Workouts: The Comeback Begins?


Last week was the best week of training I’ve had since being injured.  I don’t want to jinx myself, but I finished the week confident, healthy and motivated.  I haven’t felt that combination of thoughts since early May.

me running 1

So what happened?

Monday: Easy 60 minutes Core
Tuesday: Easy 11 Miles (Wissahickon Park) Core
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Easy 60 minutes
Friday: Easy 80 minutes with father in law
Saturday: Sunrise Serenity 5k (20:14)  Core
Sunday: 60 minutes
Total: 50ish miles


All of my runs throughout the week were easy.  I was able to run with my husband on Tuesday and my father in law on Friday.  On Tuesday, my husband and I went to Wissahickon State Park in the morning.  Just like central park in NYC, Wissahickon is a great local park with miles of trails.  We easily got 11 miles on the main train.

As far as effort and speed, none of the runs were remotely exciting but I’ll take all of the injury free runs I can get.  I’m just slowly building the base.  The more boring the training log, the better it is for me.

The Sunrise Serenity 5k

On Saturday I ran the hardest 5k course I’ve ever run.  The race was an out and back course.  The first half went down the side of a mountain and the second half came right back up.  We didn’t do our research beforehand and were not expecting it.  Honestly, I’m extremely pleased with my time and I know on a flat course I’m in 19:30 shape.  The race definitely motivated me!

Post race with my father in law and husband
Post race with my father in law and husband

For Next Week:

I’m at the part of running and training that I feel good. However, I don’t want to get overzealous and get back into 70+ mile weeks.

Questions for you: 
What was your best workout?
When you’ve been injured, have you ever hit a point that you feel like you’re “back”? 

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  1. oooh i’m excited things are feeling normal for you. My best workout this week was the marathon paced tempo (7 miles @ tempo). Once i got into the groove it felt easy, which is a great sign this early!

  2. Woohoo, great job! Although base building can be monotonous, it’s an important part of smart, effective training. Keep it up!

  3. It’s great to see you feeling more confident again. You’re getting in some awesome workouts and still racing well. I bet those long hikes you’ve been doing on the side are actually strengthening some of the weaker muscles you don’t use as often running. That’s how I always feel when I go hiking, at least. Sometimes those boring runs are the most enjoyable ones.

  4. It so great to see you slowly improve on your training.glad to see you running again.
    I will return to running after Sept 12th.
    I have minor knee surgery the 12th,then some PT for 3 weeks .and hopefully after that I can slowly run.
    I will do what you did and run for about 25 mins each day till I can get my body back into it.

  5. It’s great to see you’re running 50 mpw! That’s a lot in this heat. That 5K sounds kind of like a nightmare, but you’ll be fitter for it at your next race. 🙂

  6. I’m very pleased to see that you’re recovering and doing so well already! Keep up your hard work!

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