off post-race. 🙂

  8. this race and your attitude really shows how mentally strong you are. I love how toward the end you said you blocked everything out and just went for it. And I also really like how you are framing the race and looking for what went well. All of this is what makes you so successful. That photo of you is amazing! So strong!

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